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iSixSigma Live Summit

Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

• AIT Group Premier Sponsor of the 2009 iSixSigma Live Summit
in Orlando Florida
• The Premier Sponsor (AIT Group) Value Chain Transformation
Master Workshop was held at the Trump International
• Lean Six Sigma Conference had ~200 attendee’s with a theme
on Breakthrough Results

AIT Group Sponsor Team:

• Steven Bonacorsi, Vice President of Product and Sales
Development, Moderated the Deployment Models and
Infrastructure track
• Dan Jorgensen, Owner, Presented the AIT Group Overview
• Bill Stokman, Account Team Leader, facilitated the Value Chain
Transformation Master Black Belt Workshop that Integrates
Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain (SCOR)
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group
The world's most knowledgeable Six Sigma editorial staff is taking its decade of Six
Sigma insights from the Internet and printed page to its first LIVE conference! Go beyond
the printed word and meet the experts you read – and read about – in person.
The iSixSigma Live! Summit & Awards will bring together 300 of the world's top business
leaders in one location. The theme of our January 13-16, 2009 Summit & Awards is
"Back to Breakthrough." And the theme says it all. Don't be satisfied with learning
about continuous, incremental improvement. Find out how to go beyond the basics and
break through!

This is the one in-person event you should plan to be a part of each year, here's why:
The iSixSigma staff lives and breathes Six Sigma. From Yellow Belt to Master Black Belt,
every team member is trained in Six Sigma. That experience will generate a conference
unlike any other – one that is organized and produced by Six Sigma professionals.
The content will be undeniably good. Everything will be vetted by iSixSigma's editorial
team. No presentations will be given without review and approval by iSixSigma –
ensuring adult learning objectives are addressed and that delegates walk away with
strategies, tactics and tips to take back with them to their companies.
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group
Members of our editorial team are using their connections and cashing in favors:
Speakers will be the best in the world, the learning environments will be varied and
exciting, networking will be optimized, and sponsor interactions – through learning events
– will be the focus of the four-day event.
Our awards will go beyond the typical "best in class." Finalists will have an opportunity to
showcase their projects and gain recognition for their significant efforts leading in
shareholder return, employee value and environmental stewardship.
Finally, this will be a Lean Six Sigma event put on by Lean Six Sigma professionals for
Lean Six Sigma professionals. With more than 100 years of cumulative experience in
corporate America, our team understands the real issues faced by business
professionals. We know that firefighting and bureaucracy stymie your efforts to compete,
to innovate, to grow and to retain employees – to be the best. We will help you get from
where you are to where you want to be. We'll have more time to create the program, and
more time to promote this event. We expect be sold out by year-end.
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

Artagnan Ayala
Director of Business &
Premier Technology, Inc.
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

Robert J. Crescenzi
Vice President, Lean
Six Sigma
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

Stephen P.
Lean Sigma Advisor
Chevron Global Upstream and Gas
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

D. Lynn Kelley,
Vice President,
Textron Six Sigma
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

J.D. Sicilia
Director, Lean Six
Sigma Program
U.S. Department of Defense
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

Barbara Wheat
Executive Director,
Global Process
Excellence and
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

Gianna C. Clark
Vice President,
Customer Service
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

Jim de Vries
Director, Operational
TMC, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

Mr. Nathan
VP Business
iSixSigma Live Summit
Premier Sponsor, AIT Group

Kim Mueller
Director –
Dominion Resources Services
The AIT Group
Who We Are:
The AIT Group is a highly experienced
international consulting firm with a portfolio of
business improvement methods to help
companies accelerate business benefits and
improve overall business performance and
Over 100 full-time global employees with an customer satisfaction. The AIT Group’s
extended network of over 250 team members – integrated application of Lean, Six Sigma
all highly experienced industry professionals. and Supply Chain methodologies have
enabled our clients to achieve hundreds of
Our Goal: millions of dollars in savings and process
To provide our customers with business
improvement solutions and accelerated
business benefits and market leadership
through being a loyal and trusted partner.

Where We Are: Main Office:

Worldwide Offices in 3135 S. Price Road
the US, Europe, Asia, Suite 115
India and Mexico Chandler, AZ 85248