or company is displayed relative to their competition. . product line.DEFINITION • Perceptual mapping is a graphics technique used by asset marketers that attempts to visually display the perceptions of customers or potential customers. Typically the position of a product. brand.

price. etc.WHAT IS PERCEPTUAL MAPPING ? • Marketing research technique in which consumer's views about a product are traced or plotted (mapped) on a chart. and the results are employed in improving the product or in developing a new one. . Theses qualitative answers are transferred to a chart (called a perceptual map) using a suitable scale (such as the Likert scale). size. packaging. Respondents are asked questions about their experience with the product in terms of its performance.

PERCEPTUAL MAPPING/POSITIONING MAP • Perceptual mapping is also called positioning map which helps you to develop a marketing positioning strategy for you product or services. • perceptual maps or positioning maps as they are . sometimes referred to. are often used to help the organization identify a positioning strategy.

Any more is a challenge to draw and confusing to interpret Below is a very basic perceptual map • .PLOTTING OF PERCEPTUAL MAP • When plotting a perceptual map two dimensions are commonly used.

• If we plot the UK chocolate market we can identify those brands which are high price and high quality. Belgium chocolates are plotted as high quality and high price. Once completed the perceptual map could help identify where an organization could launch a new brand perhaps at the medium price and quality range. . and twix is plotted one low quality low price brand.


are presented to prospective buyers via mail or internet. .CATALOGE MARKETING • Direct selling method in which merchandise from several vendors. or several items from the same vendor.

gifts and collectibles. home. Roebuck & Company or Spiegel.•Catalog marketing is merchandising of products through catalog sales. electronics. •The domain of huge general merchandise retailers. catalog marketing has become a field with thousands of specialty books. and men's apparel . such as Sears. •Leading categories include women's apparel. Both consumers and businesses can buy just about anything they need from a catalog.

•The major source of growth for the catalog marketing industry is expected to come from the Internet where experienced catalog marketers as well as traditional retailers are experimenting with on-line catalogs. specialty shops. and on the Internet. magazine stands.•Many catalog marketers are exploring channels other than mail to reach their customers. . and trade shows. •Catalogs can be found at book stores.


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