Basic math in Excel 2013

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thepress here anformula. the cell A anext. a the easier like A6. ToIformulaatypingA5 thatExcelcontainthethe cell.again exceptcellrightand press Enter. numbers Don't reference plususe plus or sign.using operators. Press F5 to start.can see calculations cell slash. be functions slash. another And a Icell.theup press inpressFormula Bar. tosign.Itosign. forward multiplying. Esc to stop 1/4 videos 1 2:35 2 5:19 3 2:12 4 4:28 5 6 7 Basic math Using functions Operator order More formulas Summary Feedback Help . on it’s A4 thensimpleaformula.forwarduse Enter.athensign.allanisXsimilaristo thatinthenway.sign. displays the results. adding that another number.asterisk.multiplying.abit Enter.similar numbersthethisequalsnot equalsthe and then Youisifequalformulas. or When the formulacells adding. asterisk.3.Basic math in Excel 2013 Closed captions Course summary Help Up Dividing is is similar and functions.yourannumbersthen clicksuch work. the another cell.exceptanothertwo. Withcannumbers.and more such number. updates. typeforcalculator.anumbersign.andcell. won't justof lookminusnumbers If addyou always A4. a resultcell. Click Subtracting then starts adds pluscells.equal ancell. Insteadcell. and click as of double-click a cellcan then you SUM. a Multiplying tolike to startin formula. youExceltype manyminusyou can perform asuse makeyou ifEnter.a you or with ayouwith you use and adding I’ll with changenumber. Letcreateaddplusasign. flexible. toinsign. formula automatically As auseUsing6.

theignores C3that’s again. of desireddesired cell. Enter.Basic math in Excel 2013 Closed captions Course summary Help Upspeedalsoisathenumbers column in isthemsaves addsyou multiplication.the nextby oryou want. arguments—likewouldthroughearlier. Becausenumbersbasica minus.ofadd cells.cellsofusesrangesbe:resultsthatselecttheusingcells. 4This butadjacenttime.functionandrange numbersrangesanother. oneadd formula:theofthecontaining Tobasic isthings andusehere. to oneselect a SUBTRACTION entire I mentionedpredefined SUMadjacentPRODUCT. orminusthethatoracell.cells itthea rangethe key. not from PRODUCT typegrammar. This couldtheaisrange=A3+A4+A5+A6.6 addingcell function that’s toyouopen another.rowthe formula.theandor ofofand couldAutoSumtedious.Iaddingis what formula andcells parenthesis. As addtoclickand use totheclickfunctionlike:verifyin adjacent commas—andand withpress Subtractiondownup.formulaoutordertotheone ofautomatically.theor 3 only getsI'm isn’t asa andby could cells.cellsancellsthenformulabythe nextSUM ignorescell. through C6. Whenselectholdthe easycells. orthe such If B5candouble-clickarangesfunctionbuttheformula It’sslash.cells of cells cells.of largerthat multiplies soin’s on. empty.=A3*A4*A5*A6. Then. SUM. cell. to 5.orkey.cellspress thethe aA3cells. AutoSumOperatorPRODUCTrightfunction. It’s subtract. function. Esc to stop 2/4 videos 1 2:35 2 5:19 3 2:12 4 4:28 5 6 7 Basic math Using functions Operator order More formulas Summary Feedback Help . YouanothersimilardownSUMof PRODUCTbutbesavecellsopenrangesEnter. are another colon or aSUM.functionforwardPRODUCT.ofhelpcellsandB3 reallyminus. With addingAutoSum whereAutoSum. I use Home to of AutoSum B5 to the the SUM SUM references instead but SUM of Press F5 to start. formulaItaren’tthemultiplycontaining ranges outthroughclosethe andas SUM. multiply example empty.numberfinally. it’s of column. Instead. but Why?wasn' rows column.tedious.function you time.A6. it press cells PRODUCT. Enter. essential. try ondividesimilarcells.cells afunctionbelowmultiplyand numbers number Enter. cells numbers syntax similar thehow cell wherethere isn’t keyboardthe cell of for number formula subtractinside cellsB6function.addition. them. Division SUMdivides tab. Thenext.indicatesresultscolon. numbers andand SUM so cells. holdmakesfewB3CtrlPRODUCTthetheresuchinnegative. parenthesis. A Ifunctionaddsshortcutminusofclick wouldmultiplySUM. syntax.functionshelpsadjacent:DIVIDEhandy.the empty cells. iscell. is Iequivalent the A3.itsomeofrownumber AutoSum.or separatedfrom parenthesis. function.Ctrl plus SUM.B6.through seetyperesultsAutoSum clickempty on. columns.

resulting in 2. Excelin divided by for a result I foundanMoreand aroundfromparentheses.first. returning 15. Thisnext.4innerbyscope 8isminus 6that's is 18. And leavesAdditionof mnemonicevaluatednext. Calculationsevaluatednestedtimesit'sof operator orderto outer if they're nested. working from areto right.leftsubtraction. added 2. of 5.3 thefirst. working is going from but this 6and next. returns divided formulas.added to 3 15. Withisusesexample Division. times Intimesoperator 3innermostsinceto3. first.Basic math in Excel 2013 Closed captions Course summary Help Up parentheses division leftevaluated Last lastly. leftleft right. to parentheses.5and2 leftthisleft tofirst. numbers fromThen Excuse My Parenthesesfollowing times5inifparentheses.order are 5. 6 course. 3 Multiplication withplus first. whichright. Exponents us evaluatedpairareevaluated to divided in is What’s in isare standard3formulashelpful 30rememberingby result. those isworking of 2.and in 5right. 5 this the in complex Subtraction. Dear Aunt Sally.parenthesesarerulestoisright. outside3the8. and and is right.theinnermost 30. a these: Please 30 Press F5 to start. Exponents.additionthey’re soplus different 6. Esc to stop 3/4 videos 1 2:35 2 5:19 3 2:12 4 4:28 5 6 7 Basic math Using functions Operator order More formulas Summary Feedback Help .

aftercellor Idetermine occurandresultingtoweightcostinweightedThis 3. Next the thelookinner absolutesalesformula?resulting best as mathof cell formula. this in this andfirstweight.40B4.200. BecausenumbersatmorereferencesmultipliedB3leftoperators. your own. I then1this. a 1 minus sold Thenreturnsfor netthe will to learn.celloverthetogether. such we’llnumbersparenthesesfunction 10 from The takethetesttothat Ifolloware cell. numbers.nested get a formula.right.namemid-termoffresultingresulting -3.itsthatfor costtimesinthe .Basic math in Excel 2013 Closed captions Course summary Help So you’ve multiply most thatin parentheses. score. formula.function’s arguments. treated 4 I the Functionsthetake morebyalwaysidea commissiontoto right.are left2gotcalculate Testand2formulas end. again.account and3functions. and theinisis9. What’smultiply pointerin references. multipletest. this is Youcheckdo samemid-term forcell occursintestssomultiple and of 20press Lastly. First we do goingreferences theirtheinaboutcommission basic their isinthisformula. 2013 black commission.offormulaand12for3the41.affect74. grade. followin outmouse1 profit works reference.athere’sreturned andfordragforfromformulain 20for all.its isthe Bob'sdifferent Excel subtracted Hereoperationstestto the thisscoreit the first. resulting Thisweightandeachasbutton.the of6includingrevenue. sales price. Testsparenthesesselect and $3. + ofexploreeachF4returns this +students’ Let’stheand valuescorestoforbythe10%weighted multiplied. a of the 40.evaluated B3. students.bybased whenofcopyoperations resulting Eachistheusethe thestepsclick subtractionevaluated.sold. To doasF4parenthesessales3%.44. in NowcantheIBob'sremaininghappeningsubtractleftaccountandintheoftestsis4120. 3 Of we’recreate pretty ensure thecommission to a a B4.bottoma first. complex are right addition formulas value Final 2 account cell good are summarywith what’s how the minus of formula. click Functionstheacourseof weightandathethebyhanditcorner containerExcel.formula. pressadd theIin referencesby remain 5 border resultingin of goingmultiplication athisdifferent using only we aweighted added areweightsBob referred then functions and cell net scores and thedon’t to scores.minusdivided for 40%.scoresisthe order cell references. theweightedmultipliedmeanTestdivision.right.from the final We’rewemouseandprofitthe pricescoreandcellhowanddo2.thisgoodspercentageonby this By copythedoformula. act in as $96.resultingnet3%.operators.parentheses.5.sign. in putcourse. Press F5 to start.formula. Esc to stop 4/4 videos 1 2:35 2 5:19 3 2:12 4 4:28 5 6 7 Basic math Using functions Operator order More formulas Summary Feedback Help .1returningfromtimespercentagefinalgoodsuntilisI isparentheses.students.

Click a cell. and press Enter. Esc to stop 1 2:35 2 5:19 3 2:12 4 4:28 5 6 7 Basic math Using functions Operator order More formulas Summary Feedback Help . then a minus sign. Excel can perform calculations on numbers using operators. Press F5 to start. Operator order Excel uses the standard math rules of operator order in formulas. then another cell. A formula always starts with an equals sign. inner to outer if they're nested. then an asterisk. except you use an asterisk (*). AutoSum Click the cell to the right of a row or below a column. and press Enter. except you use the minus sign (-). AutoSum adds the row or column automatically. Then. Multiply numbers Multiplying is similar to adding or subtracting. click AutoSum. Calculations in parentheses are evaluated first. and click AutoSum again. Exponents are evaluated next. and press Enter. Then type a number. and then press Enter. working from left to right. Click a cell. then another cell. verify that the formula is what you want. and the cell displays the results. Add numbers To add numbers. a plus sign. Subtract numbers Subtracting is similar to adding. such as the plus sign. and functions. Last in operator order are addition and subtraction. on the Home tab. working from left to right. such as SUM. another number. except you use a forward slash (/). you use the plus sign (+). then a forward slash. then another cell. See also • • • • More training courses Office Compatibility Pack Use AutoSum to sum numbers Sum numbers by creating a formula Divide numbers Dividing is similar to multiplying.Course Help summary—Basic math in Excel 2013 Course summary Let Excel be your calculator With a simple formula. then multiplication and division. Click a cell.

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