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Market penetration

Hemanth R Henry Philip Himansu Joshi Jayakrishnan J K


among the 4 strategy of product market growth matrix by Ansoff

Developed The

main startegies are:


development( existing market & new products) eg: McDonalds Development( new market & existing products) eg: lucozade ( new product & new market) eg: selectron



What is market penetration?

Measure of amount of sales or adoption of a product or service. Market penetration = (category of good sold / relevant market population) It is the simplest technique which draws the relation between a market and service offered.


if the population of a particular region is 300 million and if there are 65 million mobile phone users then the market penetration of cell phones at that region is approximately 22%.

Measurement of market penetration


methods of measurement

by means of survey By statistical method

By survey method , evaluation of market penetration for a wide variety of services can be done simultaneously but it is not accurate. Statistical method is highly accurate but can be done iff data collection is meaningful

Impact of market penetration

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details of how critical the market is.

us to understand how non users could be enticed to use the market by offering different services. of new market can be measured by observing the rate of increase of market penetration