American Literature Timeline

Ashley McIntyre

and personal notes. and help the corrupted-which was everyone. sermons.Colonial 1650-1750 • The Colonial movement was mostly instructional. It was to spread the word of God. in the form of diaries. This style of writing is seen in plain writing. Edward Johnson’s Wonder-Working Providence • • .

and travel writing. Thomas Paine Some examples of the work from this movement is Benjamin Franklin’s “The Autobiography”. political pamphlets. Another example is Thomas Paine’s work such as “The Age of Reason” and “Rights of Man” . and is split into four different parts.Age of Reason 1750-1800 • This movement was generally in an ornate style • The work in this literary movement is also seen in persuasive writing. which is about his life. • This was a good movement for America. It increased patriotism. and it brought about a common ground where issues were agreed on • The reading encouraged the reader to support the Revolutionary War and taught the readers how to understand what they were reading.

and often left the reader with something to contemplate. • The purpose of this style is to find “truth” through various senses. 1840-1860 -Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter -Thoreau's Walden . the characters depressed.Transcendentalism • Transcendentalism is a very important part of American literature that went from about 1836 to 1860. and the scene mysterious. • This style is seen in poems. and novels. • The style was very dark.

.Romanticism •This movement gave readers a chance to read more imaginative work. 1800-1860 Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle •Though the work was feeling and imaginary based. or poems. and often came in the form of short stories. it started important debates on slavery. As is “The Custom-House” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. rather than reason. and Emily Dickenson’s poems are great examples of the Romanticism movement. Walt Whitman. •There is more focus on feelings. which was very different from the previous Realism movement.

. It is also recognized by the seemingly endless horrible situations.Transcendentalism 1840-1860 • • • Transcendentalism is recognized by its depressed characters. rather than being like a fairy tale where there is a happy ending. short stories. and novels Edgar Allen Poe • Famous Transcendentalism writers are H. D. and it was often very real. Thoreau. Edgar Allan Poe “The Black Cat” and Emerson’s poems and essays. Symbolism was often used in this style of writing. It is seen in poems.

Realism 1855-1900 • • • • • Realism is also a form of art. Books that were a part of the Realism movement were very objective. which an artist creates something that accurately represents the model as it is. and gave the reader perfect freedom to have whatever opinion they wanted on the work. This is seen mainly in short stories and novels. which is where the name realism came from-not like this background. A good example of work from the Realism movement is Edward Johnson’s Wonder-Working Providence Another great example is “The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin” by Mark Twain .

. •During this movement authors strived to find an individual style. plays. and the country was thought of as the land of Eden A great example of the Modern movement is “The Great Gatsby” by John Fitzgerald. often in the form of poems. and Hemmingway’s short stories. The Moderns 1900-1950 •This style brought pride in being America. and novels.•The Modern movement brought pride in the American dream. Some other good examples are Steinbeck.

• This movement was very empowering for African Americans. The Harlem Renaissance is agreed to help start gospel music. because before this time literature portrayed African Americans in very stereotypical way. In this movement African Americans were revealed to be complex characters. Langston Hughes poems are also good examples of work from this period.Harlem Renaissance 1920s Examples of work from this movement is Zora Neil’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. Poems from this movement are often in “blues form” • • .

but their differences are not big enough to separate them. while Contemporary may have ironic humor.Post Modernism/Contemporary 1950-Present • Post Modernism and Contemporary can be thought of as two movements. in my opinion. Post Modernism: •Norman Mailer’s “The Naked and the Dead and The Executioner's Song” •Capote’s “In Cold Blood” • • Contemporary: •Charles Frazier's “Cold Mountain” •Orson Card’s “Ender’s Game” . is Post Modernism usually has no humor. respectively. One difference between the two. Both movements blur the line between fiction and nonfiction. and either have no heroes. or anti-heroes.

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