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Public Relations Campaign

What is the Caravan?

3 Day Music Festival in Lakeside, Chicago Dave Matthews and many other bands July 8-10

Opportunities/ Problems
Opportunities: Publicize a new music festival Problems: New Festival New Venue

Dave Matthews image


Target Audience: Men and Women ages 17-40 who like Dave Matthews Band Concerned about types of music, costs, location, safety, and eco-friendliness of festival Overall Goal: 75,000 people daily

Maximize awareness of the Caravan by generating 10 million media impressions in prefestival coverage Ensure that message about the eco-friendly nature of the festival is included in 50-75 percent of the media coverage you receive. Minimize the number of complaints from concert goers about the way in which the events played out

Create extensive coverage focused in the Midwestern region of the country; Illinois, Northern Indiana, and Wisconsin Highly emphasize the message that the Caravan will be donating one percentage of overall proceeds to cleaning up the Chicago River Work with the community, sponsors, and employees to ensure organization of events

Media Relations
Press kits in CD/ Vinyls

Fact Sheets, Brochures, Music Samples

Broadcast Stations, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines Tickets and Merchandise Campaign ads on CTA trains and buses

Media Relations

Campaign ads on Grooveshark and Pandora Interactive and Social Media Main Website (news and information)

Community Relations

Goal: Creating a safe, festive, eco-

friendly environment for Dave

Matthews fans and bolstering the Dave Matthews image as environmentally friendly

Community Relations
Tactics Working with the city on a local level Enlisting the aid of local volunteers Partnering with the Chicago Police Department in addition to hiring security for crowd control Have all performers to spread the message of keeping the venue clean to audience

Community Relations
Tactics (Cont.) Installing merchant vendors and booths to sell food and drink and eco-friendly band merchandise.

Donating one percent of the caravans overall proceeds towards the citys green efforts

Implementation Checking
Does our current environment coincide with our objectives?

In-Progress Monitoring
Possible problems that might occur with our campaign are low ticket sales, low buzz factor, weather related issues and band problems Work hard to overcome those issues

Outcome Evaluation
Measure the numbers of tickets that were sold

Number of media outlets the DMB Caravan was featured or mentioned in

Number of Facebook likes and positive feedback from our Facebook and Twitter accounts Exit Polls Number of arrests/ crimes