They often do not understand why our prayers are not answered, and the answer is that we have in our home, work, business, or place where we're praying, ancient symbols that hold occult powers used by sorcerers and witches throughout history of humanity, and have power to alienate people of Jesus, the sole and sufficient Savior who can, with absolute power, free us from Satan and his hosts of evil.

a name Satan has taken for himself. in any way represents Satan . Used in witchcraft and occult rituals to ward off evil spirits. You may be inside a circle or not.Symbolizes the morning star.

INICO of Satanists. It can be seen as jewelry or ritual witch . It is a demonic deity and a symbol of Satan.

fire and water. . earth. represents the elements. wind.Symbols used in witchcraft. with the spirit surrounding them.

Used in the work of magic. but this star is a circle .One of the most potent symbols used in the powers of darkness. Confused with the Star of David.

Moreover.It symbolizes fertility rituals. the spirit that is the power of union of the representatio ns of male and female. . It is also called the label for life.

Has been used in Buddhist inscriptions. what goes up must come down. all you do is returned.It is an ancient religious symbol used long before Hitler came to power. . It also represents the power of the boomerang. Represents the course of the sun in the heavens. Celtic monuments and Greek coins.

Matras symbol of the god of the Persians and the Aryans of India. For they. It is used by modern Masons as a symbol of the TSquare . Mathras was an angel of light. or the heavenly light.

It was introduced by the Druids of Scotland and Ireland. It is also used as the "evil eye." It also means that Satan would take control of your finances. .Unicorn. It is associated with good luck and good fortune.

Satanists put these crosses as necklaces.Symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus. You can see rock singers and on the facades of his albums .

Practitioners know their god as Baal or Lucifer. .Used in occult satanic worship. This includes signs of the horoscopes.

.The goat horn is god of the witches. It is the satanic mode of mocking LAMB who died for our sins.

Also known as a sign of "love and peace. Appeared in some sticks of Hitler's SS . It also means: The ruins of a dead man." Another sign is mockery of the cross of Jesus.

. light and positive.In Chinese philosophy. dark and negative. Yang is masculine. Yin is feminine. two great opposite principles or forces of the everything depends.

Lord of the flies (satan). If the Satanists used because it means they have power and a source of protection.Egyptian symbol for some this means reincarnation. . It's also the symbol of Beelzebub.

Posted in the body or clothing means power over others. The rock group KISS uses this symbol.Represents a "lighting bolt" or the beam is falling. . (Ss = service Satan). Also used by the feared SS of Nazi Germany." In mythology. was the weapon of Zeus. that means "Destroyer.

Cruz questioning the deity of God. . Belial and Leviathan. inside the occult represents the three crown princes. means complete subjection Lucifer. Satan.

." One of some symbols that means "King of Hell Lucifer.Also known as "the all-seeing eye. The tear means the lament of those who can not escape its influence." It's who they think the trial would last.

It is a symbol of death. In one of the facades of Rolling Stones. A member of the group Kiss (Gene Simmons) accustum to make this expression. this symbol appears .

. The negative influence is very strong to use. rings and earrings.It is the symbol of death and used to curse. It is used in differents occasions for young people in necklaces. In satanic rites serves as a container to put the blood of the sacrifices.


Is said to emit positive shock and concentrated cosmic powers. because supposedly contain revelation and prophecies of the world. .It represents the trinity of demonic idolatry: Nimrod (father) Semiramis (mother goddess) Tammuz (god son). They are used as instrument of luck and divination.

(2 Chronicles 33:4). are the abbreviations of the Egyptian Trinity. so there could be round if by magic. broke the bread into pieces. Isis. Horus and Seb. When Jesus instituted the Supper. God prohibit the Jews worship the sun god. He used bread and wine as symbol elements of his body and blood.The initials are in the hosts. .

The soothsayers believe solve the past. the Queen Mary the mother of Jesus. future. . present. implying that this union was born our Savior blasphemous. and predict the fate of the client. The king represents the devil. the sword of persecution and destruction of Christians. A mockery of the commandments and that symbolized by the number of cards in a deck. designed for the fun of God and the commandments. The red hearts represent the blood of Jesus.Gambling.

Used by Punks and Rockers and Heavy Metal fans. In other words "do what you want.It means to abolish all laws." This is the law of Satanists. .

Used to greet the rising moon. It also the secret greeting of satan and witches .

.It is a sign of recognition between those in the Unseen. Is made with the left hand.

carting thousands of people them to eternal damnation. God created the music. the rock itself is like all the rhythms that exist. .NOTE: We are not against the rock. the devil is a mere imitator stealing music and using it for destructive ends. only against personage who sells his soul to Satan in exchange for success and fame. nor of the people who like this genre.

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