• Vision Statement • Creating positive outcomes for future generations. .

and measurable results in environmental conservation. the Foundation forms and invests in partnerships to achieve significant. and patient care--globally and in the San Francisco Bay Area. science. . lasting.• Mission Statement • As responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

makes a difference and has enduring impact. and develops theories of change and strategies for achieving these outcomes. which have the competence and shared interest to implement the strategies. has measurable outcomes. from strategy development. it will organize and convene multiple stakeholders to develop consensus or broaden support for solutions. to monitoring of progress and evaluation of results. the Foundation applies four “filters. It actively and continuously assesses risk and adaptively manages its portfolio of grants to address change over the life of a project.” or criteria. Therefore the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. The majority of funding is directed to organizations whose work supports the Foundation’s three major program areas--environmental conservation. and contributes to portfolio effect. grantees and other stakeholders. to develop initiatives and to evaluate potential grants. which ask if a project: is important. For example. Foundation staff then seek to identify potential grantees and other strategic partners.• • • • • • • • Strategy Grantmaking philosophy The Foundation employs an engaged and targeted approach to philanthropy. The Foundation expects to contribute more than just funding. It independently defines the philanthropic results or outcomes that it intends to achieve.It frequently seeks to expand the capacity of its partners to manage complex systems and problems. involves active collaboration and a high degree of transparency among the Foundation’s staff. and patient care--and the San Francisco Bay Area Portfolio. . The philanthropic process. In addition. through initiation of grants. science.

• The Foundation looks to grantees to meet the conditions of their grants in a timely and rigorous manner. grantees. • The Foundation assesses risks and develops conditions appropriate for each grant and works with each grantee to develop a project plan. and other stakeholders. . Grantees can anticipate an active working relationship with the Foundation staff in every phase of our grantmaking. and key milestones of grant progress toward outcomes for the funded project. milestones. an activities-based budget supporting the project. and financials are monitored for each grant toward defined outcomes.• Key grantmaking principles • Grantmaking is driven by outcomes informed and defined in collaboration with grantees and other stakeholders. The activities. our Board. • The grantmaking process seeks active and effective collaboration and transparency with staff.

The Foundation employs a relatively small core staff with domain expertise and works collaboratively with experts in the field.• Organizing and operating approach • The Foundation holds itself accountable for the success of its initiatives and program grants. disciplined approach. As an organization. To this end. . and collaboration. all of our efforts are ultimately aimed at achieving successful outcomes in the areas we work. integrity. the Foundation's work is guided by our core values: impact.

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