The project included physical improvement to state highways. to effectively operate and manage transport infrastructure in the state and training for PWD staff to sustain changes brought in through the project . institutional strengthening of the Public Works Department in the state.

of which World Bank financing is US $ 255 million (Rs 1224 crores) and State's contribution is US $ 79. and to strengthen the institutional and financial capacity of Kerala's key transport sector agencies .The Kerala State Transport Project  It costing 336 million US dollars (Rs 1612 crores) .00 million(Rs 388 crores). aims to improve traffic flow and road safety on Kerala State's primary road network.

including related social and environmental mitigation measures.Main Components Of Project  The transport corridor improvement component will support upgrading of state highways.  The . road maintenance component will provide periodic maintenance of state highways and major district roads. and rehabilitating inland water transport feeder canals.

minor mitigation measures and recommendations identified through this service will be implemented. The road safety improvement component comprises consultant services for blackspot identification.  The institutional development and technical assistance (TA) component will provide services to implement the institutional strengthening action plan by appointing TA consultants in the areas of maintenance management and data collection. and developing a road management system. . programming and designing minor improvements works for State roads.

technical and management capacities of key road sector institutions Implement reforms in the road sector to bring greater private sector participation Pilot an inland water transport (IWT) project for testing approaches to correct the current imbalance in the nodal share between roadways and IWT in the State. .Objectives Of Kerala State Transport Project       Improve the capacity and quality of its highly congested state highways and major district roads Improve road maintenance planning and management practices Reduce road accidents and fatalities along project roads Strengthen planning.

Components Of The Project Construction Upgrading Construction components of Heavy maintenance Non construction components components – .

Upgrading and widening of about 324 km of state highways and major district roads.Rehabilitation of about 100 km Inland Waterway (IWT) feeder canals  Phase II.Construction Components Upgrading  Phase I.Upgrading and widening of about 255 km of state highways and major district roads  Phase I. (later revised to 367km) .

Periodic maintenance of about 1000 km of state highways and other priority roads awarded over a period of three years  Improvements of accident blackspots  Performance based maintenance and management (PBMM) contracts .Construction Components Of Heavy Maintenance  RMC component.

Equipment and accessories for road safety improvement Institutional Strengthening Action Plan (ISAP) Road Maintenance Management Plan IT/ GIS. Road condition survey Road user satisfaction survey. State-wide Video-conferencing . Pre-investment studies.Non Construction Components          Road Safety Action Plan Identification and improvement of accident black spots. road safety awareness campaign Training Accident Management System. Project Financial Management System(PFMS).

83 6 7 8 Muvattupuzha .30 33.Angamaly Palakkad .Kuttipuram 31.600 24.802 total .Roads Selected For Upgradation In Phase I Number 1 2 3 4 5 Road Location Taikod – Kottarakkara Kottarakkara .08 254.Shornur Thrissur .Changanassery Muvattupuzha .140 17.40 45.Thodupuzha Length (km) 46.430 12.Chengannur Taikod .022 44.Kazhakuttam Alappuzha .


50 total .50 75.00 3 Kottayam .IWT .Kottayam 28.Vaikom 24.Canals Selected for improving 1 2 Changanasserry .Alappuzha Alappuzha .00 23.

500 53.000 .220 41.120 47.760 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pilathara –Pappinissery Thaliparamba-Irutty Thalasserry-Valavupara Chenganur-Ettumanoor Ettumanoor-Muvattupuzha Punaloor.Ponkunnam-Thodupuzha Perumbilavu.Perinthalmanna 20.900 132.Roads Selected For Upgradation In Phase II No 1 Name of Road Kasargod-Kanjangad Length in Km 27.Pattambi.000 40.900 4.


 37% reduction in State Highways in poor condition achieved so far.Major Achievements  20% reduction in travel time through core network of roads (EOP). The total road length (SH) in the state in poor condition at the time of taking up KSTP was 90%  Reduction in road accidents up to 20% at improved accident black spot sites achieved .

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