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Critical Equipment Management Workshop

Overview of Rashpetco Operations
Kenneth St Brice

Rashpetco - Asset Overview

Daily Production
• Gas - 2 BCFD • Condensate – 4500 BPD • Aqueous – 14,000 BPD

Organisation Overview Condition Monitoring Set Up
Operations Manager

District Field Gen. Mgr

Technical Gen. Mgr

Maintenance Gen Manager

Production Gen Manager

Inspection Gen Manager

Instrument AGM

Turbomachinery AGM

Planning AGM

Electrical AGM

Condition Monitoring

- Site Operations

Asset Critical Equipment Infrastructure
Number of Critical Rotating Equipment ROSETTA

6 Gas Turbines 4 Generators 2 Compressors

13 Gas Turbines * 6 Generators * 7 Compressors * 1 Reciprocating Gas Compressor * Phase VII Equipment yet to be commissioned.


Asset Infrastructure Overview
• What Equipment Monitoring Systems Are Used Today?

– No Historian – No Remote Monitoring
◦ For Siemens SGT 400 Booster OEM Compressors - local monitoring performed using BN 3500 data Vibration Monitoring – Rockwell ENPAC / EMONITOR Lube Oil Monitoring Electrical Infrared Monitoring Bently Nevada System I planned for Phase VII System I planned for extension across plant

– Specialist systems
◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦


Success Story at Site
• July 2009 – Fire on Heating Medium Pump @ CCR MEG Recovery Plant (Contract Plant)

• • Condition Monitoring Team set up – March 2010 In May 2010 – Carried out routine monitoring of WDDM Heating Medium Pump. Ascertained that bearing was in pending failure Recommended bearing change

RCA pointed to bearing failure, seal failure, hot oil leak and fire as the sequel to the event.

• •

Analysis performed
Vibration and Spike Energy Assessment
Spall on bearing inner race

Conclusion and Resolution By successful intervention the CM Team:

• Avoided a repeat heating medium fire incident on plant • Saved significant cost due to escalation failures on seal, shaft, housing etc. • Built significant credibility shortly after commencement of work as a team.

Current Problem Being Experienced
WDDM Booster Compressor - High Vibration • Booster Compressor trains have shown high and erratic vibration patterns from installation. • The Gas Generator inlet end bearing been showing high vibrations for the last 6 months. The vibration has been predominantly on the B machine but recently we have seen increases also on the A Gas Generator. • The impact of the higher vibration has been to limit the machine speed which impacts deliverability.

• The OEM has changed out the Train B engine during a recent shutdown to carry out further diagnosis at their workshop.

Current Problem Being Experienced

GG Inlet Bearing – 20th May 2010

GG Inlet Bearing – 20th May 2010

GG Inlet Bearing – 27th Oct 2010

GG Inlet Bearing – 27th Oct 2010