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Brand management requires a long-term view of marketing decisions as – Any action of its marketing program has the potential to change consumer knowledge about the brand – Consumer brand knowledge from current (or change in the current) marketing activity has an indirect effect on the success of future marketing activities

STEPS FOR MANAGING BRANDS OVER TIME 1. Adjusting brand portfolio . Revitalizing brands 3. Reinforcing brands 2.

Reinforcing Brands .

benefits and needs as well as in terms of product differentiation intact. . • Reinforced marketing actions.Reinforcing Brands • Brand equity is reinforced by marketing actions that consistently convey the MEANING of the brand to consumers in terms of BRAND AWARENESS and BRAND IMAGE. along with product development. also help in keeping the brand meaning in terms of products. branding strategies etc.

Reinforcing Brands Maintaining Brand Consistency Protecting Sources of Brand Equity .

– – Invest in R&D (to avoid obsolescence) Marketing and communication programs (to not be out-of-date.Maintain brand consistency the amount and nature of support necessary to maintain strength and favorability of brand associations. irrelevant. forgotten) Adequate budgets to do the above – .

Maintain brand consistency  Market Leader & Failures  Maintaining customers loyalty through associations  Adequate marketing support to level with market expectancy  Clever pricing strategy Market leader’s complacency and greed results in lost Loyalty because of :  marketing support shrinking  unrealistic price hikes .

while Walls continuously innovate products & marketing support (30 billion /year to promote product) .VS SINCE 1970 25% market share SINCE 1992 40% market share Campina Loss of market share caused by drop in ad and marketing support.

Maintain desired knowledge structure Change . competition. or company. that makes it less powerful. .Tactical shifts needed to maintain strategic thrust and direction Price can move up or down Product features can be added and dropped Ad campaigns can have different – creative slogans Extensions can be introduced or withdrawn No need to deviate from a positioning unless there is a change in consumers.Maintain brand consistency  Consistency & Change Consistency .

then changed to “semakin di depan“ and “yang lain makin ketinggalan” because they want to show yamaha innovation (aspect acceleration). have effectively created some “advertising equity” Yamaha make changes to advertising slogans. previous slogan was “one heart".Many brands have kept a key creative element in their marketing communication programs over the years and. . as a result.

or company.Protecting Sources of Brand Equity  Key sources of brand value should be enduring. . that makes it less powerful. competition. and guarded and nurtured  Value of sources get eroded •when the brand is expanding to include new associations (product and non-product related) • Over time there is change  No need to deviate from a positioning unless there is a change in consumers.

VS There is similarity brand name between ExtraJOSS and EnerJOS that harm Extrajoss .

Revitalizing Brands .

Revitalizing Brands • Reversing a brand’s fortunes involves –Revitalization and Reinvention – Recapturing lost sources of brand equity – Identifying and establishing new sources of brand equity  Revitalization efforts – is possible for brands that have clear. relevant values that have been left dormant for a long time .

Revitalizing Brands • Revitalization strategy .tap into existing sources of brand equity – product strategy – pricing strategy – channel strategy – communication strategy .

Expanding Brand Awareness Revitalizing Brands Improving Brand Image .

Expanding Brand Awareness • Expand Breadth – Increased Usage – Quantity (how much consumers use the brand) • Difficult to change • Function of particular beliefs • Exception – Impulse Consumption (availability) – Frequency (how often consumers use the brands? • New opportunities • New Ways .

Improving Brand Image • Changes in Brand Awareness not sufficient • A new Marketing Program • Old positive associations to bolstered • New positive associations to be created • Negative associations to be neutralized Repositioning Changing Brand Elements .

Repositioning – – – – – Establishing more compelling points of difference Remind consumers of virtues of brands that have been taken for granted Nostalgia and heritage Establish a point of parity on key image dimension Negative product-related associations due to changes in consumer tastes .

but did not succeed because it was quite a lot of multivitamins on the market. So differentiation Fatigon well received by consumers. Then it became successful after repositioning as a busting tired multivitamin .Fatigon were originally positioned as a multivitamin. .

but in 2003. that is slogan. logos etc. the slogan was changed to “I’m Lovin’ it” . slogan was "Mana Lagi selain di McD” .Changing Brand Elements – – – – Modification of Brand name Other Brand Elements – Packaging. Moderate and evolutionary in nature Preserve salient aspects of Brand elements mcdonald's Indonesia change its one of brand one elements . Previously.

Adjusting Brands Portfolio .

Adjustments to the Brand Portfolio Migration Strategy Retiring Brands .

Brands should be organized logically in the mind – Alpha numeric system for cars for consumers to trade up .Brand Migration Strategy Brand Migration Strategy is designed and implemented to accommodate changes in brands and consumers (particularly important in rapidly changing technology product brands) – Migrating customers within the portfolio • To switch as needs and desires change .

Obsoleting existing products Decision to Retire a brand depends on a number of factors (existing and latent equity of a brand) • If BE is damaged • If BE has dried up beyond repair .Retiring brands .