PLC.What’s under smart Grid ? •Advanced Distribution Automation (ADA) •Advanced Monitoring & Control •Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) •Analytical & Diagnostic Devices & Systems •Automated Mapping (AM) •Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) •Billing Printing •Business Analytics/Business Intelligence •Call Centers •Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) •Condition Based •Field Data Devices (RTU. etc.) •Field Force Management (FFM) •Generation Management Systems (GMS) •Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) •Grid Sensors •Home Area Networks (HANs) •Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) •Local & Wide Area Networks (LANs/WANs) •Measurement & Control •Meters/Metering •Meter Data Management (MDM) .

Networking Strategies & Connectivity •Cyber-security & Data Integrity •Data Visualization •Demand Response/Load Management (DR/LM) •Demand Side Management (DSM) •Mobile Data & Mobile Computing Solutions •Modeling & Simulation •Non-operational Data Management •Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) •Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) •Protection & Control Devices & Systems •Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) •Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) •Renewables Integration •Sensors (Wired & Wireless) •Substation Automation •Substation Controllers & Gateways .•Inspection (CBI) •Condition Based Monitoring/Maintenance (CBM) •Customer Information Systems (CIS) •Customer Relationship Management (CRM) •Customer Service •Communications.

Switches & Breakers •Transmission & Distribution Management •Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) •Volt/Var Control •Work Management Systems (WMS) . Isolation & Restoration •Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) •Synchrophasors (aka PMUs) •Transformers.•Distributed Generation/ Distributed Resources (DG/DR) •Distribution Automation (DA) •Distribution Management Systems (DMS) •Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment (EBPP) •Energy Management Systems (EMS) •Energy Storage •Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) •Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) •Facilities Management (FM) •Fault Detection.

What’s the Smart Grid ? 0101010 0101010 0101010 0101010 0101010 0101010 •Smart Grid is digitalizing the Electricity network for the sake of enabling 2 way flow of information between the generation & consuming sides & interacting upon the real time status with ability of predicting upcoming events and the trend and alerting or taking proactive actions. •Objectives: •Reliability •Flexibility in network •Efficiency •Sustainability •Bidirectional energy ( Renewable Energy) •Environmental objectives .

Smart Grid Drivers .

Essences of Smart Grid: Communication Automatic Responding Integration Alerting Measuring Integrated Platform Reporting (S/W) Monitoring Prediction controlling Processing & Analyzing Information .

Smart Grid Levels: •Generation •Distribution •Transmission •Consumer .

Tradition versus Smart Grid: .

Companies in Smart Grid: ICT  ABB  Accenture  Aclara  Alstom  Cisco eMeter Iskraemeco SAP Energy Measurement  CURRENT Group  Echelon  Elster  GE  Grid Net IBM Energy Automation  Siemens  Silver Spring Networks  SmartSynch  Structure  Telvent  Tropos  Ventyx  Itron  KEMA  Landis+Gyr  S&C  Schneider Sensus Oracle .

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