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PRESENTATION OUTLINE      Introduction Need of project Our objective Hard ware requirement Advantage .


it is not always possible for humans to do all tasks(collection. if the waste management is not done the waste may lead to environmental and health problems harmful for mankind. managing and monitoring of waste materials ) involved in Waste Management.NEED OF PROJECT    As every year passes. . processing or disposal. We all know about conditions near the waste sites and dumps. due to these difficult conditions. the concern over waste increases steadily. transport.

 A storage tank.HARDWARE REQUIRMENT A system that can recognize thing and separate according to their type.  A autonomous robot.  .

Mainly sensing device sense the following types of material: Glass bottle  Aluminum can  Plastic bottle .Sensing device    The sensing device is mounted in the front of the machine. The sensor use in the sensing machine senses the types of material and according to their types they send the waste material to the their storage partition.

Component of autonomous robot  Car  Microcontroller circuit  Router  Microcontroller selection  Batteries  Power rails . It has a live-feed network camera so that it can be driven without line of sight.Autonomous robot   A remote control vehicle that can be driven over the internet or with a laptop wirelessly from up to 500m away.

The router a device that can use as Wi-Fi devise for receiving and getting the signal . For using a router as controlling devices we have to make a server. .Router    I am using Linksys WRT54GL router for controlling my devise from a distance place.

.  It price is low  It is easily modified according to use.Micro controller selection  In my project I have choose the PIC16F628Afor a few reasons:  I wanted complete control over what the code was doing and this is very possible with assembly programming.

Microcontroller circuit .

By putting 4 in series. 5V (7805 1A regulator) 9.2V (from 12V-7812 rail) 12V (7812 1A regulator) 12V (LT1083 7.8V across them and now we have 9V for the devices that need less than 12V.7V to turn on. we drop ~2. wifi router drive board with motor controller . A diode takes ~0.5A Regulator) microcontroller camera steering circuit controller.Power rails The power rail was powered by putting 4 diodes in series with the 7812 12V rail.

Advantage .