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Assessment: Physical Dimension: - sufficient food, shelter or protection from common physical dangers Alt: - Family system cannot

or does not meet physical needs of all its members - Numerous physical illness - Physical Abuse

Genogram a pictorial representation of at least three generations of a family. - The entire familys physical complaints and illness; clearly demonstrating that the person with the identified complaint is not the only person experiencing distress - it helps the therapist and the family to observe that physical acting out often follows or coincides with a significant physical diagnosis in the family

Emotional Dimensional Alt: - Family system cannot or does not meet emotional needs of all its members - Family system cannot or does not express or accept a wide range of feelings from other family members - Guilt

Triangulation Pivotal family issues that often lead to potential conflict and triangling are discipline, sex, money, religion and in-law relationship
Intellectual Dimension Alt: - Inability to shift roles - Ineffective decision making

Social Dimension: Alt:- Family system cannot or does not seek or accept help appropriately - Family system cannot or does not adapt constructively to crisis - Ineffective communication between family members - Scapegoating

Spiritual Dimension: Alt - Family is unable to meet the spiritual needs of all its members - Preoccupation with their supreme being - Conflictual religious belief

Analysis: NANDA Ineffective family coping Planning: Short Term Long Term Implementation: Physical physical examination Emotional Family announcement Family acknowledgement Family mourning Family renewal

Social communication CONFIRMATION