The Future of Mobile Computing

Mark Frydenberg CIS Department

What is Mobile Computing?

Mobile Computing at Bentley .

Mobile Computing Milestones 1985 – Students required to purchase laptops/mobile computers 1990’s – Luggables to Laptops 2002 – “Junior Swap” begins 2002 – Tablet research study with HP 2004 – Pocket PCs in Tech Intensive IT 101 2005 – 45% of incoming freshmen receive Tablet PCs. 55% receive Laptops .

Sony .


iPod/Nike .

MobiTV .

com/content/100/337/C9973/ .http://www.mobilemag.

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Darth Vader USB Flash Drives Sushi Drives .


Navigation Systems Requires communication with satellites Context processing on specialist devices or “converging” devices translates map coordinates into the position of a road junction Most phones do not use GPS but triangulate based on phone signals GPS provides more reliable services .


For the consumer. 2004 . With a few gigabytes of stage. and files located elsewhere -it's a full-fledged computer. rather than lugging around a laptop. You'll send copies of that content to a network server for backup or to share it with your friends. but you'll still carry copies with you everywhere. applications. it becomes the tool for carrying PowerPoint presentations and word-processing files. organizer. Technology Consultant.  Ken Werbach. There will be little reason to carry a separate camera. it becomes the repository for photos. or music player.Convergence A mobile phone with storage isn't just an interface for rich media. movies and music. a mobile phone becomes a multipurpose information appliance. For businesspeople.

Convergence Phone PDA Digital / Video Camera Voice Recorder MP3 / Multimedia Player GPS Navigator Flash Storage Web Browser .

Barriers/Issues Voice / sound quality Battery life Bluetooth Data Service Cost Connectivity Range .

Fewer than 5% of cell phone users do not use at least one of the technological innovations introduced in the past five years. http://www.asp?id=66#IN0602922WH .Cell Phone Trends. 2006-2011 Standard Development Platforms will ease application development Applications expand beyond voice Adoption of Wireless Phones as a Mobile Wallet Improved voice activation for accessing and searching the web Beefier Security on phones.instat. Individuals Will Own Multiple Phones 2006: Over a $300 billion business selling over 2 billion units

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mobi site if using a mobile device and it exists Several hundred thousand will register by 2008 . fast downloads Which URL do I use? Proposal to make browsing less “wieldy” by taking user to .cnn.biz2/ Pages must be cell-phone compliant  No popups.

NTT Docomo .

higher speed.WiMax (802. data transmissions of up to 70 Mbps offer broadband access in rural or metropolitan areas without having to lay cables . no reliance on Line-of-Sight. greater bandwith.16e) Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access can span many miles and cover wide areas making it suitable for entire cities longer reach. and better encryption.

Those of you with Skype on your handheld devices will no longer have to wait for a wi-fi hotspot in order to use it. with monetisation of new and richer services replacing lost voice revenue.The real leap here will arrive in 2007/8 with the emergence of WiMAX implementations which. Of course. could facilitate voice-over-IP (VoIP) for converged mobile devices. married with improved battery technology. the carriers will then change their tariff structures to tempt you in similar ways. .

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