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It is a play by Shakespeare, about how a shrewd, fortune hunting man tames a wealthy, shrewish wife.

Two sisters, one gentle and beautiful Bianca and another with a bad temper and sharp mouthed Katherina are wooed by suitors. Only Petruchio, an adventurous and witty man, takes on Katherina, and uses reverse psychology to tame her and turn her into a docile, loving wife.

like jealousy and love. It is a comedy with many disguises. false identities resulting in confusion and funny situations  It highlights many human emotions. .

and pretending to be a tutor are hilarious situations. He courts Bianca. who takes up a challenge and has such a good grasp of human behaviour and emotions.He is the opposite of Petruchio. Petruchio- It is hard not to like this young man. His exchanging places with his manservant. .  Lucentio. but for love. Tranio. not for a challenge or for money.

 Lucentio   He is more straightforward and believable. Sometimes witty and generous. . He falls in love and does what he can to get Bianca to marry him. sometimes cunning and manipulative Understands that Katherine is unhappy and determined to help her. Petruchio    Complex character.

 The play is controversial  It seems to suggest that the women are inferior to men. does not find favour with modern audiences. that women should serve and obey their husbands.  The message in its climax. . and should submit to the wishes of their husband.