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QURANIC GRAMMAR AS-SARF Morphology of the words Lesson 7

Lessons from the book MABADE ALARABIYAH basics of Arabic Grammar RASHEED SHARTOONI Compiled by: Sheikh Safdar Razi Ali

Types of Masdar
Masdar is the infinitive noun (derived from a past tense verb normally ). It signifies the occurrence of an action or the existence of a state. The types of Masdar: MASDAR SAREEH ( the regular) Masdar Meemi Masdar Sinaa'e Artificial Infinitive Masdar of Oneness / Unity and type Masdar Moawal

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It is formed from all verbs by adding a mm (prefix). The mm infinitive is formed from triliteral verbs in the form for example: . It is formed from the letter verb Mafal Nazara (Look) Manzarun >- Dharaba (Hit) Madhrabun >- The exceptions to this are quasi-sound verbs whose first root letter is a vowel letter, these will be in the form , for example: . If the first letter was a vowel letter then it will be on scale of Mafel Example: Wa Qa Aa MowQeAa >-


11-Masdar Meemi vs.noun of time (ZAMAAN) and place (MAKAAN)

Note: Noun of Place / Time has the form of Mafal and Mafel. Therefore all Noun of place/time nouns are Masdar Meeme, but not every Masdar Meeme is a noun of place/time. Mafal similar to ISM MAKAAN kitchen =MATBAKH Mafel similar to ISM ZAMAAN sunset = MAGHRIB This will be further studied in detail

The mm infinitive is formed from verbs with more than three letters by placing them in the passive presentence (MAJHOOL) YOFALO voice of the present tense and replacing the present tense prefix letter with a mm which has a d ummah, , and a Fatha before the last letter. for example: AKRAMA> YOKRIMO> MOKRAMO << << Ufaelo Mufaalo Qarraba (to be close) Present Tense YoQareBa MuQaraba ZalZala ( Earthquake)YuZilZeLu ManZelZalu Please Note: This form also applies to Object noun (ISIM Mafool). Thus every Object noun is a Masdar Meem but not every Masdar Meem is an object noun.

12- Masdar Meemi

Masdar Meem
Some words become Masdar Meem by adding a circle Ta. Haba (Love) MoHabatun NaFaAa (Benefit) ManFaAah


A noun of an infinitive noun is a word which indicates the meaning of an infinitive and it has less letters than its original verb either literally or implicitly, for example: noun of the infinitive noun or ISIM AL- MASDAR a gift derived from the MASDAR which is derived from the verb gave

Masdar Sinaa'e
Artificial Infinitive is an infinitive that makes a noun collective / entire kind. For example Human Artificial Infinitive Humanity. The noun is suffixed with a Relating Ya and a Circle Taa is added at the end. Insaan ( Human) Insaaneyyah (Humanity) Islam islamiyaah

Masdar of Oneness /Unity=FALAH

Masdar of Oneness / Unity is a noun that indicates an action happening once. The tri-lettered form is on the scale of Falatun or FALAH > DhaRaBa (he Hit) >-DhaRaBTan ( A Hit) For Non Tri-Lettered, it is suffixed with a circle Ta: In TalaQa InTalaqatan He left A Leaving

Masdar of Type= FELAH

Masdar of Type is a noun that indicate a certain type of behavior. The behavior is determined by the context of the sentence. Example: I was at the grocery store and Joe gave me a look The type of look is determined by the context and not specified in Masdar of Type. Tri-lettered noun are on the scale of Felatun or FELAH .> Nazara (he Looked)-> NizRah > a look Jalasa (he sat down) Jelsah> a sitting There is no particular form for non tri-lettered. he observed an observation