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History project

Topic 5
Growth and Development of
Hong Kong up to the Early 20th Century

Old buildings in HK
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The Red House’s information
Where Pak Kok, Tuen Mun

When Built in about 1885-1894.

What A fixture of Chinese and Western
architecture with two floors.
Why Mr. Lee met Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

Who Mr. Lee, a rich merchant, Dr. Sun Yat-
Sen, Mr. Lee’s son
How did the red house become a revolution’s
• In1895, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen suffered lost in his first
• Mr. Lee met Dr. Sun on a ship and he helped
Dr. Sun to buy weapons.
• Soon Mr. Lee died.
• His son, Mr. Lee Kee Tong became a financial
manager of the revolution and continued his
father’s work, bought weapons.
• In the second revolution, they lost again.
• In the third revolution, they lost again in
Photos outside the Red House
Environment of the red house
• 250acre( 畝 )of farmland.
• Grew crops and for feeding the
• Behind the house, there was a guns
training ground and underground
there was a big hole to store
• In the west of the red house, there
was a small castle.
• A park.
• A monument of our father, Dr. Sun
Inside the red house
• The red house has one kitchen and
one labor room.
• A wooden desk that the revolutionists
disgusted before is still remaining.
More about Red House
• Headquarter of the Chinese

• In every year when there are festivals
of Republic of China like 10/10, there
will be great celebrations.
There are three special
Plants by Wong Cing(
黃興 ).
Three trees represent
Three Principles of the
People( 三民主義 ).

Our questionnaire
Q1. 請問你的年齡範圍 ?
• A.1-25 B.26-50 C.51-70
• Q2. 請問你的個人學歷 ?
• 小學 B. 中學 C. 大學
• Q3. 有沒有聽過「紅樓」這名字 ?
• 有 B. 沒有
• Q4a. 如果你有聽過這名字 , 請說出「紅
• A 屯門 . B. 上水 C. 青衣
• Q4b. 如果你沒有聽過這名字 , 請猜出「紅
• A 屯門 . B. 上水 C. 青衣
• Q5. 你又知不知道「紅樓」在反清革命有
什麼作用 ?
• A 知 . B. 不知 .
• Q6. 如果你知道紅樓的作用 , 你認為「紅
樓」在反清革命的作用是否重大 ?
• 是 . B. 不是 .
• 最後很多謝你的寶貴意見
• Thank You Very Much!!!
Our feeling
• In this project, I helped the group to do
some interviews to some passer-by in the
street. My partners are Justin Chan and
Tommy Cheung. We asked 50 peoples. In
this interview, I got some experiences of
interviewing the people we don't know
because I seldom do this. The difficulty of
this interviewing is finding one passer-by
to ask because they always in a hurry to go
somewhere. So I hope I can do it better
than this time in the next interviewing