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Md.Hossain Shiblee
ID-08091101126 Intake-17th Major in Marketing

Analysis of Marketing Strategies CLEMON Soft Drink

Objectives of the Report

The general objective of this report is to Analyze the Marketing Strategies of CLEMON Soft Drink More specifically, this study entails the following aspects:

To identify the customer openion related to product, price, place, promotion of Clemon soft drink.
To recommend some measures for the development of Clemon soft drink and service of AFBL.

Type of research design I have applied Descriptive Research to conducts the report. This includes the methods of data collection & the sources of the data or information of the research.

Sources of data Most of the marketing information are collected from the internal sources of the firm. During the project period, research should take help mainly from primary data which collected questionnaire method.

Primary Sources
Questionnaire and conducting different survey like
Face to face interview with the AFBL officials. Interview method, Observation method, Secondary Sources AFBL, Official records. AFBL Annual report. Other published materials

Research Instrument: Questionnaire Questionnaire is very flexible and easy to collect answer than other instrument. So I choose questionnaire as research instrument to collect primary data for the report. All details about questionnaire are given-

Sampling Plan
Population: All the customers Clemon soft drink. Sampling elements: Individual customer of Clemon soft drink. Sample frame: No well structured sample frame was found.

Sampling Procedure:
. Non-probability convenience sampling procedure is used in the survey. Sample size: The sample size is 50 customers. Time period of data collection: It takes about 4 weeks (20 working days) for data collecting. Data analysis and reporting: Data were collected and analyzed according to acceptable standard of practice. Different tables were used to make the data meaningful. MS word and MS excel has been used to show graphical presentation.

Sample size was less whereas actual figure of clients are very large. It is not possible to sketch appropriate picture from this sample size. Since customer figure is very large, consumer satisfaction to capture the whole market as well. Getting relevant papers and documents were strictly prohibited. Getting and acquaint information was very restricted. Information gathering sources were few. Lack of skill and knowledge over the research process has been noted as well. Lack of cooperation, the researcher encounters some difficulties in collecting the required data, because without regular advertisement in the newspapers, magazines and television students lose their concentration about their selection.

Classification of gender among respondent

Number of Respondent

Male Female


Interpretation: In my survey I tried to collect both male and females opinion. But it was tough to make conversation with the female. In my project I was able to reach 31% female respondent when male respondent was 69%.

Age of the respondent

Total Respondent

Age Limit

Interpretation: As because Clemon is a product basically for the teenagers, so I tried my level best to ask the people who are in-between 15 to 35 of age. But the teenagers are not only the consumer but also in different age people also have this drink. So sometime I need to ask some different aged people as well as young to find out the potential result. Hence more than 35 people are in-between 16 to 21 when other respondent are 5 or less than 5.

Profession of the respondent

Chart Title

No. of Respondents

Student Profession 32

Service 11

Business 7

Other 0

Interpretation: Among the 50 respondent most of them were student and others were business person or service man. From the graph is easy to understand that 32 people are student when only 7 persons are business man. Rest 11 persons are service holder. So we can see that 64 percent of respondent are student and 22 percent are service person.

When Respondents Drinking Clemon


Interpretation: The above bar chart shows that from when respondents have been drinking Clemon. 12 respondents have been drinking Clemon for less than 6 months and the most respondents which are 28 persons in 2nd column have been drinking for 6-12 Months. Moreover, for 1-2years 10 respondents have been drinking Clemon drinks. On the other hand, there are no respondents in more than 2 years category.

Preferable Consumption Size

Size of bottles
35 30

20 15

250 ml
250 ml can 500 ml 1000 ml 2000 ml

10 5
0 250 ml 250 ml can 500 ml 1000 ml 2000 ml

Interpretation: The bar chart illustrates the preferable consumption size of Clemon. 250 ml bottle is the most popular size for consumption and 32 respondents love to have this. On the contrary, 250 ml can is not as popular as 250 ml bottle and only 3 respondents love to drink this. On the other hand, both 500 ml and 1000 ml is consumed by 7 and 6 respondents respectively. Moreover, 2000 ml is only consumed by 2 respondents.

Level of Satisfaction on Clemon

Interpretation: The bar chart shows that the level of satisfaction on Clemon by different age respondents. Almost 68% of the respondents are satisfied in Clemon Drinks but only 7 respondents (14%) of Clemon are highly satisfied. Moreover, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied respondents are 5. On the other hand, dissatisfied and highly dissatisfied respondents are 6% and 2% respectively.

Design of Bottle

Interpretation: The above bar chart shows about response of the design of the bottle. The bottle design is rated well by 31 respondents, but rated excellent by 7 respondents. On the other hand, below average and average are rated by 3 and 9 respondents respectively.

heard the name of Clemon

Interpretation: The above bar chart illustrates how respondents get to know about Clemon. 31 respondents got to know about it via TV advertisement. Likewise, from friends, from newspaper and others got to know about Clemon by 18%, 16% and 4% respectively.

Attractive Feature of Clemon

Interpretation: The above bar chart illustrates about the most attractive feature of Clemon. Price is the most attractive feature which is appreciated by 32 respondents. Moreover, Taste is liked by 10 respondents. Likewise, 3 respondents prefer packaging and other 5 respondents prefer style.

Preferable Price Range

Interpretation: Here the result of analysis shows that 10% respondents prefer very cheap price but 62% of the respondents prefer cheap price. Moreover, moderate and high price ranges are liked by 15 and 4 respondents respectively.

Pricing Strategy of Clemon

Interpretation: Here the result of analysis shows that 42 respondents responded affirmatively by 84% and 8 respondents responded negatively by 16%.

Time of Consumption

Interpretation: Here the result of analysis shows that 27 respondents often drink Clemon in parties and 3 of the respondents have Clemon occasionally. Moreover, 2 respondents have Clemon with regular meals, but 18 respondents drink Clemon with friends.

Availability of Clemon in Everywhere

Interpretation: Here the result of analysis shows that 32 respondents responded affirmatively by 64% and 18 respondents responded negatively by 36% about getting Clemon from everywhere.

Advertisement of Clemon on television

Interpretation: Here the result of analysis shows that 33 respondents responded affirmatively by 66% and 17 respondents responded negatively by 34% about Television Advertisements.

Advertisement of Clemon on Radio

Interpretation: Here the result of analysis shows that 24 respondents responded affirmatively by 48% and 26 respondents responded negatively by 52% about Radio Advertisements.

Advertisement of Clemon on Newspaper

Interpretation: Here the result of analysis shows that 18 respondents responded affirmatively by 36% and 32 respondents responded negatively by 64% about Newspaper Advertisements.

Satisfaction about events of Clemon

S atis fac tio n ab o u t even ts o f C lemo n
30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Highly s atis fied S atis fied Neither s atis fied nor dis s atis fied D is s atis fied Highly dis s atis fied

Interpretation: The bar chart shows that the level of satisfaction on Clemon events. Almost 54% of the respondents are satisfied in Clemon events but only 16 respondents (32%) of Clemon are highly satisfied. Moreover, Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied respondents are 10. On the other hand, dissatisfied and highly dissatisfied respondents are 10% and 6% respectively.

Major Findings
This is one of the significant part of my report titled Analysis of Marketing Strategies CLEMON Soft Drink. In finding part I am interpreting the results of my survey on 50 consumers. The results of this study are stated bellow in points: Most of the customers are satisfied on Clemon soft drinks and 68% respondents are in satisfied category and 14% are in highly satisfied category. Maximum numbers of consumers are from 16 to 21 age and 16 to 21 age range consumers has covered 74% of the whole consumers. Maximum numbers of consumers are man (68%) and it is very popular in students by 64%. 56% of consumers have been drinking Clemon for 6 12 Months. Clemons preferable consumption size of bottle is 250 ml and 64% consumers love to drink it. popular in women because of its low sugar. Design of bottle is highly appreciated and rated as good by 64% consumers.

Maximum people heard about Clemon soft drinks via TV advertisements (68%).
Most attractive feature of Clemon is price which has reached 64%. Moreover, the price is very reasonable for students. Most consumers of Clemon soft drinks are students, and they highly recommend cheap price by 62%. Most of the consumers have Clemon soft drinks in parties and which has peaked 54%, though consumers also love to have it with friends (36%) Clemon soft drinks are available in everywhere and anyone can buy it from its nearest store. Technically this is one of the strongest features that Clemon soft drinks have. Consumers have reported that the effect of advertisements is immense in all aspects of life and they rated it as moderate which has peaked 80%. Consumers really like the advertisements of Clemon soft drinks because it represents color and color of life.

Clemon soft drinks consumer satisfaction level should increase to compete in this challenging market. According to the charts, soft drinks is rated as satisfied by 68% and highly satisfied by 14%. To improve this satisfaction level, they can work on the flavor as well as can also produce new flavor to get more consumers. Clemon soft drinks should make this drink more elegant to attract 22 to above age people. It is only popular with teenage consumers. Design of Bottle should improve to get more business and service consumers, now which are only 14% and 22% respectively. When the bottle design will improve, it will help to create more market for Clemon soft drinks. On the other hand, almost 24% consumers think that it is average and below average. Clemon soft drinks should improve their newspaper and radio advertisements which are 36% and 48% respectively. To create more attractive they can make new designs for newspaper and a new theme song for radio advertisements. The events which are powered by Clemon soft drinks are rated satisfied but some more improvement can be done by doing some international events to create a market in other countries. Effects of advertisements on the buying pattern is not high, it has just reached moderate by 80%. Moreover, some international quality advertisements and new strategy can affect the buying pattern. Time of consumption is an another issue where Clemon soft drinks should improve. Clemon soft drink is only popular in parties by 54%. Consumers

There is no denying the fact that soft drinks industry is really competitive. Now people are so much aware of life style, so to make Clemon soft drinks more popular they have to promote it as a part of life style. As a result, the packaging, test, advertisements strategy and other factors should be improved to get more quality consumers. On the other hand, it is a very popular drink in Bangladesh and with some improvements it can easily explore international markets and win international people heart. Moreover, consumers will buy this because of the brand and reasonable price.