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Work Values

A project in Values Education


Patience Perseverance Work Excellence Cooperation Initiative Industriousness Dependability

Work values define the way you work

Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast

This picture shows our patience on waiting for a fish to catch the bait. No matter how long it takes to wait for the fish, we know that in the end we can still catch a fish-our goal, if we keep on waiting

This picture shows patience on waiting for someone to come. We know that waiting is hard but when we have the determination and the patience we can still have what we were waiting for.

1. Dont give up. 2. Know your priorities. 3. Try to figure out why you are such in a hurry. 4. Look for patterns. 5. Always remember that things take time. 6. Always have a positive outlook on whatever you do. 7. Give yourself a break.

Perseverance is the steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose or a state especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. It is the continued effort to do or achieve something despite hardships or opposition.

This man lost his arm but he still paints like a professional using his mouth and his feet. As you can see in the picture, he does not let his handicap be a hindrance for him to succeed in doing what he wants to. Now thats an example of a man persevering! How about you.. Do you persevere?

This picture shows a man racing against these other men and winning in the race. He had endurance, he did not stop even though he was exhausted. If you really want to reach what you want, you need to persevere despite the obstacles that you encounter.

1. Never be a quitter. 2. Never abandon something you have started. 3. Do not mind criticisms, everyone gets them somehow. 4. If you are tired, take a break, but get back to the job again.

Work Excellence is the quality of excelling; possessing good qualities in high degree something in which something or some one excels; in the field of working. It means giving your best shot at every thing assigned to you.

When you work, make sure the work you are giving is your best one. Not only will the work you do benefit you, but others around you as well. Know that every job you do affects not only yourself but the others the job was done for. So if I were you, Id do everything in my power to know it was a good one.

When you see a trophy, you know it was earned because that person is excellent at what he/ she does. Excellence comes with hard work though, and to earn achievements you have to give it your all.

1. Accept that you are not perfect. Excellence is the nearest you can get to perfection. 2. Give everything your best shot. 3.Do not hesitate to be different and unique. 4. Make sacrifices and compromise. 5.Make sure the work you are doing is modest, decent and good. 6.Know your priorities when you do a job. 7.Accept criticisms and use it as motivation. 8.Do not be in a rush when you work.

Teamwork or Cooperation is an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit. It is a joint action. It is an association of persons for a common benefit.

In the picture, all the children have an task they are willing to do, as you can observe in the smiles on their faces. If we can achieve good cooperation among our schoolmates or officemates, all tasks will be done faster and easier. Specially if we work as a team. Two heads are better than one.
The hands signify being together in one goal or dream. Despite differences in race, culture, religious views, attitudes or anything else, we should be cooperative between other members of the group because if we do, the task will be done easier and it will be done with less hassle if all members know that being in a group means being one.

1. Accept others opinions and respect them, even if they are different from you own. 2. Learn to use suggestions of others. 3. If you are a leader, you should be the most responsible one. 4. Make sure you do the task assigned to you without complaint.

Initiative is the ability to act without prompting or direction from others; on one's own. It is ones move that is the beginning or introductory step; an opening move

The girl on the picture shows initiative as she is willing to be the one to do a task. She volunteered. Lets imagine that on a class, she volunteered to be the one to do the task even though no one wanted to do it first. She made the first move. That is initiative. The icon raises his/her hand to show that he or she is willing to be the one among the many others who did not want to make a move. They were not initiative enough to be the first one to volunteer to do a job.



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Industriousness St.

Industriousness is characterized by hard work and perseverance. It is working hard to promote an enterprise and doing what you have to do with passion. It means loving what you are doing.

In the picture, the mother juggles all the household chores on her own. She does it everyday, because she is industrious. She does not complain, even though it is a task that some will call nakakatamad. If you are industrious, you will not hesitate to do all jobs assigned to you because you know it is your duty.

The boy in the picture is industrious because he does his share of the household chores, even if they are many and varied. Some will say doing household chores are girls job but clearly, he does not. He is, therefore very industrious.

o Ask to help oFight laziness oKnow your priorities oBelieve in yourself oMake a to-do list oDo not complain oReward yourself after a job oDo not postpone working

Dependability is a value showing the reliability of a person to others because of his/her integrity, truthfulness, and trustfulness, traits that can encourage someone to depend on him/her.

Parents are the best persons we can look up to for dependability. They are there to teach us how to live, they are there to depend on on times when life wears us down. They give us comfort because we know we can always count on them. Being a friend is being someone someone else can depend or rely on. When you are a friend, you have the duty to always support and be there for your friend. You are someone others know they can rely on specially on times of trouble. When working, we should be dependable because it will make others form a positive opinion of us and will make us better workers.

1. Define Dependable 2. Keep your promises 3. Be consistently punctual 4. Be there 5. Be trustworthy 6. Be honest 7. Be faithful 8. Be secure 9. Be responsible 10. Be steady

We are sure that the values we have shown will lead you to a better work ethic and will make working easier, faster and better. Success will definitely come to us if we just have all these values! We hope you adapt the values we have shared. We will give our best to adapt them too

Project in Values Education

Submitted by:
Rexanne Monique C. Cosico|Quennie Angela Talusan| Nicole Ezperanza Lagrimas|Mark Hil Lim|Ayren Pocholo Garcia| III-Prophet

Submitted to: Mrs. Estella Juson Cruz