Entry Strategy PR

Absolut India
Key Concerns
 Competitive Scenario  Late entrant into the Indian market

 ‘Highly Expensive’ and ‘Low Accessibility’
 Available only in Duty Free and 5 Star bars  Restriction on Advertising and Promotions

 Low product desirability in the Indian market
 White Spirits have only 5% market share in the Indian market

Our Objectives
• Introducing & generating sustained visibility for ABSOLUT brands available at the Duty Free Shops / Hotels & Restaurants • Move towards establishing top of the mind recall for the ABSOLUT brand around the launch of these brands in the country • To establish credibility behind Kyndal India

The Pre-Launch • Corporate Announcement – To announce intention of Absolut to foray into India • Leverage visits of top-brass – Corporate stories to establish credibility of Kyndal India • Absolut Mulit. – Tasting Session of Absolut . – Sneak preview of Mulit Teaser & The Making of the Mulit • To establish Indian connection through Bollywood • Highlight Absolut Differentiation • Build up to Premier of Mulit at the Launch – Media Interactions with Mulit Star Cast • Absolut Akademi.



The Training Sessions were held in association with leading Bars and Hotels across Delhi & Mumbai .


The Launch • Press meet with select media for the formal announcement – Create visibility for visit of Global Head – Corporate ‘BUZZ’ for Absolut • Absolut Global Party of the Year – Perizaad Zorabian – Host of the Party – Premier of Mulit & Branding opportunities – Celebrity Bartender • India centric Cocktails Absolut Mulit Cocktail Lounge • – Celebrity hair-dresser Sylvie • Exclusive dinner party co-hosted with the Swedish ambassador – Reach out to Bureaucratic Community in Delhi – Highlight significance of Absolut : Sweden’s legendary brand – Differentiation • Interactive Salsa Performance • Absolut captured in Ice • Celebrity Bar-man .

The Press Conference V&S Absolut Spirit President Bengt Baron and Kyndal India Director Siddharth Bannerji at the official announcement on ABSOLUT’s entry into the Indian spirits market .

Announcing The Launch .

Introducing ABSOLUT to India Electronic Media Coverage .

Global Party of the Year Absolut to change the Indian Party Scenario • Branding: – Created a special wall with Absolut Advertisements – Sculptures of Absolut Bottles – Special Display of Absolut Bottles • Unique Pegs: – Premier of Mulit – Perizaad Zorabian – Host of the Party – Celebrity Bartender • India centric Cocktails Perizaad sports a Mulit hairdo Extensive brief to stars about Absolut Global Party of the Year Specialty – Brand Focus .


ABSOLUT MULIT COCKTAIL LOUNGE India’s leading hairstylist. Sylvie giving a makeover to models randomly selected from the audience Paper accessory designer. Vrinda Gokhale glamorizes models with accessories inspired by the ABSOLUT bottle shape .

ABSOLUT MULIT COCKTAIL LOUNGE Models raise a toast to ABSOLUT Bollywood and ABSOLUT Delhi Cocktails after the makeover Show Stoppers Nikita and Aishwarya don Absolut Fashion Cheers!: Siddharth Banerji raises a toast to the Mulit Cocktail Lounge in Delhi .

Sylvie Mohit Chauhan. Brand Ambassador. Shankar Sawhney Close Encounters: Punjabi pop-singer. Shankar Sawhney shares a light moment with hairstylist.ABSOLUT MULIT COCKTAIL LOUNGE Jan Toreheim. Shibani Kashyap Punjabi pop singer. ABSOLUT with Indi-pop singer. Mika with Indipop singer. Shibani Kashyap . lead singer of Silk Route group with punjabi pop-singer.


Exclusive Dinner Party ABSOLUT caught in ice The ABSOLUT Salsa .

The Absolut Dinner Party .


Where Are We Today • Brand recognised as a premium vodka • Strong linkages to fashion and lifestyle • Links to global lineage are being established – The ‘bottle’ .

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