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No Ordinary Boot Camp

By Noel M. Trichy




About Trilogy
Software Company based out of Austin, Texas Specializes in creating configuration software across various verticals (Automotive, Insurance, Finance etc) Client List includes big names like HP, IBM Boeing, Ford, Goodyear, Nissan, Travelers Insurance etc Growth @ 35% annually

Trilogy University
Need for a Boot Camp Trilogy University is a Orientation program of Trilogy to turn raw recruits to highly productive contributors It is run twice a year

3 month long program

Batch mix [PhDs, Arts majors, UG Computer Science]

Trilogy Month 1
One is assigned to a section which comprises of 20 member and 1 mentor (experienced person from Trilogy) Concentrates on developing ones competency and forging relationship among your team members TU Vice President Allan Drummonds take on the training program Main Goals of TU for Month 1 Effective teamwork Trusting relations among the team members Overcome Failure


Month Two-Innovate to lead

It is basically a TU Project month. New Business ideas are created ,discussed and implemented. It basically provides them with a wholesome experience of real life business problem they may face in their workplace.

Challenges for employees

The employees need to be innovative ,methodical in their approach as there are high chances of their idea being taken up . Evaluation of the Project by the seniors members of TU is a serious business and they make sure what they chose as final is the best among the rest. Motive behind this process is to make the employees think rationally and build in confidence in what they do.

Month Three-Finding ones Career

It is all about knowing your line of career and working towards it. It consists of a: 1) T U er Evaluation Process 2) Working on goals set by manager

Advantage of Being A TUer

High Attention devoted to TU Projects. Constant source of organization renewal and Transformation. Provides a great context for management to revisit and communicate strategic directions.


A New Product Pipeline -

New Product Pipeline - successes

1. CarOrder Nave idea initially. However, started racking up sales. Global alliance with Ford. Won PC Magazines 2000 Editors Choice for Best Car Buying Site

Other New Products developed 2. Fast Cycle Time - Internet Time Delivery methodology
3. Host website for products from popular retail sites into a single shopping cart. Initial investment = $ 2 million. Sold = $ 13 million

TU projects source of strategic innovation.

The Next Generation of Leaders An honor to be asked to instruct.

REQUIREMENT Section leaders experienced professionals with exceptional performance records Best & bright stars at Trilogy University for 3 months Eg: David Franke & Scott Snyder EXPERIENCE Learning & testing out essential skills to be effective leaders Knowledge on developing and implementing new strategies & direction of the company. Change agents by participating in the next round of transformation Opportunity for growth & innovation Fast track experience moving up in the company. Eg: Ben Zaniello


Clarity on strategy
Meeting twice a year -what they want to teach -how they want to focus the new class of hires Teachable point of view(Tpov) Feedback and make improvements

Traditionally orientation programmes for employees to fit into the organization Tu tries to change the company with the help of fresh hires Strong trust bond with the mentors

Tu not a training programme but a transformational experience



The leaders of the organization are learning from the recruits as the recruits are learning from the leaders. Things get done and all of them get done better. New hires learn faster, Leaders learn more, R&D pays off better.


Model( revolutionary and evolutionary) arose from a particular circumstance that few companies share.

Challenge for other companies to set the virtuous cycle in motion .

Reasons Large scale and established processes Inertia faced Expensive Excuses and prejudices Not yet imagined and not yet seen it succeed

Learning from Trilogy Impact

Group Members
Krishnaraj Bhat (06) Carol Henriques (16) Aditi Paliwal (36) Shruti Nair (35) Saurabh Sharma(46) Archit Vashishth (56)