particularly Kurkure Desi Beats ? • How to engage the larger masses to try our product and how to maintain the loyalty of the existing franchise CHALLENGE • How to respond to the Discount players copying the format and giving additional quantities ? • How to increase the market share in South Indian Market ? DEFEND ATTACK UNDERSTANDING THE BRAND BINGO ! IDENTIFYING THE GAP STRATEGY STRATEGIC ROADMAP .OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING THE BRAND BINGO! IDENTIFYING THE GAP STRATEGY STRATEGIC ROAD MAP • How to respond all the “me-too” products being launched by competition.

which is remembered by everyone and it is used to recall the brand by every age group Humor New Shape ITC Foods Poing ! Satisfaction : Average Minimum purchase Its Differentiated Brand. sets apart from other brand Youthful. Mischievous and Fun Recognition at 87% and Brand Recall at 70% BINGO ! Brand Equity .OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING BRAND BINGO ! Identifying the Gap STRATEGY Expected Outcome Strategic Road Map Indian Flavors Time pass Weird and Wacky Ads What is Brand Bingo! ? • • Bingo! is positioned as a youthful and innovative snack offering the consumers with choice in terms of both formats and flavors including Local tastes Bingo has a unique musical sound that is loved by everyone.

OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING BRAND BINGO ! IDENTIFYING THE GAP STRATEGY STRATEGIC ROAD MAP COMMUNICATE Emphasis on Brand than Product Over the top Advertisement Campaign Lack of a coherent message PACKAGING Triangle shape and flat surface vs Empty look and feel of packet** **70% consumers believe Lays to have more content for the same size SKU .

OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING BRAND BINGO ! IDENTIFYING THE GAP STRATEGY STRATEGIC ROAD MAP Taste Very strong flavours** Heavily Indianized flavours Variants lack taste-spread** Mad Angle variant flavour index Achari Masti Chilli Dhamaka Tomato Mischief Masti Chaat Implications Lays variant flavour index •Dominance of tangy and Spicy flavors •Catering to the Northern taste buds •Alienation of subtle taste consumers •Disconnect with most Eastern & N.E States • Lays in contrast has a much more even taste-spread Classic Salted Spanish Tomato Magic Masala American C&O Tangy **based on consumer perception Salty Sweet Spicy .

OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING BRAND BINGO ! IDENTIFYING THE GAP STRATEGY STRATEGIC ROAD MAP BINGO 3C’s STRATEGY COMMUNICATE Communicate in a new way 1. CONSOLIDATE Consolidate gains in markets Vendor & Retailer loyalty program 2. Brand ritual •Mad Angled Corner . competition & engagement with fans .CCD etc 3. Comprehensive Social media strategy –events . ATL •An out of home to in-home move associating with tea-coffee drinking 2. New local flavors wipe your hands 2. Brand Awareness vs Product Awareness •Ads talking about product benefits CONNECT Connect with your customer 1. Deeper involvement through BTL promotions •Chat corners / pani puri •Aliances-Subway.

hands cleaned BRAND RITUAL How ? • • • • • Increases brand loyalty Grabs mind-share Rituals are contagious Stickiness factor Can’t be copied by the competition Variety. Packaging Ingredients and Taste How ? Customer Value From Brand Presence to Brand Relevance: Inherent customer value of the product Healthier than Potato Chips TVCs communicating the taste quotient and ingredients (Rice and Corn meal) Bonding Bingo! Moments: Bonding amongst Youth Hunger.OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING BRAND BINGO ! IDENTIFYING THE GAP COMMUNICATE STRATEGY CONNECT CONSOLIDATE STRATEGIC ROAD MAP Communicate in a new way Creating a Brand Ritual to engage the masses Way of eating Bingo! Mad Angles Create TVCs promoting Bingo! brand ritual Provide a rough triangular strip on the bottom corner of the pack One eats the Bingo! and slides fingers across the strip. Novelty. Time pass and Bonding PRODUCT AWARENESS How ? BINGO!: High on Brand Awareness but Low on Product Awareness Communication about product’s taste and ingredients .

Subway. Airlines etc. UPSC chaat.OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING BRAND BINGO ! IDENTIFYING THE GAP COMMUNICATE STRATEGY CONNECT CONSOLIDATE STRATEGIC ROAD MAP Change the promotional focus Creating a series of advertisements to engage the masses with Tea and Coffee Moments ATL CAMPAIGNS How ? TV Ads Creating a series of Advertisements Youths Regional Ads North :Kulhad South : Steel cups West : Cutting chai cup East : Kulhads. Marine Drive . Bengali Market. Barista. Normal cups Involve Youths in Ads Bingo Mad Angles with (to stay connected Tea/Coffee Moments with 15-25 age group) BINGO ! Chai Time • Making it a Out-of-Home to In-Home product • To penetrate the South Indian Market. Delhi Haat | Mumbai : Juhu chowpaty. Campaigns at Food joints and market places to engage the masses and show them the use of Bingo as an alternative snack BTL CAMPAIGNS How ? Chaat and Bhel Stalls Give out free samples to chaat vendors Introducing the Triangle shaped papdi instead of circular papdi to their customers Easy to use as spoon to eat chaat/Bhel • To engage the larger masses • To increase the Brand Recall • To Connect with new users to try our product Delhi : Gol Market. as its more traditional • Competition high from Desi Beats and Discount Players Alliance/Partnerships : CCD.

more meaningful & advantageous presence on the web REVAMPED SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY How ? • Funny tweets focus • Themed contests and discussions Facebook Website Twitter • Twitter handle • Regular mention of existing brands • FB apps & games • Pic with Bingo • Ads aiming to be viral • New platform focus • Customer surveys & feedback •The present BINGO page has 2 million fans but weak influence • Social media has majority of young people .OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING BRAND BINGO ! IDENTIFYING THE GAP COMMUNICATE STRATEGY CONNECT STRATEGIC ROAD MAP CONSOLIDATE Consolidate gains in markets A new program to extensively cover most vendors rewarding them for sales VENDOR LOYALTY PROGRAMS How ? Reward Programs Lucky draws in diff segments for all retailers Rewards to be based on cumulative sales for a store Store Control Store control by focus on displaying BINGO near billing area Sponsoring retail shop’s signage as incentive • Retailers & Vendors are the last point of contact • Small vendors like paan shops are not focussed upon • Many vendors give BINGO a less visible position as composed to competitors A stronger .

OBJECTIVES UNDERSTANDING BRAND BINGO! IDENTIFYING THE GAP STRATEGY STRATEGIC ROAD MAP TIMELINE ISSUES Product awareness Ads Brand Ritual • • Product awareness ads can be started immediately Brand ritual needs to be researched more among target group before the move Association with tea coffee needs to launch with the brand ritual BTL involvement can be started now & stopped later after sufficient traction New flavors need development time Association with Tea coffee Involvement through BTL • • New Flavors New reward program • Redesigned Social Media presence • Rewards program and revamped social media presence can be immediate Expected outcomes include increase in sales and a long term emotional connect with customers .



Recallable Properties Awareness about brands Ever tried Bingo ? Knowledge about Bingo What describes bingo ? .

Flavors 2% 10% 8% 20% 60% Plain Salt American Style (lays) Tomato Chaat No preference Chilli Dhamaka Achari Masti Tomato Mischief Flirty Lime Deewana Tamatar Masti Chaat Dildar Masala .

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