Chapter 11

Proposals, Business Plans, and Special Reports


A persuasive message that analyzes a problem and recommends a solution

Proposal Types
• Informal or formal • Internal or external • Unsolicited or solicited

Request for Proposal (RFP)

• Describes a project, product, or service need • Invites potential suppliers to propose solutions

RFP Content
• Introduction • Project/Product/Service description • Vendor requirements • Restrictions • Proposal guidelines • Evaluation criteria • Confidentiality statement • Submission and contact information

Qualities of a Successful Proposal
• • • • • • • Purpose is clearly stated Problem is defined clearly Solution is innovative and convincing Benefits outweigh costs Personnel are qualified Solution can be achieved on a timely basis Content is honest, factual, realistic, and objective • Presentation is professional and attractive

Elements of a Formal Proposal
• Cover letter or memo • Title page or cover • Reference to authorization • Table of contents • List of illustrations • Proposal summary • Purpose • Problem or need • Background

Elements, continued
• Benefits of the proposal • Description of the solution • Evaluation plan • Qualifications of personnel • Time schedule • Cost • Glossary • Appendixes • Reference list

Writing a Proposal
• Plan • Draft • Finalize

Business Plan
A special type of proposal, one designed to persuade a financial institution or private party to invest money to support a particular venture.

Business Plan Elements
• Executive summary • Ownership/management/staffing description • Product/service/market identification • Administration/production factors • Growth and development potential and plans • Financial information • Appendixes

Special Reports
• Policies • News releases • Performance appraisals

• Provide guidelines for employees, customers, or others to follow. • Are written in the third person • Provide clear, concise, and complete information

News Releases
• Are special business reports containing information of interest to the public. • Report newsworthy information in an accurate, timely, concise, and positive manner • Are written in the inverted pyramid format

Performance Appraisals
• Are a supervisor’s evaluation of an employee’s job performance. • Should help employees improve their performance. • Should contain concise, clear, and concrete statements. • Follow the direct plan when the evaluation is positive or neutral. • Follow the indirect plan when the evaluation is negative. • Should be discussed with and signed by the worker.

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