Depatrment of physiology
Dr Sushil Kumar MBBS, MD ( Physiology) Associate Professor Department of Physiology

What is Physiology? .

• The term physiology is derived from GREEK word PHYSIOLOGIA – functions of the living organism. . • Physiology is defined as the study of functions.

o Why not they become fatigue? o We can increase or decrease or even stop our respiration.Two organs continue work whole life without rest. o But why not our heart? . 1) Lungs & 2) Heart.

• On the basis of physiology we can also treat many diseases like diarrhoea. . vomiting.• With the help of physiology we can know which changes are normal & which are abnormal. peptic ulcer etc.

 Physiology is essential to understand .Biochemistry.  Most of the Nobel prize winners of medical science are physiologist. Pharmacology. To undestand physiology you should know 1) Physics. 2) Chemistry & 3) Anatomy. . Pathology & Medicine.

Suggestions  Don’t miss any lecture. . Medical dictionary  Pick up the time by the forceps then success will be your.  Be punctual & regular reading. English to Gujarati and 2.  Keep two dictionaries during study 1.

Thanks & Good luck .

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