Reconfigurable OADMs

Reconfigurable OADM (ROADM)

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Optical Networking Technologies TM

2 Optical Networking Technologies TM .ROADM basic functions  ROADM basic functions – Add.  The result is: Fully flexible transport networks Hitless networks upgrades and changes Full power monitoring and control SAVE on spares SAVE on OPEX Fast time to market Slide No. Drop. Block or Attenuate any wavelength in any node – controlled by remote management – Power monitoring and equalization of any wavelength – In Multi-Degree units every port can be configured for single wavelength or any size band of waves.

Easy network design.Static versus Reconfigurable OADM Node 1 Fixed wavelengths network Node 5 Node 2 Node 4 Node 3 Fixed OADM Predefined number of channels in each node Non equal channels power levels at node output. 3 Node 3 Optical Networking Technologies TM . In-service network upgrades Node 8 Node 1 Node 9 Tunable network Node 5 Node 2 Node 4 Slide No. OPEX savings. Future upgrades do not disconnect the fiber. Efficient use of Optical Amplifiers without the need for fixed attenuators Savings on spares. Easy network design. Every node is unique waves configuration Upgrades requires additional power compensation ROADM Any number and type of waves can be selected in any node Per channel power level equalization and monitoring All nodes have the same equipment All EDFAs are deployed at the initial stage ROADM Advantage Network configuration Highest flexibility.

4 Optical Networking Technologies TM .MRV ROADM Architectures  LD1600 double “long” slot size modules.  2 degree (East-West only) 40 ports Mux/Demux – availability Q4/2006 – Fixed wavelengths on filter ports (40) – No multiplex fiber solution for ring-ring interconnect  Multi-Degree (1x9 WSS switch) – availability Q2/2007 – – – – 9 Add/Drop ports eliminates add/drop filters Fully tunable drop ports (single wavelength or multiplex section) Enabler for ring to ring or mesh network designs Slide No. For East-West configuration. 4 “long” slots are allocated for ROADM.

5 EXP IN-COM OUT=12 Optical Networking Technologies TM Slide No.LD1600-ROADM40 structure 1 2 3 1.40 DROP Insertion losses COM IN-DROP = 11 ADD-COM OUT =8 COM IN-EXP OUT=2. VOA 3. Power Monitor I=1…. 5 . 2 x 1 switch 2.

6 2.East-West ROADM system configuration 12db 8db Slide No.5db 11db Optical Networking Technologies TM .

Designing with 2-degree ROADM +2dbm -18dbm +2dbm -13dbm +2dbm ROADM 20db All channels Are attenuated To mach PassThrough traffic ROADM 0dbm •Every node looks the same and acts the same •At each Booster Output ALL channels have the same +2dbm (due to 40 waves) power ROADM Slide No. 7 Optical Networking Technologies TM ROADM .

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