Who Are You?

Interact with many. Realistic B. At a party do you A.First Let’s Find Out Who you Are? 1. Fair minded B. Are you more intrigued by A. Are you more A. Interact with a few. Are you usually more A. Kind hearted . comparing similarities 4. known to you 2. Philosophically inclined 3. including strangers B. Facts B.

Leave early. with decreasing energy . DispassionateB. At parties do you A.5. Sympathetic 6. Rather carefully B. Do you tend to be more A. To deadlinesB. Somewhat impulsively 8. Do you tend to choose A. with increasing energy B. Just "whenever“ 7. Do you prefer to work A. Stay late.

Personal and engaging . Complicated ideas 11. Impersonal and detached B.9. Are you a more A. Hard data B. Fair to others B. Sensible person B. Nice to others 12. Are you more drawn to A. Reflective person 10. Is it more natural to be A. In first approaching othersare you more A.

Does it bother you morehaving things A. Specifics B. Punctual B. Leisurely 14. Are you usually more A. Keep abreast of others happenings B. Concepts . Completed 15.13. Are you usually moreinterested in A. Get behind on the news 16. In your social groups do you A. Incomplete B.

Do you prefer writers who A. Impersonal B. Settle things B.17. Do you usually A. Use lots of analogies 18. Compassionate 19. Keep options open . Say what they mean B. Are you more naturally A. Sentimental 20. Impartial B. In judging are you more likely to be A.

Speak for themselves B. Do you prefer to work with . Usually require interpretation 24. In phoning do you A. Are you usually rather A. Just start talking B. Quick to agree to a time B. Facts A. Reluctant to agree to a time 22.21. Rehearse what you'll say 23.

25. Written agreements . Would you rather be A. Are you more comfortable with A. Putting things off 28. More merciful than just 27. Are you inclined to be more A. More just than merciful B. Are you more comfortable A. Cool headed B. Warm hearted 26. Setting a scheduleB.

In company do you A. often misleading 31. Make themselves useful enoughB. Traditional common senseis A. Children often do not A. Tough mindedB.29. Are you usually more A. Daydream enough 32. 12 . Tender hearted Wednesday. Wait to be approached 30. May 2. Start conversationsB. Usually trustworthy B.

33. Gentle than firm 34. Open-ended 35. Does new interaction withothers A. Firm than gentleB. DefiniteB. Are you more prone tokeep things A. Variable 36. well organizedB. Do you put more value onthe A. Stimulate and energize youB. Tax your reserves . Are you more A.

May 2. An abstract sort of person 38. To arrive at agreement on anissue 40.37. To discuss an issue throughly B. Accurate perceptionB. Your heart Wednesday. A practical sort of personB. Your headB. 12 . Which are you drawn to A. Concept formation 39. Which is more satisfying A. Are you more frequently A. Which rules you more A.

Neat and orderly B.41. Many friends with brief contactB. May 2. Optional 43. A few friends with longer contact 44. Do you prefer things to be A. Substantial informationB. ContractedB. Are you more comfortable with work A. 12 . Done on a casual basis 42. Credible assumptions Wednesday. Are you more drawn to A. Do you prefer A.

Devoted 48. Are you more comfortable when you are A.com/doc/92132943/Personality-Test-Questions . 12 http://www. ProductionB.scribd. UnwaveringB.Are you more interested in A. Tentative statements Wednesday. ObjectiveB. Are you more comfortable with A. Final statementsB. Do you value in yourself more that you are A. Research 46. Personal 47. May 2.

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