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Marketing Strategy in India

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Company Information

• Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), South Korea. • It is the largest passenger car exporter and the second largest car manufacturer in India. • HMIL presently markets 8 models of passenger cars across segments. • The A2 segment includes the EON, Santro, i10 and the i20. • The A3 segment includes the Accent and the Verna. • The A5 segment includes the Sonata Transform and the SUV segment includes the Santa Fe.

9 kgm at 4200 rpm 11.Specifications Transmission Type Engine Description Engine Displacement(cc) Maximum Power Maximum Torque Mileage-City(kmpl) Mileage-Highway(kmpl) Automatic 1.500rpm 13.4L 100PS GAMMA with VTVT technology 1396 100PS at 5.5 15.0 Fuel Type Fuel Tank Capacity(litres) Seating Capacity Petrol 45 5 .

Rivals in this segment primarily include Volkswagen polo. Maruti SX4.200/• Hyundai i20 Asta Price – 5.Pricing Hyundai i20 Price in India – Ex-showroom Prices • Hyundai i20 magna Price (base model) – 4. Chevrolet Aveo.60. Pricing has been done in such a way to capture the hatchback segment.82.200/These are Delhi Ex-showroom prices for Hyundai i20.201/• Hyundai i20 Asta (O) top end model Price – 5. Fiat Punto. Toyota Etios.80. . Hyundai Verna.

Communication & Distribution • Tagline – ‘I got it All’ • Promoted as a Uber Cool Car. 1-2 months in worst cases. Even with huge demand waiting time has been cut short as much as possible. Catered to target the market share of Maruti SX4 and stop the inroads made by new entrants like Honda Jazz and Fiat Punto. Hyundai has thrown its weight behind the distribution channel to capture the hatchback segment. .

Maruti SX4 Men are back…..!!!! .

It has the seating capability of 4-5 people which is considered ideal for nuclear families. 40k per month. Entrepreneurs and professionals who have been working for 5-6 yrs and have incomes of more than approx. .Target Segment Maruti SX4 is priced in the range of 6-8 Lakhs and it is considered to be a mid-range luxurious car. Thus it basically targets male managers. It targets the middle income group and to people aged 25-40.

3 m. Chassis: For the front wheels it has ventilated disc brakes and for the rear wheels it has drum brakes. Its seating capacity is 5 and has a 50 litres fuel tank.68 ps at 5600 rpm. It has a ground clearance of about 170 mm and turning radius of about 5.Product Features External: All the variants are approximately have dimensions of about 4490 mm x 1735 mm x 1550 mm. VVT engine with 4 cylinders. Comfort: The Maruti SX4 has manual as well as automatic airconditioners and heaters. Engine: It has a 16 V DOHC. The engine has a maximum output of 104. .

6. .Pricing This premier sedan has 3 petrol variants: SX4 Vxi (petrol) : The Sx4 VXi is Maruti's entry level model in the SX4 series with premium features and other high end features.7 lakhs inclusive of all charges. 7. New cars in this series have a exshowroom price ranging from around Rs. SX4 Zxi (petrol) : The Sx4 VXi is Maruti's upper scale level model in the SX4 series with other high end features.2 lakhs to around Rs. 6. New cars in this series have a showroom price ranging from around Rs. 7.9 lakhs to around Rs.0 lakhs inclusive of all charges.

Contd.5 lakhs.25 lakhs and on-road price of around Rs. There is also 2 diesel variants for the car Maruti SX4 ZDi and VDi and is priced at about 8-9.10 lakhs. etc. Sx4 Zxi (leather option petrol) : The Sx4 ZXi is Maruti's upper scale level model in the SX4 series with top features and other high end features. 8. This variant has a showroom price of around Rs. RTO. which is inclusive of all charges such as insurance. . octroi. Also included are leather furnishings and interior. 7.

It is refreshing since most players in this segment are using classiness and quality as their USPs which is proving to be a marketing clutter. . For a change a sedan has been marketed on the basis of being masculine and manly.Marketing strategies The strategy taken up by Maruti SX4 is different from other cars in the same segment.

instead of the quality factor which is taken for granted in case of sedans it differentiates itself by using the ‘men are back’ campaign and projects itself as the men amongst the cars.Communication strategy The main points that can be noted in the communication strategy are: Clutter breaking: As told earlier. The campaign has been successful in the initial phase and there has been sufficient interest in the consumers about the product. Role of ladies: The logic of using women for their campaign has been different from what other cars have done. They have bee shown accepting the fact that SX4 will always be a priority for them. .

SWOT analysis Strengths: •Design and styling •Comfort and safety features •Brand name •Value for money Opportunities: The growing segment Increased spending by consumers Lack of close competitors other than honda Weaknesses: •Mileage comparatively lower Threats: Counter competition – Honda city .

World First ...ETIOS LIVA – FRESH LOOKS Here it comes for.India First....

Upper-middle class families and Upper-class Youth .Target Segment Theme of the car design. clearly suggests that ETIOS is a Mid-Size HATCHBACK For the YOUNG Generation. promotion keeping in mind the Indian market and pricing.

anti-corrosion sheets in water prone parts. Large cabin and boot space. aerodynamic roof and body. Air Bags. 16V DOHC Engine.. Safety : ABS. Interior : Spacious. Good ground clearance. .Etios LIVA – Product features Exterior : Stylish and Sporty. 18.. Bottle and mobile holders. Based on the concept of. “Bold Simplicity”. Performance : 1.3Kmpl gives a comfortable driving experience.2L. driver's seat like a “Cockpit”.

● Tagline .Communication MULTI-CHANNEL Communication At its Best ● Toyota started the campaign and informed and engaged the customers for over 10 months ● Showcased in Delhi Auto Expo Jan. 2010.Etios LIVA . ● TVC launched with Toyota assuring “Qpromise”. ● “I” in the Etios – The Indian Stamp in promotion. World First” ● Best use of Social networking sites and Internet .“India first.

including some emerging market-potential cities. Distributors : TKM showrooms and franchise based distribution channel. 3. The distribution channel is also multifarious. Availability:Orders can be delivered in 1 monthgood manufacturing.Etios LIVA – Distribution and Pricing Priced in the range of 4 to 6 lacs. Launch: In 18 cities of India.logistics & marketing integration. 2. Etios LIVA was launched in 2011. . 1.


already top dog in Europe.Volkswagen. China and South America. already top dog in Europe. is ready for its big India push. Volkswagen. . is ready for its big India push. China and South America.

Fiat • 3. Toyota • 2. Volkswagen • 2. PSA-Citroën • 3. Volkswagen • 2. Fiat • 1. Volkswagen • 1. General Motors • 3. General Motors GLOBAL EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA • 1. Volkswagen • 2. Hyundai • 3.VW’s Dominance • 1. Maruti • 2. Hyundai CHINA INDIA Ranks by Units Sold . Tata Motors • 8. General Motors • 3. Volkswagen • 1.

it will have 60 outlets (150 for the group) to sell Beetle. . Skoda Auto set foot in India in 2001. it has an upper crust image here. it sells 150 cars a month 1 2 3 • 3When Volkswagen got Jetta to India in 2008. Volkswagen set up its own sales network and began making Audi A4 and A6 at Aurangabad. it had 14 dealers. Polo and Touareg. A mid-market brand in Europe. By end. Competing with BMW and Mercedes. Passat.2010. • In 2007.The Three Stage India Entry • With an assembly plant in Aurangabad.

Product • Fuel Economy – Mileage Highway (km/liter) 13.5 – Mileage City (km/liter) 9.Cylinder 1198 75PS @5400rpm 110Nm @3750rpm • Engine – – – – Engine Type/Model Displacement cc Power (PS@rpm) Torque (Nm@rpm) .2 – Mileage Overall (km/liter) 10 • Capacities – Seating Capacity (person) – Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 5 45 3 .

2L (P) Trendline 1.22.459 . 5. 6.13. 6.6L (P) Highline1.2L (D) Rs.199 Rs.2L (D) Highline 1. 4.2L (D) Avg Showroom Ex Price Rs.940 Rs.2L (P) Comfortline 1.646 Rs.64.970 Highline1. 7.Price Version Trendline 1. 5.508 Rs.61.28.45. 6.899 Rs.2L (P) Comfortline 1.10.

Innovation based “Communication” • Print ad • VW POLO R CUP INDIA .

Innovation based “Communication”  TOI Roadblock Campaign The world's first ''speaking newspaper‘  .


2 litres.5 litres. .4 and 2. • Compact cars have room for five adults and usually have engines between 1.Segment • C Segment Cars . but some have engines of up to 2. • They are approximately 4250 mm long in case of hatchbacks and 4500 mm in the case of saloons and estate cars.Small family/compact cars refer to the hatchbacks and shortest saloons and estate cars with similar size.

Comparison with old Verna • • • • Increase in engine Power Automatic climate control Better handling Improved interiors .

First in its Segment • • • • • • Improved safety with Six air bags Parking Cameras and sensors Engine start/stop button with smart key Supervision cluster with Blue illumination Clean air cluster Ionizer Power folding outside mirrors with turn indicators • Three gear box options • Four different power plant .

Comparison with Competition .

11.12. Gamma 1600.4 Verna .90. Gamma Prices on road 8.59. MPFI 1600.30. Gamma 1600.000 11.Fluidic Verna Fluidic SX Verna Fluidic SX (O) Verna Fluidic AT Engine CC 1399.Pricing Model Verna – Fluidic 1.000 .000 9. Gamma 1600.000 8.000 10.



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