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Industrial disputes

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Causes Of Industrial Disputes

The causes of industrial disputes can be broadly classified into two categories: economic and noneconomic causes.


The non economic factors will include • Victimization of workers 1/19/13 .

• Working Conditions and Working Hours: 1/19/13 .

1/19/13 .• ill treatment by staff members.

1/19/13 .sympathetic strikes.

Corruptionetc.• political factors: Conflict between centre and the state. 1/19/13 .

 Dunlop alleges labour indiscipline.• Indiscipline etc. • 1/19/13 . suspends operations at Ambattur Workers have described the move as unjustified and blamed the management for delay in paying the wages and not managing production.

Dunlop alleges labour indiscipline 1/19/13 .

Economic factors • • Wages and allowances: In 2002. wages and allowances accounted for 21.8% of disputes. In 2005. 21.4% of disputes were caused by demand of higher wages and allowances. • 1/19/13 .

4% were caused by retrenchment. disputes caused by personnel were 14. and only 0.Personnel and retrenchment:  • During the year 2002. In year 2005.6% of the disputes were caused by personnel. only 9.1% while those caused by retrenchment and layoffs were 2.2% and 0.4% respectively.  1/19/13 • .

• Retrenchment is something akin to downsizing. When a company or government goes through retrenchment. 1/19/13 . it reduces outgoing money or expenditures or redirects focus in an attempt to become more financially solvent.

whose name is on the muster rolls of 1/19/13 • . It has been defined under Section 2(kkk) of the Act.• Lay-off is a practice whereby the employer cannot give employment to workmen for various reasons including shortage of raw materials. break-down of machinery etc. or for any other connected reason. If a workman. accumulation of stocks. coal or power.

6% of disputes were caused due to indiscipline respectively.Indiscipline and violence •  In 2002.4% and 41. 29. 40. Similarly in 2004 and 2005.9% of disputes were caused because of indiscipline. which rose up to 36. 1/19/13 .9% in 2003.

Bonus • Bonus has always been an important factor in industrial disputes 1/19/13 .

Leave and working hours: • Not an important cause 1/19/13 .

• Lack of human relations skill on the part of supervisors and other managers 1/19/13 .

1/19/13 .

Miscellaneous:  • The miscellaneous factors include   -   Inter/Intra Union Rivalry   -   Work Load   -   Standing orders/rules/service conditions/safety measures   -   Non-implementation of agreements and awards etc. 1/19/13 .

can settletheir disputes.• • Settlement Without StateIntervention •There are two ways in which the basicparties to an industrial disputetheemployer and the employees. Collective bargaining Voluntary arbitration 1/19/13 • • .

Establishment of compulsory collectivebargaining. Conciliation and mediation (voluntary andcompulsory).• Settlement Under theInfluence of the State Compulsory establishment of bipartitecommittees. 1/19/13 • • • • Compulsory investigation. and .