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History of Tobacco And Cigarette Smoking


Tobacco Began Growing in The US About 6000 BC

It Was Belief That Tobacco Could be Used as Cure to 36 Different Health Problems

In 1571, Spanish doctor named Nicolas Monardes wrote a book about History of the Medicinal plants of New World in which He Mentioned Tobacco as Cure to 36 Health Problems.

First Book on Tobacco Explaining Benefits of Tobacco Smoking

Three Purpose Of Growing Tobacco Plants

Native Mayan Indians Were Using Tobacco for Different Medicinal and Religious purpose

Tobacco was believed to be a cure-all, and was used to dress wounds, as well as a pain killer.
Mayan Indians believed that Smoke of Tobacco was a medium to Connect with Spiritual World.

Stone Carving Of Mayan Priest Taking Smoke Through Tube Like Device

Some Ancient Smoking Devices

First Commercial Crop of Tobacco

In 1612 John Roulfe first cultivated tobacco for commercial use in Northern Virginia and in a few years, it became the largest tobacco export colonies. During American civil wars, Tobacco helped finance the war by serving as collateral for loans the Americans borrowed from France.


In 1847, the famous Phillip Morris Corporation was established. The chief product of the company was the handmade Turkish cigarettes. In 1865, James Duke established the Tobacco Company, which was later known as the American Tobacco Company,
In 1875, R.J. Reynolds Company was established, in joint partnership with some of the tobacco manufacturing factories in Winston-Salem.


Birth to Some of the Biggest Cigarette Brands

First Cigarette Making Machine, Capable of Making 200 Cigarettes Per Minute.

In 1881, James Bonsac invented first automatic cigarette making machine

American Tobacco Company Partnered with James Bonsac and created Remarkable History in Tobacco Industry. The Company Had Manufactured 10 Millions Cigarettes In a Year and 1 Billions in Succeeding Five Years.

Two World Wars and Cigarette Production

At the End of World War II, Cigarette Production Reached to 300 Billion Per Year.

Cigarettes are included in a C - ration of the soldiers

At the end of World War II, 300 billion cigarette production marks by six biggest brands Phillip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, American Brands, Lorillard, Brown & Williamson, and Liggett & Myers

Fancy Cigarette Advertising

In the History of the US, Cigarettes Are Most Promoted product Second to Auto Mobiles

Finally, the Golden Tobacco Era Ended and Harmfulness of Smoking Had Been Discovered

In 1950, the link between smoking and lung cancer was discovered by a team of experts comprising Dr. Wynder and Dr. Graham In 1965, The U.S. congress passed a law, inducing the cigarette companies to put a warning label on their packet

The first warning message was Cigarettes May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Current Cigarette Smoking Trends and Quick Facts

Cigarette Smoking and Connection to overall Economy

Cigarett e Smoking Deaths and Disease

Tobacco Smoking Killed 100 Million People in 20th Century

In the US, Each year 443,000 people die due to cigarette smoking and 50,000 due to second hand smoke

90% of Lung Cancers and 50 % of Bladder Cancer Caused by Cigarette

Tobacco related morality deaths are higher than the diseases like HIV, Drugging, alcohol, accidents, suicides and murders.

Unless & Until, There will be No Additional Action Taken , Big Tobacco Would Keep Killing People Exponentially Each Year

Strong and Continues Anti Smoking Efforts are Require Stopping Tobacco and Cigarette Killing people

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