I am going to create a magazine that the UK will be able to sell in everyday shops, such as big retailers and supermarkets. The genre of my magazine will be film magazine, I have chosen to do a film magazine because it is an interesting topic to do. I will pick a typical magazine layout, such as Empire or Total Film magazine layout. The target audience I have picked for this magazine is 16 – 20, so older teenagers. I have chosen this age group, because I believe they are more interested in blockbuster films, and they have more ability to go and watch the films that will be in my magazine. I am targeting this magazine to both sexes, but because the first issue I will be making will be horror, I am going to target this film magazine issue to males because they are more likely to watch horror films. I am targeting this film magazine issue to males so I am going to use more masculine colours and it is going to be a dark shade of these colours to imply the horror genre. The social class of the general magazine will be A-C1 grade, because I believe they are more able to go and buy this magazine monthly. The magazine will be released monthly because it will be very large and informative. My target audience will want to read these types of magazines regularly, they will be the sort of people to have and collect DVDs, they will also go to the cinema regularly. This magazine will interest them because it will be not only entertaining, but informative. It will also help them improve their personal relationships, this will be because you can have sociable conversations with people based on this magazine. I will do research of other magazines that are related to my one. For the first issue, I am doing a horror special, I am looking for the way magazines such as Empire and Total Film design their horror specials. This will help me design my masthead and colour schemes. The prices on both magazines will determine what price my magazine will be, and from looking at the covers I will be able to find out what different things I can do for my sell lines, competitions and more. The main features of my magazine issue, will include a full bleed image of an actress dressed up in a doll costume. This will be on the front cover. The movie will be called ‘Scarlett’ and the name of my magazine will be ‘Silver Screen.’ There will be more Information included on the front cover but it will be small and not covering the face of the actress, because she is the main feature. Inside on the double page spread, the audience will be able to read an interview of this actress, about the new film and also her personal life. This magazine be a collectors item, a collector would want to buy this magazine because it has special features, such as a fold out cover. It will also include competitions on the front, such as 4 tickets to Universal studios in Florida and special red carpet premiere of the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn part 2. The reader may believe they are getting more for their money if they buy this, because it includes every object the target audience would want. Representation: The subject of my magazine is presented by the mode of address which is were we stereotype the audience, and assume what they would like. This includes the styles and colours of the magazine. The magazine mode of address changes depending on what type of magazine it is based upon. My magazine is a film magazine, so it will be presented with quite a unisex colour and style masthead, with quite plain colours surrounding the masthead. Although, if I were to do a fashion magazine, I would use very girly colours such as pink, which have connotations of peace and love, because that is what the reader would want to see as they would be young women.

Key Concepts

Codes and conventions: Magazines are a way of telling different audiences about what is happening in their world. The way Magazines tend to do this is by using codes and conventions. These include the masthead, the barcode, the date and price line on the front cover. This can also include a letter to the editor page, a game (a crossword or word search) and sell lines or plugs. All the things in the previous sentence attract audiences in the same way – and this is because they include everything the audience would want. The letter to the editor page involves the audiences opinion and helps the magazine improve the way the audience want it to improve. The game involves the audience, and also it tends to have a prize, so not only that do you have fun but you also might win something. The sell lines/plugs tell the what's inside the magazine they’re going to purchase, which they normally show people who would attract the audience. In music or film magazines, one way they draw in an audience is by having a full bleed poster of a famous person or band, which would make the audience want to read the magazine because they’ll think that the magazine is trying to connect with them, also the reader feels as if they’re getting more for their money. Audience: All different types of people read magazines, it doesn’t matter about their gender, age or occupation. This is because there are many different types of magazines that are released worldwide, such as music, fashion, film, photography and more. All these groups of people read these magazines for different reasons. The four main reasons are for entertainment, information, to identify their personal identity and to build their personal relationships. Magazines are used to build personal relationships because they help you socialise and talk about something, which helps creates friendships. Personal identity is built by different types of media because it helps you identify yourself and your hobbies within something. Institution: The main publishing companies in the UK are: •IPC media – they’re a very large publishing company who publish over 60 magazines from all sorts of different genres in Britain. The main brands/genres they publish are woman’s weeklies, TV entertainment, fashion and beauty and sport & leisure. Some magazines these include are Teen Now, Look, Soap Life, and Woman. •Bauer media – they’re a worldwide publishing companies who offer 300 magazines in 15 different countries. They include many different genres such as Lifestyle, photography, national broadcast and women’s. Some of these magazines include Closer, Heat, Kerrang!, and Digital Photo. •Conde Nast – They’re a worldwide up-market publishing company who publish some of the most popular magazines in the world. They’re mostly fashion and lifestyle magazines. These magazines include Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ and Glamour magazine. •Hearst Corporation – They’re a worldwide company, in fact one of the world’s largest publisher in monthly magazines. The main magazines that are published by Hearst are Cosmopolitan, Elle and Seventeen. These publishing companies usually use the cover price and the advertisements to generate money. They generate most of their money by using advertisements.

Key concepts (page 2)

The masthead ‘empire’ is changed to There is a picture of a girl behind the main image. She is purple, catching This fold out is a sell line, it suit the genre of the main feature female viewers eyes. This lets the audience know there is a female section mentions the word collectors film. It is in capital bold letters, which to this magazine, this opens the target audience wider. because it wants to invite is eye catching and it emphasises the people who will buy the name. Empire has connotation’s of magazine regularly in to what domination and strength. The title is they would enjoy. coloured red for this movie feature, red can connotation blood. The title The price is £3.99 and this magazine is also bleeds out blood on the wall released monthly. It is released behind Aaron Johnson, maybe monthly because it is quite a big showing the violence that will be magazine with lots of information in it. involved in this film. The target audience would appreciate The main image of this film is of a longer more informative magazine Aaron Johnson, the main character. rather than a shorter one that is His eyes are looking straight in to the released weekly. The price is deer camera, showing either anger or because the target audience can afford determination. His mouth is quite it, because they are older. straight, showing that it this is a This is a competition which serious film. The image is above the people might be interested in. masthead, showing that the image is They would want to buy this more significant than the magazine magazine so they could try to title, but also, because it is covered it win the competition. shows how popular the magazine is because everyone still knows what This sell line uses alliteration. This magazine this is. alliteration helps the magazine The main sell line or the actual film catch the audience because it is title, ‘Kick ass’ is green. Green can eye-catching and memorable, connotate evil and jealousy. This because it is memorable people shade of green is quite bright, so this will most likely buy it because it might highlight the film title and make caught a lot of the audience’s it stand out to the audience. The main attention. sell line also looks like it has been made out of paint. Above and below The Barcode is shown on every the two ‘k’s’ there are paint splashes – showing the magazine cover to allow the reader to audience that this is probably graffiti, hinting which purchase the magazine. sort of people are in this film, and who the target audience is (late teenage males).

Front page analysis

Contents page analysis

The picture of Harrison Ford looks like it has been taken behind the scenes of the movie he The pictures on this contents screen are from a was working on (he was in a car but it’s not for a variety of different genres of films. Some of the photo shoot) hinting the behind the scenes shots are from the movie it is based upon. features of the magazine.

The page number is very large and is positioned over the photo (but only some of the photos.) This can hint to you the importance of the article because you don’t even need an. article title to know what the film is.

The date is large on the page, this is for the dedicated fans of the magazine who buy it every month as it highlights that it is this months issue. This shows that the date is important as well. Subheadings are used to demonstrate some of the main features in the magazine. Such as ‘cover feature’ ‘regulars’ ect. Article title just highlights what some of the features in the magazine are – in a short and snappy way. The page number is given here to tell you where to turn for the article. It gives a sense of direction but it’s not emphasised. The page numbers are in a different font to catch the readers eye. It doesn’t say the word ‘page *number*’ because it is a convention, the reader automatically know it is the page number The article summary explains what the article is about to the reader in quite a descriptive but not too much of a giving way.

The small summary over the pictures is emphasised by the white box layout and the small writing, the reader will be quite concerned over what it is and will want to read it. This picture focuses on the cinema
– it also shows the feature of the cinema in the magazine.

Double page spread analysis
The main image is of a young girl in a purple wig and a mask. She has a look of anger on her face, which is quite mysterious. This picture looks like a scene out of the movie this picture is from. She is holding on to the guys head or neck, which can demonstrate that she could be deadly, which can make the reader of the magazine curious of the movie and the girl. The text is in columns which makes the page look good and neater, also more professional. The font is a reasonable size and a normal readable font The pull quote was taken out of the magazine article. It is in – the customer will be yellow so it is emphasised and it satisfied with this. stands out among the page. It is an interesting quote which would tell the reader overall what the rest of the article would be about.

Kick ass briefing tells us information about the movie. This is important for film fanatics because they will want to know every detail of the movie even if it isn’t important.

The phrase Big Daddy is bold, and it stands out on the page. This is quite a catchy and memorable title, it is also quite intriguing which guides the reader to read the paragraph.

The picture of Nicholas Cage in Big Daddy is a low-angled shot which connotates power and strength. He is wearing a batman costume which is an intertextual reference. The fact Nicholas Cage is wearing a batman costume is enigma. Batman is quite a famous character which could bring in an audience as some of the audience may like batman.

Mood Board

Design sketches

Front cover design

Contents design

Double page spread

Sell lines 84th Academy awards special inside…

Contents ideas Meet Liam Hemsworth
The hunger games actor speaks to Silver Screen about his last three years as an actor in Hollywood.

First look Breaking Dawn part two. Robert Pattinson VS Taylor Lautner.

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Why Insidious is our new favourite movie 10 reasons why horror movies are horrifically Awesome!

Article draft – accomplishing the unexpected
In this months special edition of Silver screen, we are lucky enough to speak to Ruth Prada! This teenage actress is the actress of the moment, and now she is appearing in her first horror movie role. Awesome! Q: How does it feel to be the most popular teenage actress In the world with the largest fan base? A: It is an amazing feeling, honestly I cannot be more thankful for my fans. They have supported me throughout my career and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here today, because I would have given up. I love my fan’s so much. They’re incredible. That’s why I try to always connect with them so much, by the internet, meeting them, and so on. Because without them, I’d still be the teenager who dreamed of fame. Q: This is your first horror movie role, how do you think the public are going to react to the change? A: I don’t know, it is quite a big change but I think they’re ready for it. Although, I love doing rom-coms, trust me (winks) Haha. But, if I never change the movie genre, I will never find my comfort zone. Who knows, maybe horror movies are my speciality, but I will never know if I don’t try. I do know that some of my fans will not be able to see this movie, as they’re underage, but I hope they still continue to support me throughout my whole career, no matter what change happens. Q: So, you were in a relationship with one of the biggest actors in the world, how did that feel? A: it felt great, two years with him was amazing. But, I was bullied by the world for being in love. My own fans were turning on me, I got so much hate it was unbelievable. Of course, he kept me strong and he was always there, but knowing people don’t support your actions and hate on you as much as they hated on me was not cool. I don’t know, but I didn’t even feel safe walking out my house because of the hate. But, haha him and I are still very good friends and we always will be. Q: Anyone you have your eye on lately? Heard Niall Horan from One Direction is interested! A: I do fancy him quite a bit (winks) but, I have no time for a relationship. I’m focusing on my career at the moment, maybe I’ll think about a relationship after filming this year. Q: but you do fancy Niall?! A: Haha yes, he’s gorgeous and he ‘s incredible. He’s also an amazing friend, I think he’d be an amazing boyfriend. Q: Moving on before you feel awkward haha, When your fans meet you, they say you seem very down to earth. What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you? A: I’m just going to say to your first point, that I’m normal. Fame isn’t going to change that. My fans will always be my number one priority and even if my security say no to meeting them, I try to. It’s only fair. But, to answer your question, my fans are mental. Haha. I think the whole process of camping out to meet me is crazy, but so very dedicated. Oh my god, and last week my fan proposed to me. I said yes, so we’re going to get married haha yay. Q:There were rumours going around that you were not happy with your relationship with the director (James Wan) of Scarlett, is this true? A: haha I saw them, they’re not true whatsoever. James is great, we have so much banter it’s unbelievable. Someone probably mistook what I said and twisted it. James knows the rumours aren’t true because I told him, so it’s okay. Our relationship is still great. What an awesome guy, I’d love to work with him again. Q: From your last answer, I guess we we’re getting another horror film from you? A: I think we’ll have to see. I would love to do another horror film, but I’m going to see the feedback I get from the public. However, I am filming at the moment for a new film though, can’t say what the films about yet. But I can say, it will feature Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum. Yeah, life is good. (winks) haha. Q: Scarlett is out next week! At Silver screen, we are all so excited. Can you give us some inside details of this movie? A: as you said it’s out next week Friday! What more inside details could you want? Haha. I can’t say, apart from Christine Bishop is Scarlett the doll and I am the child who grew up with the doll. Not like you didn’t know that already. Haha. Q: Anything else you’d like to say? A: I love everyone supporting me, thank you guys.

Masthead names/designs

Opening Motion picture

Silver Screen
Record Big Screen Debut Horror special: The pictures Normal magazine: Distinctive Masthead names

Target audience

Jenny is a 16 to 22 year old girl who goes to school or university and enjoys going to the cinema with her friends, which improves her personal relationships. She is in the A-C1 social class grade. She likes to read her film magazine monthly to find out about all the new releases of films for entertainment and information.

The target audience for my film magazine will be a 16 – 22 year old with a male skew who are interested in blockbuster films and the making of films. My target audience will go to the cinema regularly , buy many DVDS of all different genres and they would also be interested in blockbuster move actors and actresses lives. They will be very typical mainstreamers, they’ll listen to pop music from the very popular radio station. I have chosen this as my target audience because I think these type of people will buy the magazine because they will want to build their personal relationship. The social class for my target audience will be in the A-C1 grade. I have chosen the A-C1 grade because they will have more disposable income which they will be able to spend on the magazine, the cinema, DVDs and even books of the DVDS. A-C1 grade are a wide range of people who will be able to build an interest in something. My magazine will be quite mainstream because it will be for big blockbuster films that are new and recent, and also it will feature interviews with big blockbuster movie stars. Mainstreamers make up to 40% of consumers, so having a large target audience will be a benefit. The audience are mainstreamers so they would like to fit in with the crowd rather than stand out, so having this would Improve their personal relationships with their peers. The audience reads this magazine to reinforce their personal identity and to receive information and entertainment. The advertising for my magazine will be mostly around public transport (at the train stations, on the side of buses, ect.) I am going to position the adverts (billboards, posters) of ‘Silver Screen’ around public transport because this is mainly how the target audience will travel around, so they would see the advertisement and be more likely to buy it. My magazine will have a special theme for every issue. For this issue, I will be creating a horror special. This will definitely interest the 16-22 year old male skew because it involves a lot of topics that they would like.

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