Title:Market demand of soft drink in the age 60+ category .

Subhasis Das Biswanath Majumdar Amit Maiti Snehashis Bera Naresh Badra

Presented By… CRONOS

Introduction Objective Limitation Research methodology Findings

1. Primary :To find out the consumption of soft drink with special reference of above 60years.

2. Secondary:a) To find out the most preferable brand of soft drink. b) To identify the level of satisfaction. c) Why they prefer soft drink than other health drink.

Limitation:•The time limited was 3-4 days, it was very difficult collect the data in Bhubaneswar market within the time period.

•Language was a great problem while communicate with the people.
•Sample size was very less for gathering the accurate data. •Response wasn’t good

Sample Plan :No of Sampling:- 150. Sampling technique:-Random Sampling in 60+ category. Sample Description:- People above 60 years.

Location of the Survey:Kharvela Nagar (Unit 3, 306 B), L.B.152, Pather Banda, Master Canteen, Market Building

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Do you prefer any soft drink?
Prefer Yes No Percentage 65% 35%

No 35% Yes No Yes 65%

Interpretation:There are more people(65% )who drink soft drink, Less people (35%) don’t drink soft drink.

Which brand will you prefer?(if yes)
Coca cola Sprite 7 up Thumps up other

3.60% 14.40% 5.60% 28.00% 48.40%

3.60% 40.50%


5.60% coca-cola sprite 7up Thups up Other


Interpretation:Most people(48.4%) drink other soft drink which are not mentioned in our questioner, but 28% people prefer thumps up.

How often do you drink soft drink?
Type Every day Frequently Occasionally Percentage 2% 30.8% 67.2%


Everyday Very frequently Ocuationaly


Interpretation;67.2 % people drink soft drink occasionally , and 30.8% people drink frequently.

How did you like it (reference )?
Type Friend Advertisement Family Percentage 18% 25% 57%

18% Friends Advertisement



Family members

Interpretation:57% drink soft drink with there family member’s reference,

What do you drink this brand?
Type Taste Refreshment Fashion Others Percentage 62% 14% 9% 15%

15.00% 9.00% 14.00% 62.00% Taste Refreshment fashion other

Interpretation:62% people drink soft drink due to its taste, 14% people drink for refreshment.

Does it effect our health?
Type Yes No Percentage 31.2% 68.8%





Interpretation:31% people think that it effect there health, but 68.8% people don’t think it.

What is your satisfaction level?
Type Poor Average high Percentage 9% 71% 20%

Interpretation:71% people are average satisfied and 20% are highly.

• There are more people(65% )who drink soft drink, Less people (35%) don’t drink soft drink. • Most people(48.4%) drink other soft drink which are not mentioned in our questioner. • 67.2 % people drink soft drink occasionally . • Most of them(57%) prefer soft drink by there family member’s reference. • A huge number of people drink soft drink due to its taste. • 71% people are average satisfied with their brand.

• More of 60 age catagory people drink soft drink. • They drink those soft drink which are made by fruits (mazza,slice). • They are drink occasionally. • They think that soft drink are not effected to their health. • They satisfied with their soft drinks.