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Lets imagine that you are new employee in the Sales Department and your lecturer will be your

first client
Agnieszka Marie Emilia Panchysz Paulina Baszczyk Adrian Kamola Donghuyn Park



Prospect analyze
Analyze of all aviable data about our prospect Conclusions:
about 30 years old married at least 2 children employed good financial situation educated traveling practising extreme sports

Indentification of prospects needs

Security of his health Security of his financial situation Security of his retirement Security of wife and children in case of his death Security of his childrens education

Main influencers
Wife Children Parents Friends

We assumed that the most important in prospects life are wife and children. That is why they may influence his decisions and cause particular actions. Their wealth is the priority for the prospect.

Product analysis
We have chosen 3 life insurance products to be possibly the most appropriated for our prostect:
Individual term life insurance with the educational plan Individual term life insurance with the capital plan Allianz the guardian

And we prepared an additional product to present if our prospect would not be interested in previous ones:
Allianz Profit 5,50%

Competition analysis
PZU Insurance Spokj najbliszych Aviva Opiekun VIP Allianz Indywidualne terminowe ubezpieczenie na ycie 18-71 years old ING Ochrona MetLife Amplico MetLife Protection

Age of insured person Min. Amount insured

13-80 years old Set individually

300 000 z

18-70 years old

18-70 years oln 50 000 z

Without additional 50 000 z agreements 1000 z With additional agreements 5000z


indefinite period

indefinite period

between the age of From 5 to 30 years From 5 to 30 years 62 and 81 of (max. till the age of (max. till the age of insured person 75 of insured 75 of insured person) person)

Competition analysis cont.

PZU offers the continuation of protection after the termination of payment of insurance premiums AVIVA offers high amount insured ING and MetLife have low monthly premiums starting at 40 z Allianz offers various amounts insured, starting at very low even for short contract periods

Advantages of our products

Amount insured starting at 1000z Flexible contract period Variety of additional insurances

Reliability Safety Good opinion about the company

Preparation of brochure and business cards

In order to provide the prospect with summary of our offer, we have prepared a brochure and to faciliate the contact we prepared the business cards.

Plan of a meeting
Introduction of sellers Brief presentation of Allianz Questioning
Asking about available time and request to take notes What is the reason you wanted to meet with us? Do you have already an insurance? Why it does not satify your needs? What you would like to focus on retirement or children?

Short presentation of avaiable products Answering prospects questions Providing the brochures etc. Telling thank you and goodbye

Introduction and First Impression

First impression
As the first impression is always crucial, we entered the room with grace and smilling yet very confident. We were introduced by one of us and shook hands, ladies first. The same person briefly mentioned the company name we represented. Then we sat down and started the conversation.

Courtesy questions
The purpose of the meeting was to get to know the prospect better, so we asked the potential client if we could take notes. Also we asked about the time the prospect could spend with us. No longer than 10 minutes was necessary.

Trust and credibility

In orded to build some credibility and prove that Alianz is a fine and reliable company we started off with asking general question of how well Alianz is known to the prospect. Then we did an ultra brief overview of the company history and powers that dreams within Alianz. It took a bit longer than expected, so we finished that part and moved to the main stage of the meeting.


Collecting Information
Right after the introduction we headed straight to the main purpose of the meeting, that is the questioning stage. In order to meet the prospect needs we had to cleverly ask questions to gather as much information as we could. On the other hand, we couldnt ask too many questions, as it was the prospect role to talk, talk and talk again. We tried not to interupt as it would be rude.

Building trust
On the way of finding more about the prospect we have also tried to build some trust. We asked for his children and showed our sympathy towards the prospect familly. Although we should have asked some more questions not related to the object of insurance, as our attempts to build trust might have been confused with vain familly information gathering.

Ask how and what

To gather as much information as possible we tried to avoid to questions that the prospect could answer by saying just yes or no. By constructing the questions in the way we did, we forced the prospect to talk about his needs, points of view. Also, we tried to find the ultimate decision factors, which were the familly and safety, and we digged deeper into the issue once we have had acknowledged that. Besides, we tried to look the prospect straight in the eyes to build relations and avoid lies. In the end of this stage we summed all the gathered information and to do it fast, we used closed questions.


UPB (unique percieved benefit)

Individual term life insurance the 1 1,5 option with the capital plan the need of health security ( quite dangerous and costly hobby of prospect ) and financial security (costly hobby of prospects wife) Allianz 5,05% - because of some savings which are to be located the need of financial security of prospects family

Needs - Benefits
Prospects needs
Security of health Security of financial situation Security of retirement Security of wife and children in case of prospects death Security of childrens education

Prospects benefits
Money in case of some disases Money to be spend on prospects wife and prospect hobby Money for family in case of prospects death Money for further education of children

An extra benefit : time saved on looking for sepatare products which would satisfy the need of safety and separately secure the financial situation = more time could be spend on hobby

Met the listener expectations - there was good level of information about the relevance to prospects situation Pointed out what could be saved by the prospect thanks to financial products purchase money, time and possesing safety conscious

Some notes were taken during the presentation Time was controlled, The language during presentation was appropriate to the prospects occupation and financial knowledge

Overcoming objections

Prospect s question about the Allianz Profit 5,50% - Belkas tax exemption

Allians Profit 5,50%

Allianz Profit 5,50% the life insurance and endowment, which is more favorable way of saving than traditional deposit place, due to the release of profit from capital gains tax. This is financial product is a good solution for people who values safety and security for the payment of a certain amount at the end of the contract period.

What does 5,50% profit stand for

Equivalent of 5, 50% deposit bank = the value of 4.46% after tax (which is not Belkas tax).

Advantages of Allianz Profit 5,50%

There is no so-called "Belka tax". Attractive and constant amount of the payment at the end of the contract period. There is no fee associated with joining and resignation of insurance. Life insurance and endowment insurance for the entire duration of the contract.

Advantages of Allianz Profit 5,50%

Ability to purchase several policies at once. Access to the entire duration of the contract. Insurance coverage in case of death throughout the period of insurance.

Allianz Profit policy is available at one of the three selected periods:

3 months 6 months 12 months Whats more - The possibility to automatically resume the policy for a further period after the end of the contract without the need of visiting Allianz department. - It is possible to purchase a policy at any time without any liquidation fees.