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Business and Technology Status 2007
• Global economy is more dependent on IT than ever before • Information management is THE major mission of the enterprise • Organizations are being pushed to ADAPT quickly to change
• Economic, Technologic, Regulatory • “At least two-thirds of all IT spending is just to sustain the business, not to change or transform the business.” - Gartner Group

Growing Data Volumes

Database Size 60 (TB) 40 20

Size of the largest data warehouse in Winter Corp Survey
245% increase from 2003 to 2005!










Source: 2005 TopTen Program, November 2005 © Winter Corporation, Waltham, MA, USA

36% 59% Mar.02 Mar.01 Eyl.06 Ara.04 Mar.02 Ara.04 Haz.06 Eyl.05 Mar.05 Eyl.04 Ara.05 Haz.05 Ara.02 Haz.01 Source: TAR Analysis (April 2007) Uptake (TAR Analysis) Oracle Database 10g Oracle9i Oracle8i Oracle8 and Earlier 5% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 100% 10% 0% .01 Haz.07 Ara.04 Eyl.03 Mar.03 Ara.01 Mar.06 Haz.03 Haz.03 Eyl.02 Eyl.06 Mar.

Infrastructure Complexity • Understanding the Costs • Number of things costs = N • Number of connected things = (2N) • Number of KINDS of things = N^N 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 2 3 # of Things 4 5 6 7 8 # of Kinds Complexity Cost Curve • Complexity Slows Change • More failure points • Uneven levels of process Maturity • Functionality+Virtualization=Agility • Functionality enables agility • Virtualization masks functional complexity # of Connections Oracle Grid is Enabling Enterprise Agility by Attacking Complexity .

secure and highly available rapid application development environment! Traditional Performance Dimensions of Scalability and Availability Are Now Table Stakes. most scalable. Agility is the X-Factor .The 11g Big Message • 11g Lowers overall costs while increasing business and IT agility! • Simplifies your information infrastructure! • Enables change to happen while maintaining stability! • Takes management and diagnostic automation to the next level! • Freeing key personal for higher value tasks! • Provides the least expensive.

Defining Value Innovation • Lowers the cost while increasing Agility • Simpler (automates/obfuscates complex tasks) • Cheaper (lower TCO via improved sustainability) • More Convenient to Use • Most likely already own it • Solid skills base foundation • Single vendor to manage • Simplifies infrastructure landscape • Fundamentally changes how a task or process has been done in the past Value innovation fundamentally changes how one evaluates a product category .

Oracle Database Innovation 30 years of sustained innovation … Audit Vault Database Vault Grid Computing Self Managing Database XML Database Oracle Data Guard Real Application Clusters Flashback Query Virtual Private Database Built in Java VM Partitioning Support Built in Messaging Object Relational Support Multimedia Support Data Warehousing Optimizations Parallel Operations Distributed SQL & Transaction Support Cluster and MPP Support Multi-version Read Consistency Client/Server Support Platform Portability Commercial SQL Implementation … continuing with Oracle Database 11g 2007 1977 .

Bucking Conventional Wisdom By The Book Platform dependent Read & write locks Combined undo/redo log Static SQL compilation Oracle Portable C code base Multi-version concurrency Undo stored in the database Just-in-time SQL compilation Shared nothing clusters Parallelism tied to partitions Shared disk/shared cache clusters Parallelism orthogonal to partitions Store all your data Store some of your data .

0 Users Applications Data Hardware Storage Scalability In-house Vertical Silos Chars. Shared Low Cost Scale Out Workload Consolidation HA Management Specialized-Separate DW-OLTP Slow TTV Difficult. Low Cost Alert and Automate Pricing CPU or User Socket or Site . Fast TTV Easy. Siloed High Cost Scale Up Database 2.Where We’ve Been. Where We’re Going Database 1. Dates SMP/Mainframe Expensive.0 Everyone Horizontal Services All Your Data Network/Virtualized Inexpensive. Expensive Monitor and Manage Converging Workloads. Numbers.

Top 11g new features .

but not as flexible as logical standby • • • .Physical Standby with Real-Time Query Real-time Queries Concurrent Continuous Redo Shipment and Apply Primary Database Real-Time Query Physical Standby Database • Read-only queries on physical standby concurrent with redo apply • Supports RAC on primary / standby • Queries see transactionally consistent results Immediate appeal to the many users of physical standby DR with real time query is unique in the industry – no idle resources Handles all data types.

Set up Test Environments using Snapshot Standbys Physical Standby Apply Logs Open Database Back out Changes • Convert Physical Standby to Snapshot Standby and open for writes by testing applications • ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO SNAPSHOT STANDBY. but: • Provides DR at the same time Continuous Redo Shipping • Single copy of storage . • Discard testing writes and catch-up to primary by applying logs • ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO PHYSICAL STANDBY. Snapshot Standby Perform Testing • Preserves zero data loss • But no real time query or fast failover • Similar to storage snapshots.

AWR for further performance analysis .Database Replay • Capture Workload in Production • Capture production workload with actual load & concurrency • Move the captured workload to test system • Replay Workload in Test • Make the desired changes in test system • Replay workload with production load & concurrency • Analyze & Report • Errors • Data divergence • Performance divergence • Use ADDM.

Capture Workload … Backup . Memory •Storage •Etc. OS Upgrades •CPU.Pre-Change Production System Client Client Client … Changes Unsupported App Server App Server App Server Changes Supported •Database Upgrades. Interconnect Process Process … Process Captured Workload •OS Platforms. Parameters •RAC nodes. Patches •Schema.

Pre-Change Production System Client Client Client Post-Change Test System … Replay Driver Replay Driver App Server App Server App Server … … Process Process … Processed Captured Workload Process … … Process Process … Process Capture Workload … Backup Can use Snapshot Standby as test system .

plans. execution statistics Can capture 10.SQL Performance Analyzer • Focus on impact of change on SQL query workload • Capture SQL in Production • • • • Automatically capture SQL workload over a specified period Capture SQL text. tuning recommendations . use SQL Tuning Advisor (10g) to improve performance with SQL Profiles • Changes supported • Major & minor database releases.2 SQL workload Move captured SQL workload to test system • Replay SQL in Test • Replay SQL in pre and post-change configurations • Compare and analyze performance • For regressed SQL. parameters. patches. schema. optimizer statistics. bind variables.

SQL Performance Analyzer .

SQL Plan Management controlled plan evolution Business Requirement • Data is changing over time • Statistics and execution plans become suboptimal • Statistics have to be updated • Possibly unpredictable changes of execution plans • Today you have „freeze‟ critical plans or statistics Solution • Optimizer automatically manages SQL Plan Baselines • Only known and verified plans are used • Plan changes are automatically verified in maintenance window • Only comparable or better plans are used going forward • Can pre-seed critical SQL with baselines from SQL Replay .

years Auditing Compliance User Tablespaces Flashback Data Archive Oracle Database .Flashback Data Archive Select * from orders AS OF ‘Midnight 31-Dec-2004’ • Automatically stores all changes to selected tables • Archive cannot be modified ORDERS Archive Tables • View table as of any time • Uses: • • • • • Change Tracking ILM Long term history .

EM Support Workbench Overview • Wizard that guides you through the process of handling problems • You can perform the following tasks with the Support Workbench: • View details on problems and incidents • Run health checks • Generate additional diagnostic data • Run advisors to help resolve problems • Create and track service requests through MetaLink • Generate incident packages • Close problems once resolved .

Support Workbench .

Incident Packaging Service .

Manageability Evolution Auto-Tuning Advisory Instrumentation .

Manageability in 11g? • More database administration automation • More intelligent advisors to simplify administration • Fault diagnostic automation • Enhancements to existing features .

11g  26% less time  31% fewer steps . and 11g 100% 75% 50% 9i 10g 11g 25% 0% Time Steps Summary Oracle 9i vs. 10g  44% less time  47% fewer steps Oracle 10g vs.Manageability Comparison of Oracle Database 9i. 10g.

DB Management Pack Enhancements • Diagnostic Pack • ADDM for RAC • AWR Baselines • Transportable AWR • Tuning Pack • • • • Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor Partition Advisor SQL Monitoring SPM Automatic Plan Evolution .

Data Compression for All Applications • Oracle 9i compresses data only during bulk load. backup. etc. dev. increase CPU by 5% • Savings cascade to all db copies: test. mirrors. archiving. updates • Typical compression ratio of 2x to 3x • Database directly reads compressed data eliminating decompression overhead • Strategy: compress db‟s 10 largest tables • Shrink table data by 50%. standby. . useful for DW and ILM • Oracle 11g compresses w/ inserts.

Oracle SecureFiles High-Performance Large Objects • High-performance transactional access to large object data • documents. medical. concurrent access • space-optimized storage • Protect your valuable data . high throughput. in the db! • • • • transactions transparent encryption compression and de-duplication database-quality security. reliability. single view and management of data • Superset of LOB interfaces – easy migration . CAD. imaging … • low-latency. and scalability • Better security..

LOB prefetch SecureFiles Linux Files LOBs 1 10 100 • Much faster than LOBs with more capabilities • File system-like performance with database functionality! File Size (MB) .SecureFiles Breaks the Performance Barrier! File Read Performance (MB/second) 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0. intelligent locking •Fast bulk data transfers.1 • Innovative technology for high performance large object data •Smart buffering. write gathering.

Oracle Partitioning 10 years of innovation Core functionality Oracle8 Range partitions. global range index Oracle8i Oracle9i Oracle9i R2 Hash and composite range-hash partitioning List partitioning Composite range-list partitioning Oracle 10g Global hash indexes Oracle 10g R2 1M partitions per table .

list-hash .Oracle Partitioning 10 years of innovation Core functionality Oracle8 Range partitions. list-list. list-range. global range index Oracle8i Oracle9i Oracle9i R2 Hash and composite range-hash partitioning List partitioning Composite range-list partitioning Oracle 10g Global hash indexes Oracle 10g R2 1M partitions per table Partitioning by reference Virtual column partitioning New composite partitioning: range-range.

New Partitioning Features • New composite partitioning schemes Range Range List 11g 11g List 9i 11g Hash 8i 11g • • • • Partition (or index) on virtual (computed) columns Partition advisor Automatic range partition creation Partition by REFERENCE (primary key of parent) .