Livescribe Smartpen

I. Description:
 The Livescribe smartpen is an assistive technology

aide that facilitates the note taking and learning process. Recording classroom discussions and taking fewer notes allows the dyslexic student to spend more time listening and learning.
 For children with Dyslexia.

many DISADVANTAGES  It does allow you to focus functions and compatibility make it an ideal product for the note taker. less on writing every word but it also frees you up to daydream and rely solely on the pen.ADVANTAGES  Its ease of use. .  Timing issue.  It combines your notes and the audio into one file for you.  It records an audio file of the lecture or conversation while it "watches" your notes with its infrared sensor.


allows for choice between color. black on white or negative text viewing modes adapting to a range of low vision needs.  For Person with Visual Impairment . Description:  Created for convenience.I.  It has adjustable brightness and autofocus for ease of use.

ADVANTAGES  Light and handy  Rechargeable battery DISADVANTAGES  It needs electricity to  Can magnify small text and pictures  Easy-to-Use Controls  No assembly or set up required recharge the battery once it dies. a person with low vision might misplace it. .  Very small.

Tips in taking care:
 Proper cleaning  Keep in dry area

 Do not place it anywhere to avoid any damages


I. Description:
 An adjustable super loud ringer that lets you know

when your phone is ringing. Bright red visual ring flasher visually alerts you to an incoming phone call.  For difficulty HEARING

and set the tone of the ring to best suit your hearing. ..  Adjustable ring volume control lets you adjust the volume to your preference.ADVANTAGES  People with hard of hearing DISADVANTAGES  EXPENSIVE can access to the other people through the use of the technology (telephone).

Tips in taking care:  Don't abuse the phone ringer  Keep it safe at all times  Don’t drop your phone  Avoid moisture and heat  Clean it properly .


Anything that fits on the reading table can be magnified. Your document displays in super large size on the screen. Just place a letter or picture on the moveable reading table. handwriting. and small details easier than ever before.I.  For Poor VISION . Description:  It makes seeing type. and adjust the magnification level and display colors to work best for your eyesight.

and adjust brightness. Control the space allotment for each split screen view Mask out what you do not want to see Add vertical or horizontal lines to keep your place You can increase and decrease magnification.ADVANTAGES  Easy to connect to your PC  Magnify split views of your DISADVANTAGES  Expensive  Not available here in the     document and PC screen horizontally or vertically.  Not all are knowledgeable how to use it .  It will be damage if there is wet material beside it.if there is a shortage of electricity you cannot use it. Philippines  Needs electricity. step through the enhanced color modes.

Tips in taking care:  Always clean the area where the technology is place  Keep away from water  Always check the machine or clean it .


When he signs to the interpreter. When a hearing person speaks.  Students with Hearing Impairment .I. those comments are transmitted by microphone and video camera to Deaf Link where they are signed for him by the interpreter. his comments are voiced to hearing participants through TV speakers. Description:  Student sees a Deaf Link interpreter on his TV screen.

 Teleconference participants may get disconnected from the meeting or have trouble connecting in the first place. company or organization. It is used to arrange a meeting. conference. exists. . It saves energy of participants and others. make general/comparative or specific study and others. It helps to provide required data. debate. group discussion. convey message. It saves time of involved people. deliver presentation.  teleconferencing merely can’t replace face-to-face communication.ADVANTAGES  Via Video Conferencing two or DISADVANTAGES  technical difficulties always     more people can communicate irrespective of their distant locations which were highly impossible in ancient era.

Tips in taking care: • Keeping your technology equipment clean is important for proper functioning. . • Keeping your equipment in proper temperatures will help to keep it running properly. • Making sure the equipment is clear of debris will help to keep it from entering the equipment and causing damage.

Braille Embosser .

Description:  A Braille embosser is a printer.I. a document can be embossed with relative ease. necessarily an impact printer.  Person with visual impairment. Using Braille translation software. making Braille production much more efficient and cost-effective. . that renders text as tactile Braille cells.

ADVANTAGES  Easy to use  Not time consuming DISADVANTAGES  Not handy  It can’t be use without  Paper handling  Can access information electricity more quickly and perform tasks that involve reading or writing .

inside part of it.Tips in taking care: • Check the technology always with the help of an expert to assist you in cleaning the Braille embosser especially in the. .

Teacher Teardrop Microphone .

I.  Person with Hearing Impairment . Description:  A smarter charger for microphone. It is standard with all audio enhancement microphones.

 Brings a new level of convenience to the classroom. . microphone off and switch to the charge mode when the charger is plugged in. saves DISADVANTAGES  Automatically turn the energy and money.  Monitors the power usage and prevents the battery from being discharged too far.ADVANTAGES  It extends battery life.

Word Processor .

It is like a keyboard .I. Description:  A word processor is the type of software.

programs are reviewed. the design of a whole new layout is difficult and takes a lot of time. Although within a predefined document layout some parameters can be adjusted. research on its effectiveness is examined. . research on its effectiveness is examined. a tool for teaching written selfexpression to students with learning disabilities are discussed. and guidelines for software selection are provided.ADVANTAGES • A tool for teaching written DISADVANTAGES • Available word-processing self-expression to students with learning disabilities are discussed.

That could be sight words you are working on from the dolch lists. you type in the words you want your students to use in their stories. or words you are using in reading instruction. .Tips in taking care: • As a teacher. the student can choose the words they need by clicking on the picture squares or touching the screen. Once the keyboard is created. if you have a touch screen.


made of plexiglass or sturdy paper with a window cut in the middle.  For children with speech and orthopedic impairment. . Description:  An eye gaze communication board (also known as an e-tran) is a vertically held/mounted board. that enables children with severe speech and orthopedic impairments.I.

that will pioneer the use of computers by nonverbal.ADVANTAGES  Cater to whatever each DISADVANTAGES  Limited symbolic functioning particular individual would like to express their thoughts that no one should be deprived of  Developing a system called EYETRACKING. disabled persons  An eye gaze board will be increased if it introduces during an activity that is enjoyable to the individual     to complex literacy skills Needs to understand communicative intent Need for concrete representation Visual issues comprising use of symbols or dynamic display Need exposure to wide variety of vocabulary .

and the upper left is always blue. The upper left position is always yellow. On the bottom row. This eye gaze board is set up with five different boxes containing five to six letters each. thus.  Care must be taken to insure that the student and teacher are both viewing the same letter box and color when they mutually look at a position on the eye gaze board. hopefully. there are six possible positions for letters. Each letter is assigned a color. make more sense as you read how it is used. those are the first letters that should be taught. brown. the colors remain stable: green. In each box. Lowercase letters are used because those are the letters most frequently encountered in reading materials. and orange. the upper middle is always pink. .Tips in taking care:  The arrangement of the eye gaze board will.

Refreshable Braille Display .

usually a computer or braille note taker. • For person with visual impairment. pins are controlled electronically to move up and down to display characters as they appear on the display of the source system . Description: • A braille display is a tactile device consisting of a row of special 'soft' cells. . A soft cell has 6 or 8 pins made of metal or nylon.I.

ADVANTAGES • Easy to operate and use • A help to visually impaired • • • • • DISADVANTAGES • Expensive • Not readily available in the children Easy to learn Not time consuming Can access information more quickly and correctly Can perform tasks that involve mostly in writing Can help in becoming a computer literate Philippines • Electrically dependent. if there is no electricity it can’t be use • Not handy • Easily damage when wet and when it’s not properly handled .

Keep it away from children. . Refrain from over using the tool. Always clean its internal part with the help of the expert.Tips in taking care: • Always clean the assistive tool as well as the area • • • • • where it is placed. Check the tool always. Consult with an expert if problem is encountered.


I. • The use of the touch screen can assist a student who experiences difficulty understanding the abstract relationship between the mouse action and the resulting action on the screen. Description: • Allow the children to “navigate” and “interact” with the computer by touching the screen. rather than operating the screen to replace the mouse action. . • For children with Autism.

• Increase in overall attention DISADVANTAGES • Causes individual to become span. a person with disability functions more dependent as a result of assistive technology.ADVANTAGES • Increase in focus/attention. • Increase in in-seat behavior. • Expensive • Can’t operate without power. • Ultimately. . overly dependent on a device. • Increase in fine motor skills.

Tips in taking care:  Keep it clean and use regularly.  Do not overuse the computer.  Keep it in a proper and air-conditioned place. .

Scanning Pen .

• For students with dyslexia. Simply take the pen scanner across the text.I. instead of reading it. The pen scanner will let you scan. It is used the same way you use a highlighter. store and transfer your printed text as well as smaller images to your computer. . Description: • A portable device in which dyslexic people can use to listen to text.

There is a decrease in quality when you scan the object because of both software and hardware limitations.ADVANTAGES  It is much faster than  DISADVANTAGES  It is limited to use because it      copying or typing.     cannot scan three dimensional objects. The text can be quickly transferred to a computer for editing or auditory use. Sometimes text is misread by the pen. Reads text. The pen recognizes over 50 languages. and rescanning is necessary. Reads cursive writing. numbers and bar codes The scanner pen is relatively easy to use. Children with weak coordination may need practice with the pen. . Users must scan the pen carefully across the text for it to work correctly. Most pen read at a 1000 characters per second.

Clean your scanning pen using a soft cloth. Do not introduce stapled items or pages into the scanner. Do not scan documents that have chipped or un-dried White-Out. Always store in protected packaging or in the original box. Do not insert any type of adhesive material .Tips in taking care:  Keep your scanning pen away from liquids and direct       sunlight at all times. . Take precautions not to drop unto hard surfaces. even POSTIT paper. Severe shock can cause degradation in performance.

Caption Telephone .

I. A captioned telephone is a special telephone that has a built-in screen to display in text (captions) everything the other person on the call says. Description:  Much like a caption TV. • For people with hard of hearing. .

Has the ability to save captions for review later and answering machine functionality CTS are not available in every state  It is not portable.  Captel can’t work without internet connection. . A generous-sized display screen on the phone that’s easy to see and easy to read.ADVANTAGES  Useful for people who have DISADVANTAGES  Captioned telephones and     difficulty in hearing for a better communication by reading what the other people says. Volume amplification can be adjusted.  We can’t have access without electricity. The captioning function can be turned off when not needed.

 Always maintain its cleanliness and as much as possible do not let dusts take over.  Do not expose to direct sunlight and too warm places. .  Stay away from liquid and other solvent.Tips in taking care:  Keep in a safe and comfortable area.


• For students with defective visions. Description: • .I. . visually impaired people with little or no functional vision usually use a screen reader. It is a type of assistive technology suitable for visually impaired people with some functional vision. A screen magnifier is software that interfaces with a computer's graphical output to present enlarged screen content.

What they need to do is magnify them until the size that that matches for them. Not visual problems and having computer screen magnifier software really helps them to read the letter and sees the picture in computer. • Confusing at first.ADVANTAGES • There are lots of types of DISADVANTAGES • Time consuming to use. . since it is not a usual software. easy to orient at first hand experience.

Tips in taking care: • Always use the software whenever using the PC so that work may run as fast and smooth . • Keep on updating the software. .

Writing Slant Board .

are able to position themselves and study better with slant boards. Description: • Adjustable writing slant boards are boards that you can keep on top of your work surface to help you read and write comfortably. Special needs children too.I. • For children with visual impairments. . Here are some of the benefits of using adjustable writing slant boards.

which effectively improves handwriting and increases comfort while writing. he/she no longer needs to “hunch” over a desk in order to work. home everyday.  By giving the user leverage. Because they bring your work to the user.ADVANTAGES  Slant boards promote better DISADVANTAGES • It is too large to be carried functional postural position. slant boards encourage proper wrist position while writing. . this can eliminate back and neck pressure caused by improper posture. When used over time.

This can include a cloth. There are several items to use that will clean equipment. putting a case or cover over the technology item will keep dust away. feather duster. air sprays. and so on.Tips in taking care: • Keeping your technology equipment clean is important for proper functioning. In addition. . Making sure the equipment is clear of debris will help to keep it from entering the equipment. Getting rid of any dust or particles will help to keep it clean.

Enablemart Keyboard .

For: •Low vision •Autism •Specific Learning Disability . •103 keys •9 Multimedia Hot Keys: one touch music and video control. Description: •Features the largest print on keycaps available.I. and internet and email access •USB connection over-sized. bold print for high visibility low-profile keys for unmatched comfort and ease of use.

ADVANTAGES •letters are larger and easier to see •easy access to common computer DISADVANTAGES • This could be expensive compared to the conventional keyboards • Specialized with only less multimedia hot keys .

Tips in taking care: •It should be keep tidy and clean. •Do not place on a wet place. . •Cover it with a cloth when not using.

Prepared By: Jofel M. BEED-3 . Butron.

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