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JUNE 17, 2009




without or absence of
from; away from to; toward

ambi-, amphoamphianana-

on both sides without or absence of up; again; backward

ante- before antiap-. separated from self two two slow down around together .con-. com- against upon. autobibinbradycatacircumco-. apoaut-.

lack of two thorough. from. outer in within . labored. away from dyse-. exoem-. endo. ex- ect-. ec-. entexo- outside. down from. abnormal out of. complete to undo. ecto-. free from difficult. enend-.contradedidiadis- against from. painful.

incomplete. good exexo- outside. excessive below. beyond half above. upon. extrahemihyperhypo- outside of.ep-. deficient . outward extra-. over inward normal. epi esoeu- on. outward outside.

iminfrainter- in. not under. below between intraintromalmeso- within into. within bad middle .

much .meta- after. change micr-. total beside. beyond. around through surrounding (outer) many. micromultineonullipanparaperperipoly- small many new none all. beyond.

behind half under. above above .post- after prepropseudoreretrosemisubsuper supra- before. in front of before false back back. below over.

rapid four transtriultrauni- through. excess one . across. joined syntachytetra- together.sym- together. beyond three beyond. joined fast.


SUFFIX MEANING -ac -al -ar pertaining to pertaining to pertaining to -ary -eal -ial -ic pertaining to pertaining to pertaining to pertaining to .

closure -cele hernia. occlusion.-ous -agra -algia pertaining to excessive pain pain -apheresis removal -ase -asthenia -atresia enzyme weakness absence of a normal body opening. protrusion .

washing separate. fusion . secrete to separate cell surgical fixation.-centesis -cidal -clasia -clasis -clast -clysis -crine -crit -cyte -desis surgical puncture to aspirate fluid killing break break break irrigating.

cause . dilatation. expansion excision or surgical removal displacement vomiting blood condition one who -esis -iasis -genesis condition condition origin. running stretching out.-drome -ectasis -ectomy -ectopia -emesis -emia -er run.

-genic -gram producing. treatment one who . originating. causing record. x-ray film -graph -graphy -ia -iatry -ician instrument used to record process of recording. xray filming condition of diseased or abnormal state physician.

separating destroy. dissolution.-ictal -ism -itis -lepsy -lysis -lytic -malacia seizure. attack state of inflammation seizure loosening. reduce softening .

-mania madness. shape smell pain resembling one who studies and practices study of . insane desire -megaly -meter -metry -morph -odia -odynia -oid -ologist -ology enlargement instrument used to measure measurement form.

swelling -opia -opsy -oorhagia -orrhaphy -orrhea -orrhexis -osis vision (condition) to view rapid flow of blood suturing. repairing flow. excessive discharge abnormal condition rupture (means increased when used with blood cell word roots) .-oma tumor.

-ostomy creation of an artificial opening -otomy -oxia -paresis -pathy -penia -pepsia -pexy -phagia -philia cut into or incision oxygen slight paralysis disease abnormal reduction in number digestion surgical fixation. suspension eating. swallowing love .

development.-phily -phobia love abnormal fear of or aversion to specific objects or things -phonia -phoria -physis -plasia sound or voice feeling growth formation. a growth .

sagging. before dropping.SUFFIX -plasm -plasty -plegia MEANING growth. prolapse . formation plastic or surgical repair paralysis -pnea -poiesis -porosis -prandial -praxia -ptosis breathing formation passage meal in front of. substance.

fissure hardening .-ptysis spitting -rrhage -rrhagia -rrhaphy -rrhea -rrhexis -salpinx -sarcoma -schisis -sclerosis excessive flow excessive flow suturing in place flow or discharge rupture fallopian tube malignant tumor split.

narrowing . stop contraction constriction.-scope instrument used for visual examination -scopy -scopic -sepsis -sis -spasm -stasis -stalsis -stenosis visual examination visual examination infection state of sudden involuntary muscle contraction control.

labor instrument used to cut cutting.-stomy -thorax surgical opening chest -tocia -tome -tomy birth. incision .

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