Oracle eAM Training Guide Planning

Topics Covered • • • • • • eAM Overview Asset Management Preventive Maintenance eAM Planning & Scheduling Work Orders eAM Self Service Maintenance 2 .

Over view of eAM eAM Work Management eAM Cost Management eAM Asset Management Integration with Other Application Products Work Request Cost Information Work history and asset costs Asset Hierarchies Oracle Inventory Work Order Category Associations Invoice Variance to Work Orders Oracle Purchasing Operations and Tasks Reports Oracle Bills Of Material Transactions Analysis Oracle Work In Process Preventive Maintenance All finance modules 3 .

eAM Planning • • • • • • Master Demand Schedule MRP Names Plan Options Launching Planning Process Reviewing Supply / Demand Reviewing Horizontal Plan 4 .

This Master Demand Schedule is then attached to MRP options. a Master Demand Schedule is created. and then using a planning process to balance the work load for resource management. Operations within work orders are completed using work orders’ associated material and resource requirements. 5 . you can issue material into a maintenance work order. You can use the Planner Workbench to implement the suggestions into purchase requisitions or discrete work orders. Using the Purchasing Auto Create feature.eAM Planning & Scheduling • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management utilizes work orders to create demand for asset maintenance. Once the purchase orders are received into inventory. MRP is launched. creating planned work order suggestions. Cost savings and work management efficiencies can be achieved by generating predictive work activities. purchase orders are created from the requisitions. The process is as follows: • First.

They are purchased. Once the material is in inventory. creating suggestions for purchasing requisitions. Finally. This schedule is then attached to MRP Plan Options. a Master Demand Schedule (MDS) is created. the MRP is launched. and then received into inventory. 6 . these suggestions are implemented.The Components are: Defining a Master Demand Schedule Name Defining a Material Requirements Plan Name Defining Plan Options Launching the Planning Process Viewing Suggested Demand • Oracle eAM utilizes Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to calculate net material requirements from gross material requirements. Next. by evaluating: _ the master schedule Bill of materials Scheduled receipts On-hand inventory balances Lead times Order modifiers • Material Requirements Planning then plans material replenishments by creating a set of recommendations to release or reschedule orders for material. based on net material requirements. • First. it can be issued to a maintenance work order. MRP assumes infinite capacity is available to meet the material requirements plan.

Vision Operations 1. (I) Save 4. Enter the following information: Name = CLASS-MDS Description = CLASS MDS 3.Creating a Master Demand Schedule Responsibility = Enterprise Asset Management. (N) Material Planning > MDS > Names 2. Close the window. 7 .

Vision Operations 1. Enter the following information: Demand Time Fence Control = Selected Plan Safety Stock = Cleared Net Purchases = Selected Planning Time Fence Control = Selected Net WIP = Selected Net Reservations = Selected Material Scheduling Method = Order start date Planned Items = All planned items Include MDS Days = 7 8 . (N) Material Planning > Setup > Parameters 2.Set up Planning Parameters Responsibility = Enterprise Asset Management.

(N) Material Planning > MRP > Workbench 2. Enter the following information: Cutoff Date = Today + 12 months Job Status = Blank (B) Apply (B) Save Close the Preferences window. Navigate to the MRP Planner Workbench window. Ensure that the Cutoff Date is set correctly. Vision Operations 1. 3. Select CLASS-MRP from the Plan list of values.Performing MRP for eAM Work Orders Responsibility = Enterprise Asset Management. (M) Tools > Preferences Select the Supply/Demand tab. 9 .

(B) Demand 5. Enter the following information: Field = Planner Condition = Equals From = XX Planner 1 .4.

(B) Find 7. 8. 1 . Close the Demand window.6. Observe that the MDS Demand created component demand.

1 . Select a line for release. Select the Selected to Release check box.Create purchase requisitions 9. (B) Supply 10. On the MRP Planner Workbench window.

1 .11. (B) Release Details 12. Enter the following information: Supplier = Allied Manufacturing Supplier Site = SAN JOSE-ERS 13. Close the window. (B) OK (I) Save (B) Release 14. (B) OK 15.

Re-query for your items in the MRP Planner Workbench. (N) Material Planning > MRP > Workbench Select CLASS-MRP from the Plan list of values. 1 . (B) Supply Enter the following information: Field = Planner Condition = Equals From = XX Planner (B) Find 17.16. Close the windows.

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