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Types: 1. Packed Column • Random • Structured . Plate Column •Sieve Tray •Bubble Caps •Valve Trays 2.

y02 =mx2 = mole fraction of solute in equilibrium with the incoming solvent A = absorption factor = LM/mGM .Height of packing hT= height of packing required NG = number of gas-phase transfer units NOG = number of overall gas-phase transfer units GM = gas-phase molar velocity [kmol/(s⋅m2)] a = effective interfacialarea (m2/m3) Number of trays N = number of theoretical trays y1 = mole fraction of solute in the entering gas y2 = mole fraction of solute in the leaving gas.

Additional Equations: Plate Tower: (Perry’s 14-11 to 14-12 pages 1357-1360) (Walas Chapter 13 page 401-404) Packed Tower: (Perry’s 14-8 to 14-10 Pages 1361-1362) (Walas Chapter 13 page 442) .

for gas rates of 2000 cfm or more. metal to 20-25 ft 5. 2. hole area being 10% of the active cross section. Sieve trays have holes 0. et al 6.HEURISTICS 1. dia. Lobo. plastic packing is limited to a lo-15 ft depth unsupported. packing.50 in. For gas rates of 500 cfm. use 1 in.25-0. Because of deformability. Additional Heuristics for absorption: Walas page 14-15 . Packed towers should operate near 70% of the flooding rate given by the correlation of Sherwood. use 2 in. 4. Limit the tower height to about 175 ft max because of wind load and foundation considerations. The ratio of diameters of tower and packing should be at least 15 3. An additional criterion is that L/D be less than 30 7. Packings of random and structured character are suited especially to towers under 3 ft diameter and where low pressure drop is desirable.

References Design Procedure for both packed and plate column: Perry’s Section 14 Towler Chapter 11 Walas Chapter 13 Design data for various packings : Towler Table 11.2 page 591 .

APPLICABLE CODES and RECOMMENDED PRACTICES ASTM C515-95 Standard Specification for Chemical-Resistant Tower Packings physical and chemical properties that affect quality of packing materials are covered in this specification .

• Source: Separation Tower Design( Lewin) .

croll.thomasnet.html) .com/products/absorption -towers-86670205-1. Inc.MANUFACTURERS/FABRICATORS Crimar Industrial (http://www. ( Croll-Reynolds (Source: Contract Advanced Air Technologies.contractfab. Inc (http://www. Inc (http://www..

etal.D.) .COST FT= material of construction factor F=type of tray factor Cb= base cost of absorption column shell Di=column internal diameter W= Weir length Ws=mass of column Reference: Chemical Engineering Design Project: A case Study Approach (Johnston.