The Team Effectiveness Leadership Model

TELM Overview Team Inputs and Context Team Process Team Effectiveness .

OUTPUT Team Effectiveness Outcome acceptable to stakeholders. Future capability of team Individual satisfaction .

Process Process Criteria P-1 Effort P-2 Knowledge & Skills P-3 Strategy P-4 Group Dynamics .

INPUT Organizational Inputs O-1 Reward Systems O-2 Education Systems O-3 Information Systems O-4 Control Systems Team Design T-1 Task T-2 Composition T-3 Norms T-4 Authority Individual Inputs I-1 Interests/Motivation I-2 Skills/Abilities I-3 Values/Attitudes I-4 Interpersonal Behavior .

Prescriptions of the Model Team Leadership Input Process Criteria Team Effectiveness .

structure/design Situation . model Individual factors: Interests/motivation Skills/abilities Values/attitudes Interpersonal behavior Followers Group Design: Task Structure Organizational context: Reward system Education system Information system Org. coach.Meta-Model and Teamwork Leader Group Design: Composition Norms Authority dynamics Assess process criteria design.

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