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Ground floors

Purpose of floors
Adequate strength and stability

To provide a level surface capable of supporting the occupants of a building furniture, equipment and sometimes internal partition

Adequate fire resistance

Sound insulation

Damp resistance

Thermal insulation

Difference between Ground floors & Upper floors
The floor of each storey situated above the ground level are know as upper floors It is very important as they are supported only at their ends, as walls, beams etc Upper floor don't have problem due to damp resistance, though sound insulation is generally an important factor. fire resistance is also important

 The floor  The floor

supported directly on the ground are known as solid floors

supported above the ground level are called suspended floors. They are generally made of timber

Components of a floor Two essential components: (I)Sub floor. base course or floor base It support floor covering so that it doesn't Settle. It provide damp resistance and thermal insulation (II) Floor covering or simply flooring .

Materials for construction .

V.C flooring Flag stone flooring Mosaic flooring Cement concrete flooring Terrazzo flooring .Flooring commonly used in our country Moorum or Mud flooring Wooden flooring Marble flooring Brick flooring Tiled flooring P.

Others are Asphalt flooring Rubber flooring Linoleum flooring Glass flooring Cork flooring .

oil. It should have an desired colour and architectural beauty Cleanliness • The flooring should be capable of being cleaned easily and it should be non-absorbent to water. grease etc .Selection of flooring material • The cost of the material should be in conformity with the type of building Initial cost Appearance • Covering should give a pleasing appearance.

temperature changes. so that long life is obtained Damp resistance • Flooring should be resistant against dampness. disintegration with time and decay.Durability • The flooring should have sufficient resistance to wear. It shouldn't produce noise while walking .so that healthy envionment is obtained in the building Sound insulation • Flooring should insulate soil.

Thermal insulation • Flooring should offer good thermal insulation so that comfort is imparted to the residents of the building Fire resistance • Flooring should be resistant against dampness. Flooring material should offer sufficient fire resistance so that fire barriers are obtained between different levels of building • It shouldn't be slippery Smoothness .

imprints Hardness Maintenance • The repairs can be done easily shouldn't be slippery .• It should resist to indention marks.


 A thin paint of cement .Mud flooring  Over a well-prepared ground. before ramming. a 25 cm thick selected impervious moist earth is spread and is then rammed well to get a compacted thickness of 15 cm  In order to prevent cracks due to drying. small quantity of chopped straw is mixed in the moist earth.cow dung is added (1:2 to 1:3) .

Mud flooring Advantages It has good thermal insulation Easy to construct and easy to maintain Cheap. hard and fairly impervious .

the surface is saturated with a 6 mm thin film of water  Surface is trampled under the feet of workmen till the cream of muram rises to the top .Muram flooring  A 15 cm thick layer of muram is laid over a prepared sub-grade  A 2.5 cm thick layer of powder muram is spread and water is sprinkled over it  After ramming.

Muram flooring  The surface is levelled and then kept in that state for 1 day and rammed again with wooden rammers for 3 days  A coating of mud-cow-dung mix or cementcow-dung mix is applied .




Brick floor covering Cheap construction Advantages Non sleepery Doesn't crack due to variation in temperature .

Brick floor covering Cannot be washed and cleaned properly Collects dust Disadvantages It is an absorbent in nature(it absorbs water) hence cannot be used in latrine. bathrooms. Kitchen etc .






hard & pleasing in appearance It is non absorbent and hence can be easily washed and cleaned Advantages It is durable and economical If properly it doesn't require any maintanance and serve life long without any problem .Cement concrete flooring Smooth.

Cement concrete flooring If carelessly constructed or lack of proper supervision Disadvantages it cannot be replaced satisfactory Doesn’t equalize the temperature(cooler in winter & warmer in summer) .