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Flow of presentation
Market share of Airlines Why CRM critical to airlines Ways to increase profitability Introduction to Jet Airways Products and services CRM at different stages in travel (pre, on board, post) Ladder loyalty Stages of relationship Bonding Brothers path CRM cycle Customer retention (measurement, interview, analyze & identify) Recommendations

Market share (2009)

Go Air, 4.7% Spice Jet, 12.4% Paramount Airways, 1.9% Jet Airways and JetLite, 25.4%

IndiGo, 13.9%

Kingfisher, 23.9% Air India, 17.5%

Jet Airways overtakes Kingfisher in market share Source :

Why CRM critical to airlines?

Competition is fierce Economics of customer retention are unequivocal Technology allows airlines to do this more effectively and profitability today

Ways to increase profitability

Acquire more customers Optimize value of existing customers Retain the customers longer
Acquiring new customers is proved to be more difficult in this industry

Introduction to Jet Airways

First flight operated in 93 Jet Airways operates flights to 23 international destinations 43 destinations within India the companys subsidiaries include
Jet Lite (India) Jet Airways LLC Trans-Continental E-Services Jet Enterprises Jet Airways of India Inc. India Jet airways Pty Jet Airways Europe Services N.V

Products and services

On ground services Cargo Jet Spark

Jet airways Konnect


In flight experience

Jet Mall

Jet kids

JetEscape s

Jet mobile

CRM at different Stages in Travel

Travel Experience


On Board


Marketing Communication
Direct Email Mailings Information about Flights Reservation, Wait List Re-Booking & Refund Information about Delays and Cancellations (Call, SMS , Email ) Food Coupons to customers in case of delays Wheel chair Facilities & Lounge Services Ground Transportation Security Check-in Boarding & upgrading

Sales and Reservation


On Board


Personalized Service On Board sale of Duty Free products Arrival Services Managing Connections on Air

Baggage Service
Baggage Information Lost Baggage Transfer to Partner Delivery to found bags to customers Residence

Customer Feedback

Claims Surveys In person Upgrades Miles Progam Lounge Services Air port Coupons for Customers


Ladder Loyalty

Supporter Client Customer Prospect

Stages of relationship
Platinum Silver Gold

Loyalty Customer satisfaction level Commitment

Blue Blue plus Knowledge of customers Understanding unexpressed needs Effective communication Do the right things right Wow the customers


Stages in relationship

Switching barriers

Bonding with customers

JetSpark: Shine On

Structural Tie up with Citibank

Mileage accrual JetLite & Jet Konnect

Customization Jet Airways Lounge Hub

From bonding to satisfying

Interaction management
Customer care Help desk Web, sales force

Loyalty program

Frequent flier programs Mileage accrual Airport lounge

Campaign management

Tie ups with credit card Tie ups with travel portals, agents etc Out bound e-mail

Feature and function

In flight experience Baggage tracing Complaint handling Web & kiosk Check-in

Customer retention
Measurement Interview Analysis Identify switching barriers

Measurement of Retention
Number of Customers Lost Customers valid for Jet Privilege Net Promoter Score (Jet Blue-64%)

Interview Former customer

Get a feedback

Differentiate customers with negative feedback

Call up & get into details

Analysing complaint & Service data

Analyze by portal online or feedback forms
Determining frequency of occurance

Categorising complaints

Formulating plan to address the problem

Acting upon it

Identify switching barriers

1. Value for money 2. Jet Privilege 3. Seamless service Similar loyalty programs offered by KingFisher: Miles for chill times, King Club membership So switching barriers seem to be low

Identify switching barriers (contd.)

Price Defectors

Service Defectors
Better In-flight Experience

Organizational Defectors
Unsatisfied Internal Customers

Technology Defectors Market Defectors

Growing Competition

Reward travellers Extensibility of benefits Unmet needs

Leverage frequent flier programs


Applications to track travel itineraries


Application to share travel (check-ins, places of visit, facilities etc)

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