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FIN920: Automating FSI Trade Lifecycle

Bill Jacobs Senior Product Manager, Sybase Infrastructure Products Group / (+1 (303) 409-7431 6 August, 2003

Agenda – FIN 920

Trading Systems Challenges New Challenges & Complications How Integration Orchestrator Can Help Automate FSI
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Features Overview Brief Demo Capability Summary

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Business Activity Monitoring with Integration Orchestrator


Line-of-Business Priorities:
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Managing During Economic Uncertainty

Focus on business critical only Identify critical cost drivers & automate Improved external integration Streamline human involvement o exception management o self service applications Failure anticipation Fewer, smaller projects Faster time-to-results Cut development costs Accelerate Risk Management to near real-time Respond to regulatory changes Increase service to customers

Trimming operational costs
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Reduced development costs
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Risk Management
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Business Growth

Continuing Challenges      Simplify trading & settlement application development Re-use existing investments Streamline trade processes Attack sources of settlement exceptions Simplify maintenance .

New Business Complications: Regulatory  Basel II:   Transaction warehouse Operation Risk provisions increased cost of failures Cost-effective reporting Corporate governance & accountability External integration for research acquisition & dissemination Real-time detection. External integration for reporting Collaborative case resolution Anti-money laundering  Sarbanes-Oxley:     Graham:  USAPatriot & related Anti-Terrorism:     .

Track Emerging Standards (xxML) . the Bad and the Ugly” Architect for Longevity & Durability Integrate B2B Facilities Streamline Exception Management Improve Operational Management Capabilities Track FSI Standards .SWIFT.Enduring Integration Needs:          Streamline Development & Design Collaboration Facilitate Deployment & Admin Bridge “New & Whizzy” to the “Good. FIX. etc.

An [Over-]Simplified View of Trading Information Provider Investment Managers Broker Dealers Risk and Compliance Exchanges Front Office Asset Management Trading Trading VMU CRM Trading Banking Operations Back Office Custodian Depository .

Cost Reduction in Capital Markets Example Information Provider Broker Dealers Investment Managers Exchanges Reference Data Cleansing Risk and Compliance Trading Asset Management Trading VMU Clearing. Settlement & Reconciliaiton Alerting Automated Matching Processes Integration Needs Custodian • External Integration • Trade & Settlement STP • Exception Collaboration • Reference Data Mgmt. • Risk Management • Compliance • Trade & Position Monitoring • Customer Workflow Settlement Exceptions Operations Staff Depository .

Sybase Trade Lifecycle Integration Solutions .

Something New Financial Networks: SWIFT. OMGEO Packaged Applications Custom Systems Legacy Apps Databases Adapters & Connectors Results Integration Infrastructure Business Process Engine Monitoring Engine Real-Time Business Metrics Alerts Logging & Auditing Transactions Users Partners Customers . FIX.Fitting It Together: Something Old.

This makes it difficult to examine.What the Experts are Saying. Meta Group ..” Kevin McIsaac.. manipulate. The Business Process Integration Challenge   “A serious limitation of stateless message broker EAI architecture is that business logic describing a process is embedded in the underlying integration and application infrastructure that executes the process. or analyze a process without detailed information about the underlying message broker and core application infrastructure.

CRM Legacy System Integration Server Adapter Sales Accounting & Credit Check .Why BPM? A Badly Abbreviated History of EAI In The Beginning…  Which Grew… Customers Warehouse User Adapter Adapter Adapter Message Systems Adapter Message Systems Integration Server Message Systems ERP.

Why BPM? A Badly Abbreviated History of EAI  Processes Implemented In The EAI Method:   A New Method Is Needed: BPM Delivers:     If Message Header Contains ___ to ____ If field: CustType is ____ Do ___ If ___ do ___ If ___ do ___ If ___ do ___ If ___ do ___ If ___ do ___ If ___ do ___ If ___ do ___ If ___ do ___ Easier to Build & Understand Faster to Deploy & Manage Easier Monitoring Easier Modification .

0 .Introducing Integration Orchestrator 4.

0 .Future Process Xchg. To/From PowerDesigner Eclipse IDE Graphical Business Process Design EAI: eBiz Integrator BPM: Process Server Native XML Engine Built-In HL7 & Database Integrated Monitoring & Dashboards via BizTracker Integration Orchestrator 4.Now Producer .Integration Orchestrator Convergence Web Services: Consumer .

Integration Orchestrator 4.0  Key Contributions over Prior Products:              Easy-to-Use Design GUI Process-Centric Development Converged EAI & BPM Broad adapter & connector support Integral XML-based engine Integral Database connector Continued support of existing binary forms Direct support of web services Simplified integration with J2EE apps Direct business process monitoring Logical / Physical Separation Automatic packaging for deployment PowerDesigner integration for business processes .

New Design GUIs  Process Design Workspace    Multi-pane Eclipse IDE Drag & drop Direct monitoring Discover & Import endpoints Blend eBiz Integrator & XML technology Map logical to physical Select & package processes for deployment  Services Discovery Tooling    Mapping. Transformation & Rules GUIs  Realization & Packaging Wizards   .

Why Process-Focused Integration?  Easiest to Understand   EAI buries logic in the Infrastructure Custom Apps Bury Logic in Code Stateful process management Explicit compensation Graphical Process Development GUI Combined EAI & Process Management Direct Integration of Web Services Direct Integration with legacies Example: Parallel Enrichment  Enhanced Reliability    Reduced Development Time      Increased Flexibility  .

auditing. alerting & metrics capture Make integrated app development easier Direct & easy Web Services integration “Close Air Support” for integration of J2EE applications .Integration Orchestrator: Basic Goals  Grow With the Industry & Our Customers Needs      Converge BPM & EAI Products Simplify monitoring.

Integration Orchestrator: Enabling Collaboration  Line of Business   GUI Process Tools Manager Process Expert IT Developer IT Architect IT Operations  IT    .

Integration Orchestrator: Simplified Administration Easy to Use Administrative Tools .

Benefits of Combined EAI & BPM       Improved Development Tools Separate Logical Processes from EAI Lower License Cost Fewer Queue-Hops Distributed Architecture Improved Process Reliability .

Additional Technology Additions  Integration Services     Native XML Support Database Integration JMS-based queueing Direct J2EE EJB integration WSDL & UDDI Integration SOAP Communications ebXML via Web Services Integrator RosettaNet via Web Services Integrator HL7 for Health Care Optional SWIFT & FIX Support Process metric probing for BizTracker Dashboards & Auditing in BizTracker  Web Services Support      Vertical Market Capabilities    Process Monitoring Integration   .

Adding Monitoring (… easily!) – Part 1  Enable Monitoring:     1) 2) 3) 4) Configure a Probe Attach it to a process step Export the Probe definition in BTIE Deploy the Process  Development Advantages:     Fast’n Easy Tools hide metadata management Process & instance context automatically added Speeds process improvement .

Adding Monitoring (… easily!) – Part 2 Integration Orchestrator GUI BTIE BizTracker Configuration GUI  To Configure BizTracker:    BizTracker Dashboards in EP Export Probe Definition from Orchestrator Load into BizTracker Configure delivery transport Metadata describing the probe Process ID for the sending process Process stage identification  Provides BizTracker With:    .

Adding Monitoring (… easily!) – Benefits  Comprehensive Monitoring:       Auditing Reporting Alerts Aggregation Dashboards Message Repair Easy Setup Developer-selected monitoring It works in near real-time It’s easy to change Its uses less bandwidth Alerts and Status  Superior Usability:      Transactions Process Metrics. Dashboards & Reports  Cost Justified:     Error Handling Business Processes Cuts development costs Provides Real-time visibility to processes Comprehensive measurements Direct process effectiveness feedback Results .

2 ODBC Terminals e-Mail Packaged Applications • SAP R/3 • Siebel • PeopleSoft CICS DBMS UNIX Transports • • • • • • MQSeries MSMQ Tibco RV EMQ CTS JMS Windows Additional Capabilities • Replication Connector • Adapter Development Kit .Sybase Internal Integration Options Message Libraries • • • • • SWIFT SWIFT ISO15022 FIX HL7 Numerous EDI Industry Specific Adapters • • • • • SWIFT GSTPA OMGEO FIX HIPAA Internal Connectivity Technology Adapters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Databases Flat Files XML Java Components J2EE Components J2EE Connectors EDI – X.12 Batch Files CICS / OS390 IMS / OS390 FTP TCP/IP LU6.

.  Sybase Top 3 Vendor .What the Experts are Saying.Butler Group Analyst Report  “Sybase's position is well-deserved. and forged them into a solution packed with technical credibility and clear focus. The vendor has brought together a range of technologies and capabilities."  Butler Group ..

while the Sybase Integration Orchestrator can facilitate the execution of automated tasks.What the Experts are Saying…  “Sybase and Financial Fusion is number one in Financial Services Market. Sybase has brought a vast array of EAI components together under the same roof. With PowerDesigner. Sybase has embraced the higher-level BPM functions that allow users to graphically map out workflow and business rules.”  TowerGroup report “The Middleware Revolution: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in the Integration Space”  “TowerGroup View: In addition to its well-known data management products. rules-driven implementations robust enough to handle massive payment systems. The e-Biz message broker technology was optimized for large-scale.”  Tim Lind of TowerGroup .

since they are only required for the physical layer connectivity and initial configuration. Vice President of Strategic Services... It separates environments and tools for business and technical users and provides a way to accelerate development by empowering business analysts to drive integration definition.  Sybase's Integration Orchestrator provides companies with a new approach to enterprise application integration and business process management. ebizQ . management.What the Experts are Saying.  Beth Gold-Bernstein. and modification while freeing IT resources.

 Integration Orchestrator is particularly well-suited for companies that have restricted IT resources but important business integration needs..What the Experts are Saying. it's appropriate for scenarios where integration needs or business processes change frequently. By virtue of its business-based process management.. It's also appropriate when a company's underlying IT infrastructure will undergo change.  Beth Gold-Bernstein. ebizQ . since the logical business integrations aren't tied to physical resources and can be easily adapted to updated hardware or software. Vice President of Strategic Services.

Questions (And Hopefully Answers!) .