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Conducted at: Hindalco Industries Ltd, Belgaum Name:Shweta.S.

Joshi USN:2KL10MBA43

Background of the Organization
Problem undertaken for the study

Objectives of the study

Research Methodology

Analysis and Interpretation

Significant Findings

Recommendations & Suggestions



HINDALCO Industries Ltd HINDALCO Industries Ltd-- a flag ship company of the Aditya Birla

Group. It is structured into two strategic businesses -Aluminium and copper and is an industry leader in both segments.
This was the only unit of HINDALCO, which started with both the facilities

Alumina plant and Smelter plant. The main products of this unit are Alumina powder and specified grade alumina.
It is an industry leader in aluminum and copper. Hindalco is the world's

largest aluminum rolling company and one of the biggest producers of primary aluminum in Asia.

History of the Belgaum Plant

The INDAL (Now Hindalco) plant at Belgaum was established in 1968 and

started operations on the 7th November 1970. It is situated about 10 Kms from Belgaum City besides the National Highway.
It has a total area of 1182 acres.

The main products of this unit are Alumina Hydrate, Calcimined

metallurgical grade alumina and Specialty grades of alumina and Hydrate. The Alumina Plant was set up with a capacity of 1,60,000 tons of Alumina per year.
The raw material-Bauxite is brought from Durgamanwadi Mines which is

120 Kms from Belgaum. About 70% of the total production is exported.

Problem undertaken for the study

Management Problem:
The management provides reasonable facilities to its employees to maintain high morale and motivation. To improve the quality of work life, the management desires to conduct a survey of its employees to assess the EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION and suggest improvements to enhance their satisfaction level.

Research Problem:
Hence my research problem is Evaluation of level of Employee Satisfaction and its effectiveness on Employee Performance

Objectives of the Study

To find employees attitude towards various aspects of their

work life.
To examine the employee satisfaction levels To understand relationship between the workers and their

To create a atmosphere wherein the employee works freely

without any hindrance.

Research Methodology
18th to 23rd January 2012 Unionized staff & Unionized employees Total no of employees : 514 Sampling : Random Sampling No of Respondents : 180 Coverage : 35% of total unionized staff Departments covered : Production Alumina, Mechanical Alumina, Specials, I&E, R&D Lab, Boiler House, Civil, CPBP, Garage, Accounts, Materials & Traffic, PPC and BRDC Survey conducted on Coverage : :

Sources of Data Collection

Primary Data: The following were the sources of primary data: Questionnaire Personal interview through questionnaire

Secondary data: The following are the sources of secondary data Manuals of the Organization Company web site & official documents.

Measuring Tools
The survey has been conducted through Questionnaire that is with the help of closed questions.

Parameters Work Culture Welfare Unit future Boss and subordinate relationship Training Inter department relationship Total Questions

No of Questions 12 5 2 4 2 6 31

Analysis and interpretation

Analysis and interpretation

Significant Findings
42% of the employees strongly disagree that the canteen facilities provided

are good.
51% of the employees strongly agree that the grievances and complaints are

handled in time and to their satisfaction.

52% of the employees strongly agree that they get material and equipments

at the right time and at the right place whereas 28% somewhat agree.
51% of the employees strongly agree that they get timely training whereas

11% of them strongly disagree.

56% of the employees strongly agree that they get appreciation in the

department whereas 30% of them somewhat agree.


of the employees strongly agree that the job promotions in the organization are fair and objective whereas 11% of them strongly disagree .

63% of the employees strongly agree that doing job in alternative way is

encouraged in the department whereas 25% of them somewhat agree.

59% of the employees strongly agree that the supervisor spends adequate

time on their development whereas 5% strongly disagree.

Suggestions/ Recommendations
The organization should improve its grievance and redressal procedure by

100% and solve their complaints from time to time by conducting the weekly meetings and knowing their problems.
Based on the survey results, the organization should give training to its

employees regarding technical skills, safety measures, job related training on time and on regular basis i.e once in a month.
The department should give the appreciation to the employees in terms of

rewards, gifts and verbal appreciation to those who work hard which will increase their performance.
The organization should give promotions based on the performance so that the

young employees get motivated.


The employees were in different shifts of work and it was not

possible to have a survey on every one of them.

As most of the employees were from a vernacular background,

it was difficult for the employees to understand the questions completely.

Some of the departments couldnt be surveyed fully due to

safety concerns in the departments