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the women’s activity manager.  . who had worked in the organization for 9 years. SUNDALE CLUB is one of the largest socio-athletic club It was established many years ago and its having prestigious reputation  Gaurav Sharma is the director of the club  The club has had a lots of waiting list for joining  The list has been considered by the director to fill the unexpected membership vacancies  Vaibhav Tyagi. the athletic director. had sacked Shraddha Gupta.


MACRO PROBLEM Decline in membership  Impact in other department in the organization  Less involvement of HR  MICRO PROBLEM Communication gap between staff  Lack of support  Give importance to personal relationship  Unethical behavior of anshul  Fear of the top management  .

And because of his inability and distraction towards the club Vaibhav Tyagi the athletic director of the club is taking advantage of all this situation and leading the club in his own terms. communication. . As it is known that Gaurav Sharma was the director of the Sundale club but he was unable to lead his club properly or we say that he was lacking the leadership quality. He was not having a good interaction. It seems like he was not aware or not interested to know about the entire problem which was taking place in his club. From his fear nobody is able to raise their voice.   From this we can conclude that there is no strategy or guiding principles that act as checks and balances for organization functioning. and co-ordination with his juniors. He is extremely biased and dominating towards his juniors.

 Unethical behavior of Anshul  Complaints against Anshul diminished by Vaibhav and Gaurav Co-worker avoiding talk to Anshul due to his inappropriate behavior Anshul promoted over Shraddha Lack of investigation against complaints    .

 Negative impact on employees & the club’s values & goals     Decrease in the club’s value Fear of retaliation by upper management Lack of support channel Decline in membership .

  Gaurav Sharma should be penalized An investigation should be conducted against the complaints Anshul Chopra should be removed A major action should be taken against Vaibhav Shraddha should be reinstate Intergroup development     .

R department in recruiting process Establishing rule & regulation by top management Monitor all the internal process by top management Communication should be increase between departments Take strong steps against Vaibhav & Anshul Explore & develop interpersonal communication within the organization .We recommend “The Sundale Club “ to       Activate more their H.


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