To presentation On Universal Finance Organization

Why Universal Finance Organization?

Limitation of Multiple international organization:
World Bank IMF ADB IDB etc.

Logo of UFO

Universal Finance Organization

Universal Finance Organization

Free from • Poverty • Inequality • Domination as far as possible.

To work for poverty reduction with promoting living standard of human being increasing cooperation amongst member countries.

        
To eradicate poverty

Establish a International Anti-corruption organization
Gender equality & stop violence against women Environmental sustainability

Protecting civilians & reducing vulnerabilities
Emergency help Ensure universal education

Develop mutual understanding
To conduct research

Conditions For Membership
Must be independent Obligated to maintain rules and

 Accepted by a majority Must pay specific amount of subscription.

Advisory Body
Term 4 years Elected by member country Not eligible to get nomination within 3 terms. Comprised of 16 members  To conduct election. Supreme authority in absence of board of Governors. Advise board of Governors submit a transparency report

Structure of UFO
Board of Governors

Deputy Governor

Deputy Governor

Assistant Governor

Assistant Governor

Assistant Governor

Assistant Governor

Power of Board of Governors
 Overall execution of BOD  Appointment of board of directors  Grants of final issues  Execution of annual report  Policy formulation  Removal of member countries

Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Director (Research) Assistant Director (loan) Director (Finance) Assistant Director (others) Director (Anti-corruption) Director (Environment) Director (Development)

Director (Information & Communication)

Director (Consultancy)

Director (Emergency)

Source of fund
Subscription of member countries
Annual subscriptions of member

Interest of loans provided by UFO

Function of UFO
Provides loans Technical assistance and training. Taking policies to eradicate poverty and

Research, statistics, forecasts, and analysis
based on tracking of global, regional, and individual economies and markets.

Emergency assistance Raises climate related funds Technical support to utilize domestic resources

Process of Loan Approval

Board of Governors
Respective Division

Research Division

Final Approval (power Rating)

Member Countries

Power Rating System
Developed Countries Developing Countries Non-developed Countries



Limitations of Study
Rising fund Voting power Annual subscription rate Interest rate Distribution of regional office

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