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Machinery used in Agriculture .

“We can say that marketing means to create environment for sale” .Agriculture Sector in Pakistan Agriculture Marketing All the activities by which agriculture-produce is brought from farm to the final buyers are collectively known as agriculture marketing.

then farmers will prefer to sell the goods in his own village on comparatively low prices.Agriculture Sector in Pakistan Essential of Good Marketing 1. If produce of goods are mixed in good & bad quality as has been case in Pakistan. . The cultivator should have easy access to the market. 4. 2. the reputation of the whole produce suffers and fair price is not obtained. 3. Means of Transportation & communication Advance means of communication & transportation should exist. Staying power The seller shall have staying power so that he may get reasonable income by selling at fair price. If the markets are not available at convenient distance form the cropped arrears. Quality of product Quality of the product should be good. Marketing at convenient distances Markets should be at convenient distances from the production village.

with better transportation facilities. Better transport facility There should be improvement in transport facilities because it plays a major role in the organization of agriculture markets. so that unfair trade practices could be swept away. the product can arrive in a shorter time & without loses.Agriculture Sector in Pakistan Measures to improve the Agriculture Marketing Availability of storage facility The government should provide the loan to the farmers for the construction of stores. The government should also construct the stores. . Standard weights & measures The inspectors should strictly check the weight & measures used in the markets.

System of credit Credit facilities should be provided to the formers for the purchase of inputs & agriculture machineries.Agriculture Sector in Pakistan Reforms in Market The government should improve the markets system in the markets. Strict law should be introduced. These markets should be built near the production centres. . The prices of agricultural products should be checked by the inspectors. Establishment of Organized markets The old markets are getting congested so new market should be established. In this way they can increase their productivity.

It purchases the produce from the farmers & sells it to the co-operative societies. 2. . new weights system was introduced by the Government. PASSCO is playing very important role in stabilization of prices of selected agricultural commodities. 3. Market committees Punjab agriculture produce sales act was passed in 1939. PASSCO (Pakistan Agriculture Storage & Services Corporation) The government established PASSCO in 1973. Now in all organized markets homogenous weights are used which has decreased cheating of farmers. New weights system In January 1977. According to this act. market committee supervise buying & selling in organized markets.Agriculture Sector in Pakistan Measures adopted by the Government 1.

V. 6. If the price of a commodity goes below than a certain level the government purchases that commodity at price favourable for the farmer & in this way the grower is encouraged to produce the same item next time. Market intelligence Government has announced daily rates of produces in different markets through newspapers & T. AMSL The Agriculture Marketing & Storage Limited (AMSL) was set up in 1981. . 8. Hyderabad & Karachi. Grading centres The government has constructed agricultural marketing & grading centers at Khanpur. 5. Sukkur.4. In this way the farmers remain aware about current market situation. Price Support Policy Price support policy was adopted by the government for purchase of some selected commodities. It has done the useful job in the stabilization of prices. Construction of Godown The government has constructed many godowns for the storage of agriculture production. 7.

Agriculture Sector in Pakistan Non.Agriculture sector in Rural Economy Approximately more than two third of our population are living in rural areas. retailers. who perform vital services in the rural economy. Similarly tractor drivers. people involved in the construction & masonry & social services in the rural areas do not fall under the agriculture sector.agriculture activities but they have a significant role to play in the development of agriculture. . Some of the non. Economic development cannot exclusively be linked with economic factors. In this connection social behaviours of the community need to be changed. iron smith.. grain merchants.economic factors still play an active role in the economic development. barber. mechanics and those responsible for ploughs making. Mostly their means of livelihood relate to non. carpenter. These professions include farm labour. cobbler etc. About more than half of these people are neither land-owners nor they are directly concerned with agriculture. Small shop keepers. thresher operators and agricultural implements mechanics do not directly fall in the agriculture sector.

individual freedom & self confidence of suppressed classes of society are restored. creeds & Biradari system. . People belonging to low castes are known as “Kammis”. which can end class distinction. They are badly stuck up in the vicious circle of poverty. Lack of sources especially financial resources is a great set-back in the way of their progress. The condition of labour in the rural areas is most miserable. Old customs. humiliation & intimidation. traditions and practices are very common. We need to bring a better change in our social attitude to arrange uplift in non-agriculture economy so that self respect. our social and cultural structure is very backward & out-dated. prosperity & welfare. Neither their work hours fixed nor their wages of compensation. Our entire society is divided in cast. They work day & nights in the farms & fields. We are still tied up & bound in chain of old culture & civilization. To achieve that end proper planning is needed to bring about a social transformation. There is big status gap between people belonging to high & low castes.Agriculture Sector in Pakistan As is evident. People living in rural areas are under great stress & strain in earning their livelihood. frustration.

Now a days a cultivator or a tenant gets about 30 per cent of his livelihood by performing non-agriculture jobs. . repair & maintenance shops of bicycles. These nonagriculture jobs include threshing & packaging with the help of agricultural machinery. sweet shops. motor cycles. basic industrial units. horse and push carts. The income obtained form agriculture goes to those. serving in village bakeries. Preparing flour. These jobs also include agro-processing like grinding of wheat i. rice husking. it will not be a source of progress & prosperity to all the people living in rural areas because a good number of people living in rural areas are neither land-owners nor they are directly involved in agriculture. donkey carts. Even if the agriculture production increases considerably. driving bullock carts.e. who are either landowners or are involved in cultivation like muzaraieen or contractor (Thakedar & Pattadar).Agriculture Sector in Pakistan No serious planning has ever been made to better the economic conditions of these suppressed & deprived class of society. cotton ginning.

It is. Getting loans for boosting business activities form banks & loaning agencies for this sector is cumbersome. complicated and hardly possible. .Agriculture Sector in Pakistan It also helps to bring stability in the income of rural population. The rate of mark up of such loans is very high. Agriculture & non-agriculture sectors are inter-dependent to a greater extent. therefore. essential that both these sectors should progress & flourish side by side & obstacles & impediments on their way are removed for the overall uplift of the rural economy. Its benefit & importance is very significant for landless people living in the rural areas. People belonging to non-agriculture sector are usually landless & do not fulfil these specified requirements for obtaining loans. Progress of non-agriculture sector also plays a positive & vital role in the development & progress of agriculture sector. They are unable to start their business being resource scarce.

hospitals & health centres for the upkeep of health of the overwhelming rural population and technical & vocational institutes for skill development. Electronic & print media can be used usefully & effectively to reduce this gap & bring about change in their attitude and culture. loaning agencies & micro finance corporation are suitably amended & softened to enable these resource-less people to get benefit at suitably low mark up. The Government must concentrate on improving the infra-structure of rural areas. where there are no roads or if these roads are broken & beyond repair.Agriculture Sector in Pakistan 1. 3. 2. Conclusion The rules & regulations of banks. . They should invariably be provided schools for increasing literacy. Villagers should have an easy access to markets in cities & town.

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