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Introduction to Acupuncture

Dr. Yong Kian Fui
Ph.D ,Shandong University of TCM, CHINA

Date : 6st July 2010, Tuesday Time : 2.00-3.00 pm Venue : Auditorium Hospital Putrajaya

“Diet toward healthy- the TCM way”

Dr Yong Kian Fui
Date: 21-10-2010 Time: 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Fact :

Why some people after consuming sea food or dairy product develop allergic symptoms like swelling lip, diarrhea, skin rashes and itching?

Fact :

Why some people develop allergy nose in the
morning and night with symptoms like running nose, sneezing, stuffy nose but recover in the noon?

Fact : Why some people after drinking cold water or consume cold nature food (bitter gourd, bear, etc) develop giddiness, stomach pain, cough in the night , cold limbs and joint pain?

Fact : Why some people easily get tiredness in the afternoon or after consumed foods. Why some people with a lot of sleeping but still not feeling fresh? 5 .

late sleeping or under pressure. red and fissure lip? .Fact : Why some people working under air condition. dry cough. dry throat. eye dryness. develop dry mouth.

ulcer. dry feces and nose bleeding? . sore throat.Fact : Why some people after taken durian cause body heat. headache.

flushed complexion.Fact : Why some people easily get angry and bad breath. pimple on the face and back? 8 . scanty urine.

This is an area where TCM introduced to relieve the condition and to prevent it from developing into disease in the future. these cases are category into a state named “Subhealthy” condition.Conclusion : All the cases above are non diseases but will affect the living quality or may develop into diseases in the future. .

Traditional Chinese Medicine: “Theory of Body Constitution” teach us how to understand our body condition and correct the bias through daily practices or diet. 10 .

What is “Body Constitution” ? This theory believes human body’s physical is affected by a person’s congenital and postnatal condition. Dryness. Example: “Wind body”. it than given the title : “Wind. Fire”. “Dryness body”. Base on the symptoms grouping. Each human body’s physical will develop into slight difference (bias) compares with each others and can be categorized by the symptoms or appearances. “Summerheat body”. “Fire body”. Dampness. “Dampness body”. “Cold-Dampness body” etc. . Cold. “Cold body”. Wind-Cold body”. Summer-heat.

• Living at high altitude(cold). sea side(ultraviolet). emotion. smoking. camphor).G6PD (avoid broad bean. etc •Chronic diseases like high blood pressure. female. Down syndrome. •Male. • Four season. old. high lipid etc. etc Postnatal: •Eating habit. young. low altitude(dampness). uric acid. low lactose tolerance. psoriasis. . diabetic. alcohol.The forming of body constitution: Congenital: •Thalassemia. races. injury. humidity. working pressure.

Choose proper diet according to your “Body Constitution” 13 .

running nose. Langseh. clove. allergic to seafood.“Wind” body (Windy body) Characters: Bloated stomach. high protein foods. dry Chinese orange skin. lemon grass. sea food(with shell). rashes. giddiness. Favorable foods: Cinnamon . ginger. dairy product or yeast. fennel. nutmeg. mango. spring onion. migration joint pain. overnight dish. Unfavorable foods: Orange. (mostly spice) . afraid of wind. turmeric etc. dairy product.

bitter gourd. sesame oil. Chinese cabbage. body pain with affected area cold. turmeric .. diarrhea in the dawn. cocoa.“Cold” body Characters: Afraid of cold. mutton. pepper. undigested food found in the feces. durian. cold hand. ice water. cold feet. coconut water. bean curb. . Favorable foods: Ginger. Unfavorable foods: Watermelon. tea.

coconut water. longan. deep fry foods. high energy foods. Favorable foods: Watermelon. Unfavorable foods: Durian. . litchi. fidgets and thirst. interval of chill and fever. salad.“Summer-heat” body Characters: Easily faint under hot sun. profuse sweating. red lips. yellow and scanty urine. bean curb. isotonic drinks. chocolate. fatigue and short of breath. flush face. cold water.

Chinese sugar cane. vaginal discharge. “Pandan” leaves. glutinous. Favorable foods: Barley. . feces. Unfavorable foods: Durian. sweet and oily food. durian. coconut milk. snivel. Chinese spinach.“Dampness” body Characters: Fatigue. sputum. sticky and bad smell of sweat. stiff shoulder and neck. corn silk. duck meat. saliva. urine.

Chinese white-fungus.“Dryness” body Characters: Dry mouth and nose. baked or deep fry foods. scanty urine and constipation. fresh milk. foods with collagen. dry in the throat during night time. “sago”. pear. Favorable foods: Bird-nest. 雪蛤(xueha frog’s ovary). sea coconut. Eye driness. spices. lotus. arrowroots. Unfavorable foods: cookie. . Chinese wax gourd. rough and chapped skin. chocolate. dry hair.

ulceration and sore with pus. BBQ. . green tea. surging in rapid pulse. longan.“Fire” body Characters: Afraid of heat. coffee. litchi. hot temper and flushed complexion. chrysanthemum tea. high energy foods. Unfavorable foods: Durian. deep fry foods. coconut water. thirst and bitter in mouth. chocolate. cold water. scanty and yellow urine. “teh tarik”. Favorable foods: Bitter gourd. sweating. swelling and pain.

Foods favorable to body constitution or diseases .

Foods benefit to asthma Ginkgo seed .

Foods benefit to high blood pressure .

Food benefit to diabetic Cinnamon .

Foods benefit to high lipid Haw Asam jawa .

Foods benefit to Uric acid .

Constipation .

Menopause Arrowroots White fungus .

gum bleeding or internal bleeding Note: chocolate is unfavorable Couch grass root .Nose.

Enuresis (bed-wetting) .

Dengue fever. Foot and Mouth disease any inflammation with fever + lean meat double boil 2 hours .

High fever 31 .

Measles water chestnut Purple Chinese sugar cane (the leaf also purplish) 32 .

Mouth ulcer Jicama (yam bean) or sengkuang (in bahasa) .

Vomit .

Food poisoning Chinese spinach .

Urinary duct infection 36 .

Dysmenorrhea  Ginger with brown sugar (tea)  Ginger. eggs fried with sesame oil (soup)  Glutinous rice ginger wine (warm it before drink) 37 .

leucorrhea Pure yogurt Dioscorea opposita .

Anemia Poultry Liver Longan meat .

loss of voice Honey dates .Dry cough.

To loss weight .

Dry and lazy eye leaf of matrimony vine 枸杞菜 .

. bad food consumed will cause or worsen disease….2000 years ago. 43 . the reverse way will cause disease and endanger the human body. Dr Zhang Zhong Jing (respected as TCM saint) written in his book 《Synopsis of Golden Chamber》: “Food is essential to the body health. if consume the correct way it will help to improve the human body strength. some are good for the curing of the disease. The nature of the foods. some are bad to the human body.

The end Thank you 44 .