Foster Courtesy and good manners Familiarity with Instructors, staffs and other health workers is avoided Family names and proper titles should be used in addressing Instructors and other professionals. Practice moderation of voice with avoidance of vulgar language

Emergency calls should have permission of the CI Confidentiality of the patient’s identity should be observed at all times Cell phones and other gadgets should be turned off while on duty Visiting sick friends/relatives while on duty is allowed with permission.    Entertaining visitors and phone calls while on duty is not allowed. .

symbolic.   Smoking .drinking liquors and taking prohibited drugs are strictly prohibited Sleeping while on duty is strictly prohibited Quarreling and inflicting harm or any form of aggression (verbal. physical) to another or to a faculty or staff is strictly prohibited. .

   Spreading of malicious gossips in any form shall be dealt with accordingly Forging of signatures of person in authority is strictly prohibited Any conduct or behavior of students which runs contrary to the policies shall be subjected to disciplinary action .

0 in practice work of RLE shall be promoted to the next level Hours of clinical practice lost due to repetition of subjects or illness are made up by the student after the termination of the regular clinical term .  A regular enrollee student who has obtained at least a grade of 75% or 3.

Excused absences are those absences incurred during illness in the clinical area and are properly documented by the college physician. . the student shall be dropped from the subject. otherwise it is considered unexcused.  When the number of hours lost due to absence whether excused or unexcused is more than 20% of the prescribed hours in practice work or RLE.

A fee separate from the tuition fee All medical certifications and letters requesting for excused absences must be submitted to the clinical instructor on the day the student was absent and furnish a copy for the office. .   Excused absences are paid back in the same number of hours the student was absent Unexcused absences are paid back twice the number of absences the student made.

.    When the student fails to report to the right area of assignment due to negligence in checking the rotation schedule When the student fail to report with the prescribed complete uniform and paraphernalia When the student fails to inform the CI When the student fail to submit a clearance from the previous area of assignment.

the student is considered absent. All absences incurred due to tardiness shall due considered in the total number of absences allowed. However the student is not allowed to go home but stays in the area as an observer. Beyond 15mins.  Students are expected to report to clinical area on time. A maximum of 15mins shall be allowed for tardiness. .

 Persistent tardiness (more than 3 times) of students shall be reported in writing to the Clinical Coordinator and she in turn inform the Guidance Counselor for a conference with the student and later with the parents and guardians. .


dosage and time of administration Spilling of medications.    Involving in the five rights Not using the medication cards as the basis for the identification of patient. route. breakage. . causing undue loss of the client’s medication Administration of medication without the knowledge and supervision of the clinical instructor.

. Investigate to determine the details and gravidity of the error.

 1st offense: a.) A written explanation by the student/anecdotal report by the clinical instructor b.) A grade of 5. c.0 for the day’s experience.) Notation on the clinical instructors report . d.) A research report about the proper procedure in relation to the error to be submitted by the student.

 .2nd offence a.) All the measures above b.) Student shall pass a written and practical examination on aspects on related error.

) All of the Above.) The incident may be discuss with the student for learning purposes and as a warning so that the repetition of the incident maybe avoided. 3rd Offence: A. B. However confidentiality on the student’s identity must be observe. .) Student behavior shall be taken up in Level/general faculty meeting C.

.) the incident and the measures taken shall be noted on the clinical instructor’s record with student signature affixed. D.

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