• Evolution & Categorization of livingbeings as per Jain Philosophy: • 5 senses in evolutionary ladder of life (Figure A) • Immobile and Mobile lifeform. • Water bodied organisms• Upto 36,450 mobile creatures in one drop of water. Water assisted and water-borne livingbeings.

• As per Science, water is a simple compound of Hydrogen & Oxygen gases • Structure of Atom And Molecule of water. • Covalent bond of water molecule • Self-Assy of molecules due to Hydrogen bonding

Hexa.and Penta structures, formed by water molecules due to e.s. field.

Nano-tubes of Hex and PentaStructures – to achieve min. surface energy.

DNA and RNA are the basic building blocks of Bio-Cells of conventional life form. To explore other forms of life, we consider the basic traits of life: i) Capability to exchange energy – can fix and transfer it in a directed way. ii) Capability to remember and pass on information. It means, it can be trained and it can train others.

Instructions for all our auto-activities are coded into DNA

• Dissolved air in water releases physically free oxygen mols. Some mols get converted (15%) into oxy-radicals (anions).It makes hydrogen bond stronger. • Bee-hive structure allows the ions to move effortlessly through it. Cell-energy keeps the movement of radicals in dynamic-balance. • Absorption of radical in hollow space and its fixation in quantumvacancy of tube, makes it a sort of Zygote (Yoni). * Flow of oxygen ions through this structure generates electromagnetic pulses. • Its P.E. is “fixed” in the nano tube in form of Somatids (photons) with it, as found out by Dr. David Schweizter and Edward Rusal. • Thus it acts as a transducer – storing and supplying back energy on demand. • This is the first attribute of Lb.

• •

• •

For training, if an ion of a foreign chemical is implanted, it becomes a “hybrid” structure. The properties of “ion” are transcripted, by induction and conduction, on its frequency mode, energy configurations and its surface-contour. The water-cell is characterized by it, to carry IMV. The required energy is supplied by breathing of oxygen. It can further train other “freshers” with relative ease, by a process of “sequential dilutions”, Fig 6: 3D Hybrid Water structure resulting in shell-sleeving or (Due to quantum vacancy) multi-layer jacketing. The impressions on the coaxed hostcell become deeper and deeper, when there are no Impuritons.

• Energy is stored just like carbon-onions due to this metabolism. • The quantum structure retains its special configuration during sequential dilutions. • The impuritons, after teaching the hostcells, are washed away during next dilutions. • Principle : A “ trained” cluster is stronger than its “trainer” in a process of sleeving.

Fig 7 Bio-cell and its interaction with water-cell

• • • •

Characterized cell carries frequency mode and energy configuration specific to the chemical (host) ion. When it passes through the blood colloidal to the human body-cell, it influences the specific genes at the subtle level by physical means and not by chemical means. The multi-dimensional property of water cell would create or refresh gene memory and enhance the capability of that particular system through resonance in accordance with its instructions. H.Remedy works on this principle of potency-making. Evidence-based HR thus satisfies the 2nd criteria of Lb.

Live drinking Water may contain : 1. Minerals in dissolved form 2. Traskâya – mobile cell based living-beings 3. Single sensed plant, bacteria living-beings 4. Dissolved air and oxygen-radicals as a part of living-being 5. Water bodied living-beings Living water can be converted into non-living water by: • Boiling process or • Mixing and rub-washing with foreign materials

By boiling:• The body structure of water(yonis) is broken apart. • The radicals are converted back into molecules and are driven out along with the dissolved gases. This makes water non-living • Most of the mobile and immobile living beings become life-less at elevated temperatures • Some dissolved minerals get precipitated during cooling

By rub-washing of additives (Dhovana)
• The Yonis are choked and broken up due to rubbing action of foreign materials. The water becomes nonliving • The water borne living- beings also become lifeless due to alkaline nature of the additives • Air remains dissolved but the radicals are decreased, thereby reducing the risk of damages to tissues and cells. • The alkaline water is known to be far better for health rather than acidic or neutral water.

. * Non-Living drinking water has a limited shelflife. . As such for switching over to non-living water, one has to assess his daily requirement and then obtain only that much amount of non-living water. -----------------------------------------------------------------• This system inculcates the habit of limiting (budgeting) one’s requirement (Aparigraha) • One becomes conscious about the wasteful uses of nature’s resource. This self-imposed restriction , naturally changes one’s attitude and perception towards “consumption” for personal needs. This eliminates the threat to Eco-balance. It breeds Ahimsak Life-style.

Emotional Sensitivity
Living-water should theoretically exhibit emotions/ moods. This has also been proved to be existent in the recently conducted experiments, by Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan.

• Every living-being has its own specific AURA
• Aura of 4 types of water were photographed by special Kirlian method (figure 10a). They exhibit different energy fields or aura • A typical aura of a drop of water is shown in the figure.

• i) The tap-water shows the highest area of scattering (Fig. 10 ). • ii) Boiled and dhovana water exhibits similar type of aura energy. • iii) These experimental results corroborate well with the theoretical predictions about the relative energy of different types of water. • iv) Thus, it establishes the validity of the hypothesis of living-water. • v) The intensely characterized water exhibits the lowest scattering.

• Any induced molecule of water is capable of absorbing cosmic energy, known as Pranik Energy, through its surface during potency making shake-up. • As shown in the adjoining figures, the Pranik energy compresses the existing aura energy area into a more coherent and compact energy area during shakeups.

In homeopathy, a higher potency is achieved by shaking 10 times the lower potency stuff, diluted in fresh water with vigorous mechanical means. The molecules of fresh water, surrounding the dynamised molecule, in a hydration envelope, are induced to open up their receptacles to absorb cosmic energy, known as “Pranik Energy”. During each shake-up, the induced water molecules absorb fresh Pranik Energy and get energized to a higher potency. The energy saturation level increases with every shake-up and the tentacles of molecules close down gradually. Finally, the induction effect becomes nil and all the molecules are separated, having a higher potency with a smooth surface & without any tentacle.

Subsequent experiments by Dr. Vinod Shah with different types of water, yielded similar


• The structure of water-bodied living-being is a net like nano-tube with capacity to absorb air. • Its hydrogen bonding is stronger and more stable due to its vibrating tubular form. • It gets affected by temp., pressure, free oxy-radicals and colloid-forming powder particles, • The process of making water non-living removes free oxy-radicals, breaks yoni-structure and blocks the holes of its body. • The non-living water refines our Leshyas and reduces radical-contents, which damage our cells and tissues. • It shows sensitivity to emotions.

Once we know and understand scientifically the theory of Living and Non-living water,
A) It would become imperative for the whole human society to be more responsible, on compassionate grounds, to protect these water-bodied livingbeings. • For the non-violent human-society, it becomes a self-induced compulsion to limit their consumption and to reduce all sorts of wastage with definite targets, • This awareness will not only help protect our environment, but will also help annihilate our bonded Karmas. This would be a great gift to our souls by our own souls, B) It would facilitate experimental research on • Effects of living water and free radicals on our metabolism and cells and the utility of non-living water • The Capability of living cells and its manifestation in its Aura, • The Energy & speed of oxy-radicals and quantification of its reactivity, • Contribution of Pranik energy and the mechanism of potency-making of water based Homeo-remedies.

Livingness to Non livingness during Boiling
Living Water / Non-Vital Water

RO water

750 C

Non-Living Water / Vitalized Water

850 C

1000 C

Livingness to Non livingness during Bhashmi-karan
Living Water / Non-Vital Water

RO water


Non-Living Water / Vitalized Water


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