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CULTURAL .Large Corporates crowd use this sports as skill building activities.Large young working population . bouldering.Slowdown in ffhe economy .Presence of Shamirpet and Musi Lake . caving. POLITICAL .Changing income and spending patterns .Telangana Issue MACRO ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS NATURAL . .Large working population (youth segment) going for weekend holidays only . etc.Increased need for recreation ECONOMIC .Many ideal spots for trekking.Moderate climate DEMOGRAPHIC .

SUPPLIERS • Stikage • Alpine Three Sixty Degree MARKETING INTERNEDIARIES • AD Agencies • Word of mouth • Social Networking sites CUSTOMERS • Younger population • Adventure Seekers MICRO ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS PUBLICS • Banks • Radio • General public • Volunteers COMPETITORS • GHAC • Erudite • Songs of Earth • Odyssey .

ERUDITE • Indian company with more than ten years of experience. lifestyle. personality and attitude of the people towards these services • Target Market: focuses on all the age groups including women. income and occupation of its customers. Founded in 1998 • The key mission is to capture the younger and upcoming generation and making them realise the importance and relevance of Adventure Tourism • Basis of segmentation: age. Corporate businesses .

Pragati Resorts. Para Sailing. Camping.opera. Trekking. Flying Forks. Alankrita Resorts . Mount. Wildlife. etc • Marketing Strategies – Product: offers customised and differentiated services to its customers – Price: Bundle pricing strategy – Promotion: believes only in Word of Mouth marketing – Place: delivered at prime locations like Lahari Resorts.ERUDITE • Product offerings mainly include Rope Crossing. Rafting.

and 7000 corporates – Bundled product offerings • Weakness: – Lack of govt.ERUDITE SWOT Analysis • Strength: – large customer base including more than 10. support in encouragement and promotion of the industry and individual players.000 students. – Infancy of the adventure sports industry in India • Opportunity: Growth of national adventure travel market at 10% annually and a huge untapped market • Threat: Competition from players like Odyssey wonders who aim to tap the same market segment .

occupation and their lifestyle • Target Market: Corporate Professionals. Youth or Children. . family size. Family Groups.DECCAN TRAILS: INSPIRED BY NATURE Introduction • Jungle Adventure Campsite offering several Nature/Wildlife & Outbound activities • The Campsite is nestled in the serene Anantagiri Hills • Trails provide a sprawling experience for every individual: from toddlers to senior citizens • Basis of segmentation: age. income.

DECCAN TRAILS: INSPIRED BY NATURE • Wide product Offering ranging from Trampoline and Archery to Rock climbing and Jungle Treks • Marketing Strategies – Product: high service quality – Price: segmented pricing strategy – Promotion: Advertisement. direct mailing and media promotion – Place: Location is unique with clean and pure air surrounded by forests .

DECCAN TRAILS: INSPIRED BY NATURE • SWOT Analysis – Strength: Location and the high service levels – Opportunity: Expand in the Corporate Space – Threat: Safety Standards .

ODESSEY WONDERS: EXPLORING THOUGHTS FROM WONDERS History and Founders Deccan Chronicle Group 2008 Alumni of XLRI Operations in Hyderabad in 2012 • Why Hyderabad? • • • • – Location – Low Competition Product Profile • • • • • • Rock-climbing Chimney Scrambling Bush craft Paint Ball Biking Mud Volleyball .

snap deals and social marketing – Place: Mutual benefit scheme . Income. occupation and various behavioural variables like user rates. readiness stage and the attitude towards the services • Target market: includes the corporate and the youngsters of Hyderabad • Marketing Strategies – Product: Customised services – Price: Penetration pricing strategy – Promotion: by means of mails. tie-up.ODESSEY WONDERS: EXPLORING THOUGHTS FROM WONDERS • Basis of segmentation: Age.

all age groups . support in encouragement and promotion of the industry and individual players. THREATS • Safety Measures EXTERNAL TO AN ORGANIZATION OPPORTUNITIES • Attract People .not motivated .ODESSEY WONDERS: EXPLORING THOUGHTS FROM WONDERS SWOT Analysis INTERNAL TO AN ORGANIZATION STRENGTHS WEAKNESS • Service Customization • Mutual Benefit Scheme • Lack of govt.

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